Adjective: действующий исполняющий обязанности работающий временный
Noun: игра


acting director - исполняющий обязанности директора

acting president - временно исполняющий обязанности президента

self-acting motion - автоматическое движение

self-acting machine - автоматическая машина

acting technique - актёрское мастерство

neither side acting unfairly by the other - обе стороны действовали честно по отношению друг к другу

self-acting brake - автоматический тормоз; автотормоз

direct-acting breaker - выключатель с защитой прямого действия

direct-acting circuit breaker - выключатель прямого действия

double-acting butt - петля двери, открывающейся в обе стороны; подвеска маятниковых дверей

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Stop acting a fool. - Хватит валять дурака.

The acting was icky. - Актеры играли отвратительно.

Stop acting like a baby. - Хватит вести себя, как ребёнок.

She's just acting. - Она просто притворяется.

It was a bla movie with lame acting. - Это был неинтересный фильм, актёры в нём играли плохо.

John did not feel fear, he was just acting it. - Джон не испытывал страха, он просто делал вид, что боится.

I am acting on behalf of the bank. - Я действую от имени / по поручению банка.

Acting is not my metier. - Актёрская игра не является моим любимым занятием.

Stop acting like a buffoon. - Хватит /перестань/ паясничать.

Her first acting job was on a soap. - Её первая актёрская работа была в сериале.

That guy is acting crazy. - Этот парень ведёт себя, как ненормальный.

The computer is acting up again. - Компьютер опять барахлит.

In what capacity are you acting? - В каком качестве вы выступаете?

He's acting like a complete dick. - Он ведёт себя, как полный урод.

His acting career is in overdrive. - Его актёрская карьера несётся во весь опор.

Her headaches are acting up again. - Ее снова мучают головные боли.

He was acting like a complete berk. - Он вёл себя, как полный болван.

He was acting totally irresponsibly. - Он вёл себя абсолютно безответственно.

She can sing, but her acting stinks. - Она хорошо поёт, но актриса из неё никудышная.

Stop acting like an overgrown child. - Не веди себя, как маленький!

We're acting as agents for Mr Watson. - Мы выступаем в качестве представителей мистера Уотсона.

He was acting like a complete turkey. - Он вёл себя как полный тупица.

I gave the acting a rest for a while. - На какое-то время я оставил сцену.

He's been acting kind of crazy lately. - Он в последнее время ведёт себя как-то ненормально.

a husband acting as proxy for his wife - муж действует как доверенное лицо своей жены

He was acting in his capacity as judge. - Он действовал в качестве судьи.

Stop acting like an overgrown schoolboy. - Хватит вести себя, как школьник-переросток.

They were acting like a bunch of morons. - Они вели себя, как кучка идиотов.

Acting has brought me enormous enjoyment. - (Актёрская) игра доставила мне огромное удовольствие.

He started his acting career as an extra. - Свою актёрскую карьеру он начал в качестве статиста.

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Связанные термины:

act: When you act, you do something for a particular purpose.

acting area: the part of a stage used by the actors

fast-acting: taking effect quickly

good acting: Acting is the activity or profession of performing in plays or films. [...]

ham acting: an actor who overacts or relies on stock gestures or mannerisms

long-acting: (of a drug) slowly effective after initial dosage, but maintaining its effects over a long period of time, being slowly absorbed and persisting in the tissues before being excreted

play-acting: Play-acting is behaviour where someone pretends to have attitudes or feelings that they do not really have.

self-acting: not requiring an external influence or control to function; automatic

slow-acting: working or acting slowly, not immediately

acting career: a person's career as an actor

acting style: Acting is the activity or profession of performing in plays or films. [...]

double-acting: (of a reciprocating engine or pump ) having a piston or pistons that are pressurized alternately on opposite sides

method acting: a technique of acting based on the theories of Stanislavsky, in which the actor bases a role on the inner motivation of the character he or she plays

quick-acting: (of a drug, chemical, etc) taking effect quickly

short-acting: (of a drug) quickly effective, but requiring regularly repeated doses for long-term treatment, being rapidly absorbed, distributed in the body, and excreted

single-acting: (of a reciprocating engine or pump ) having a piston or pistons that are pressurized on one side only

acting ability: Your ability to do something is the fact that you can do it.

ensemble acting: an approach to acting that aims for a unified effect achieved by all members of a cast working together on behalf of the play, rather than emphasizing individual performances

straight-acting: (of a gay person) having the mannerisms of a heterosexual person: used esp by gay people of other gay people

acting profession: → the acting profession

intermediate-acting: (of a drug ) intermediate in its effects between long- and short-acting drugs

act on: to regulate one's behaviour in accordance with ( advice, information, etc)

act out: If you act out an event which has happened, you copy the actions which took place and make them into a play.

act up: If something is acting up, it is not working properly.

cod-act: to play tricks ; fool

re-act: to act or perform again

the acting profession: actors considered as a group

play-act: If someone is play-acting, they are pretending to have attitudes or feelings that they do not really have.

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Однокоренные слова:

enacting - вводящий, постановляющий
reacting - реактивный, реакция, реагирующий, участвующий, реагировать

Связанные слова: