Noun: счет расчет отчет сообщение
Verb: отчитываться считать приходиться отвечать
Adjective: бухгалтерский


blow-by-blow account - детальнейший отчёт

cash account - счёт денежных средств в кассе

this is chargeable to the account of... - это следует отнести на счёт...

to draw a cheque against one's account - выписать чек на чей-л. счёт

to clear an account - рассчитаться

to debit an amount to smb.'s account - вносить сумму в чей-л. дебет

deposit account - депозитный счёт

to pay into an account - вносить деньги на счёт

outstanding account - неоплаченный счёт

to give account of smth. - давать отчёт в чём-л.

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I account myself happy. - Я считаю себя счастливым.

That accounts for it! - Так вот, оказывается, в чём дело!

This accounts for his behaviour. - Так вот чем объясняется его поведение.

I drew $ 100 out of my account. - Я снял со своего счёта сто долларов.

He will account for his crime. - Он ответит за своё преступление.

He was accounted (to be) guilty. - Его признали виновным.

Is everyone accounted for? - Все ли на своих местах? / Известно ли местонахождение каждого?

How do you account for the accident? - Как вы объясните причины этого несчастного случая?

setting up a bank account - открытие банковского счёта

Don't do it on my account. - Не делай этого только из-за меня.

By his own account he was there. - По его собственным словам, он был там.

I can't account for the missing money. - Я не могу объяснить пропажу денег.

Women accounted for 40% of the audience. - Сорок процентов аудитории составляли женщины.

I expected a brief account. - Я ожидал краткого отчёта.

They are nothing to be accounted of. - Кто они такие, чтобы с ними считаться?

We credit your account with $100. - Мы пополним ваш счёт на сто долларов.

There was a gap in his account. - В его рассказе был пробел.

a blow-by-blow account of the movie - детальное описание фильма

By all accounts they were a happy couple. - Судя по всему, они были счастливой парой.

I've paid $250 into my account. - Я внёс на свой счёт двести пятьдесят долларов.

On no account must you disturb me. - Ни в коем случае не смейте меня беспокоить.

a balanced account of what happened - трезвый отчёт о произошедшем

This account may be rather overcharged. - Эта оценка, возможно, преувеличена.

The interest accrued to our account. - На нашем счету наросли проценты.

I'm overdrawn in my checking account by $0.25. - Я превысил остаток на своём чековом счёте на двадцать пять центов.

a verifiable account of the incident - проверяемый отчёт о происшествии

Charge the goods against [to] my account. - Запишите эти вещи на мой счет.

My account is overdrawn by £300. - Остаток на моем счете превышен на 300 фунтов стерлингов.

They opened an offshore bank account. - Они открыли оффшорный банковский счет.

Charge the goods against / to my account. - Запишите эти вещи на мой счёт.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a particular thing accounts for a part or proportion of something, that part or proportion consists of that thing, or is used or produced by it.

If a particular thing accounts for a part or proportion of something, that part or proportion consists of that thing, or is used or produced by it.

Связанные термины:

T account: A T account is a type of account that uses two columns to show debits and credits .

account day: (on the London Stock Exchange) the day on which deliveries and payments relating to transactions made during the preceding account are made

account for: If a particular thing accounts for a part or proportion of something, that part or proportion consists of that thing, or is used or produced by it.

no-account: A no-account person or thing is one that you consider worthless.

on account: If you buy or pay for something on account, you pay nothing or only part of the cost at first, and pay the rest later .

to account: → another name for account (sense 16b )

account book: a booklet in which all the transactions that take place in a bank account or a company's accounts are recorded

asset account: An asset account is an account that records the assets owned by a company .

bank account: A bank account is an arrangement with a bank which allows you to keep your money in the bank and to take some out when you need it.

cash account: an account with a brokerage which stipulates that the client pays in full for any transactions, rather than being extended credit

dead account: an account that is no longer being used and on which no transactions have taken place for a considerable length of time

debit account: a bank account which allows you to buy goods or services with money that you have put into the account

full account: An account is a written or spoken report of something that has happened .

joint account: a bank account registered in the name of two or more persons, any of whom may make deposits and withdrawals

loan account: a bank account that is set up as a repayment method for a customer who has been given a bank loan

open account: See current account (sense 1 )

share account: a savings account in a credit union

short account: the aggregate of short sales on an open market, esp a stock market

trust account: a savings account deposited in the name of a trustee who controls it during his or her lifetime, after which the balance is payable to a prenominated beneficiary

wrap account: a personally managed investment account where charges are levied on the basis of the account's total assets

account balance: a figure stating how much money is in a bank account; it can be in debit or in credit

account current: a record of business transactions that shows the total amount of money owed as of the date of the summarizing statement

account holder: the person whose name is on a bank account

account number: the unique number given to an individual account with a bank, supplier, department store, service provider etc

account payable: a current liability account showing amounts payable by a firm to suppliers for purchases of materials, stocks, or services on credit

banking account: Brit See bank account

budget account: an account with a department store, etc, enabling a customer to make monthly payments to cover his or her past and future purchases

capital account: A country's capital account is the part of its balance of payments that is concerned with the movement of capital.

charge account: a business arrangement by which a customer may buy goods or services and pay for them within a specified future period

cheque account: an account at a bank or a building society upon which cheques can be drawn

contra account: A contra account is an account with a balance that is the opposite of the normal balance of a related account.

control account: an account to which are posted the debit and credit totals of other accounts, usually in preparation of financial statements

credit account: a credit system by means of which customers may obtain goods and services before payment

current account: A current account is a personal bank account which you can take money out of at any time using your cheque book or cash card .

deposit account: A deposit account is a type of bank account where the money in it earns interest.

drawing account: an account out of which an employee, partner, or salesperson may make withdrawals to meet expenses or as advances against expected income

equity account: An equity account is an account recording ownership interests in a company.

escrow account: an account in which money, goods, or a written document are held in escrow

expense account: An expense account is an arrangement between an employer and an employee which allows the employee to spend the company's money on things relating to their job, for example travelling or looking after clients .

frozen account: A frozen account is a bank account that cannot have money withdrawn from it, because of a court order.

income account: An income account is an account that records income or revenue .

nostro account: a bank account conducted by a British bank with a foreign bank, usually in the foreign currency

online account: If you have an account with a bank or a similar organization, you have an arrangement to leave your money there and take some out when you need it.

revenue account: an account compiled at the end of a financial year showing that year's revenue and expense items and indicating gross and net profit or loss

running account: an account at a bank or building society against which cheques may be drawn at any time

savings account: an account at a bank that accumulates interest

trading account: an account similar to a traditional bank account, holding cash and securities, and administered by an investment dealer

trustee account: a savings account deposited in the name of a trustee who controls it during his or her lifetime, after which the balance is payable to a prenominated beneficiary

vostro account: a bank account held by a foreign bank with a British bank, usually in sterling

account executive: an executive in an advertising agency or public relations firm who manages a client's account

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Однокоренные слова:

accountable - подотчетный, ответственный, объяснимый
accountancy - бухгалтерское дело, счетоводство
accountant - бухгалтер, счетовод, ответчик
accounting - учет, отчетность, расчет, бухгалтерское дело, балансирование
accounts - счет, расчет, отчет, сообщение, подсчет, приходиться, отчитываться, считать

Связанные слова: