Verb: поворачивать на другой галс менять курс
Preposition: о об по у
Adverb: около приблизительно вокруг почти
Adjective: меняющий курс находящийся в обращении двигающийся


to bicker about / over smth. - спорить о чём-л.

to issue a bulletin about smth. - выпустить бюллетень о чём-л.

to call about smth. - звонить насчёт чего-л., по поводу чего-л.

to bring about / effect / make a change - внести изменения

to chop about - безжалостно изрезать, испортить

to chuck one's weight about / around - держаться надменно

circle circumscribed about triangle - окружность, описанная около треугольника

to communicate information about / on smth. to smb. - сообщать информацию о чём-л. кому-л.

a conflict with one's relatives about the terms of a will - спор между родственниками по вопросам наследства

a debate about / with smth. - дискуссия по вопросу, на тему чего-л.

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It's about time to go. - Уже пора идти.

He looked about. - Он огляделся вокруг.

'Have you finished?' ' Just about.' - — Вы закончили? — Почти.

The ceremony is about to begin. - Церемония вот-вот начнётся.

Be quick about it! - Поторопитесь с этим!

What's he on about (=talking about)? - О чём это он (т.е. о чём он говорит)?

I was about ready to leave when somebody rang the doorbell. - Я уже собрался уходить, как вдруг кто-то позвонил в дверь.

We're about ready to go. - Мы почти готовы идти.

That's what love is about. - Вот что такое любовь.

He is about somewhere. - Он где-то шляется.

Mind what you're about! - Будьте внимательны!

He was nowhere about. - Его нигде не было.

Let's look about for help. - Давай попросим /поищем/ помощи.

He lied about his age. - Он соврал о своём возрасте.

People gathered about the fire. - Люди собрались у костра.

What these guys are about here? - Чего этим парням тут надо?

Is your work finished? — Just about. - — Ты закончил работу? — Почти.

Just don't order me about. - Только не надо меня гонять туда-сюда.

I live about 10 miles away. - Я живу примерно в десяти милях отсюда.

I'm not about to be addressed to like this. - Я не привык, чтобы ко мне так обращались.

We meet about once a month. - Мы встречаемся примерно раз в месяц.

I've had about all I can stand. - Я так больше не могу. / Ещё немного, и я не выдержу.

The job is (just) about done. - Работа почти сделана. / Всё почти готово.

Some cars were parked just about. - Несколько машин были припаркованы рядом.

She said something about leaving town. - Она что-то говорила об отъезде из города.

They moved the furniture about. - Они всё время переставляли мебель.

There's something really strange about Liza. - В Лизе есть что-то очень странное.

I dropped her somewhere about there. - Я высадил её где-то там.

I'm really worried about Jack. - Я очень беспокоюсь о Джеке.

wandering about with no place to go - бесцельно бродить (не имея конкретного места назначения)

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Связанные термины:

about to: on the point of; intending to

get about: If you get about, you go to different places and visit different people.

go about: The way you go about a task or problem is the way you approach it and deal with it.

how about?: You use how about to introduce a new subject which you think is relevant to the conversation you have been having.

lie about: If things are left lying about or lying around, they are not put away but left casually somewhere where they can be seen .

put about: If you put something about, you tell it to people that you meet and cause it to become well-known .

see about: When you see about something, you arrange for it to be done or provided.

set about: to start or begin

about-face: An about-face is a complete change of attitude or opinion .

about-ship: to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack

about time: If you say it is about time that something was done, you are saying in an emphatic way that it should happen or be done now, and really should have happened or been done sooner .

about turn: An about-turn is the same as anabout-face .

arse about: to play the fool ; act stupidly, esp in an irritating manner

bandy about: If someone's name or something such as an idea is bandied about or is bandied around, that person or that thing is discussed by many people in a casual way .

beat about: to hunt or look through or around

bring about: To bring something about means to cause it to happen.

buzz about: to scurry about

cast about: to make a mental or visual search

come about: When you say how or when something came about, you say how or when it happened.

faff about: If you say that someone is faffing about or faffing around, you mean that they are doing things in a disorganized way and not achieving very much.

fall about: If you say that people are falling about, you mean that they are laughing a lot about something.

fart about: to behave foolishly or aimlessly

fuck about: to act in a stupid or aimless manner

hang about: to waste time; loiter

hedge about: If you say that something such as an offer is hedged about or is hedged around with rules or conditions, you mean that there are a lot of rules or conditions.

just about: You use just about to indicate that what you are talking about is so close to being the case that it can be regarded as being the case.

kick about: to treat harshly

knock about: to wander about aimlessly

mess about: to occupy oneself trivially; potter

muck about: to waste time; misbehave

order about: to bully or domineer

piss about: to behave in a casual or silly way

pull about: to handle roughly

push about: to bully ; keep telling (a person) what to do in a bossy manner

right about: a turn executed through 180°

round about: In spoken English, round about means approximately.

talk about: to discuss

throw about: to spend (one's money) in a reckless and flaunting manner

time about: alternately ; turn and turn about

what about: You use what about at the beginning of a question when you make a suggestion, offer, or request .

about-shipped: to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack

around about: Around about means approximately .

bucket about: (esp of a boat in a storm ) to toss or shake violently

bugger about: If someone buggers about or buggers around, they waste time doing unnecessary things.

fooling about: the act of speaking or acting in a playful, teasing, or jesting manner

about-shipping: to manoeuvre a vessel onto a new tack

be about to: If you are about to do something, you are going to do it very soon . If something is about to happen, it will happen very soon.

up and about: If someone who has been in bed for some time, for example because they have been ill, is up and about, they are now out of bed and living their normal life .

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