Noun: воздух вид атмосфера ария
Adjective: воздушный пневматический авиационный военно-воздушный
Verb: проветривать вентилировать обнародовать сушить


to bleed air - отбирать воздух

air-force cadet - курсант лётного училища

carriage by air - перевозка воздухом

air carrier - воздушный перевозчик, авиаперевозчик

air-traffic / flight controller - диспетчер полётов

concerned air - озабоченный вид

air-cooled condensation - конденсация с воздушным охлаждением

to assume an air of innocence - сделать невинное выражение лица

to pierce the air with smb.'s cries - пронзительно кричать

respiratory air - дыхательный объём воздуха

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His brother died in an air crash. - Его брат погиб в авиакатастрофе.

A delicious smell filled the air. - В воздухе запахло чем-то восхитительно вкусным.

She gave me the air. - Она порвала со мной.

The programme goes on the air. - Программа выходит в эфир.

They were off the air. - Они закончили передачу. / Они вышли из эфира.

The program is aired daily. - Эта программа выходит ежедневно.

The program is due to air next month. - Программа должна выйти в эфир в следующем месяце.

Open a window and let in some air. - Откройте окно и впустите внутрь немного воздуха.

She had an air of quiet confidence. - Она излучала спокойную уверенность в себе.

She opened the windows to air the room. - Она открыла окна, чтобы проветрить комнату.

He is ready to air his views to anyone. - Он готов излагать свои взгляды кому угодно.

He threw the ball into the air. - Он бросил мяч в воздух.

She looked at him with a determined air. - Она посмотрела на него с решительным видом.

The band struck up a martial air. - Оркестр заиграл военную мелодию.

He pumped air into the bicycle tire. - Он накачал шину велосипеда воздухом.

Nothing airs a house so well as a warm friend. - Ничто так не согревает дом, как близкий друг.

Air travel was growing rapidly. - Авиаперевозки быстро росли.

If you've time to spare go by air. - Если есть свободное время — лети самолётом. (старая авиационная шутка, намёк на частые задержки из-за погоды и поломок)

I've left my sweater outside to air. - Я оставил свой свитер проветриваться на улице.

We cannot air this X-rated song. - Мы не можем пустить в эфир эту непристойную песню.

The interview will air tomorrow. - Это интервью выйдет в эфир завтра.

She aired her opinions on welfare. - Она высказала своё мнение по поводу пособий.

I like to dine outdoors in the open air. - Я люблю ужинать на открытом воздухе.

There was a smell of chemicals in the air. - В воздухе ощущался запах химикатов.

There was a strong smell of burning in the air. - В воздухе стоял сильный запах гари.

He can't breathe! Everybody move back and give him some air! - Ему нечем дышать! Отойдите все назад, дайте ему немного воздуха!

The city is wonderful seen from the air. - Этот город прекрасен с высоты птичьего полёта.

Always air your room from the outside air. - Всегда проветривайте комнату.

The decisive battles were fought in the air. - Решающие бои велись в воздухе.

Air Council - Совет по делам авиации

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Связанные термины:

on-air: (while) broadcasting or being broadcast

air arm: the aviation section of a national military force, including aircraft, base and support facilities, and personnel

air bag: a safety device in a car, consisting of a bag that inflates automatically in an accident and prevents the passengers from being thrown forwards

air bed: an inflatable mattress

air-con: Air-con is the same asair conditioning .

air dam: any device, such as a spoiler, that reduces air resistance and increases the stability of a car, aircraft, etc

air-dry: to dry by exposure to the air

air gap: the space between two objects magnetically related, as between the rotor and the stator in a dynamo, or between two objects electrically related, as between the electrode and the tip of a spark plug

air gas: dry air charged with vapor from petroleum or some other hydrocarbon, used for lighting or heating

air gun: a gun operated by means of compressed air

air sac: any of the membranous air-filled extensions of the lungs of birds, which increase the efficiency of gaseous exchange in the lungs

air war: the part of a political campaign that is conducted over the radio and television airwaves by senior politicians

hot air: If you say that someone's claims or promises are just hot air, you are criticizing them because they are made mainly to impress people and have no real value or meaning .

mid-air: If something happens in mid-air, it happens in the air, rather than on the ground.

off air: In radio or television, when a programme goes off-air or when something happens off-air, it is not broadcast.

sea air: The sea air is the air at the seaside, which is regarded as being good for people's health.

air alert: the condition in which combat aircraft are airborne and ready for an operation

air ball: a shot that misses the basket, basket rim, and backboard

air base: An air base is a centre where military aircraft take off or land and are serviced, and where many of the centre's staff live .

air brake: Air brakes are brakes which are used on heavy vehicles such as buses and trains and which are operated by means of compressed air.

air brick: a ceramic or metal unit the size of a brick, open at the sides for admitting air to a building interior

air cargo: freight transported by aircraft

air cock: a small tap or valve for controlling the entrance or escape of air from a pipe, chamber, etc.

air-cool: to cool (an engine ) by a flow of air

air cover: the use of aircraft to provide aerial protection for ground forces against enemy air attack

air crash: a crash involving one or more aircraft

air-dried: preserved by exposing to the air and allowing to dry

air-dries: to dry by exposure to the air

air drop: An air drop is a delivery of supplies by aircraft to an area that is hard to get to. The supplies are dropped from the aircraft on parachutes .

air duct: a pipe or channel permitting air to travel through a system, building, or other structure, such as a mine

air ferry: a ferry service that transports passengers and cars by plane

air fleet: a group of military aircraft, usually under one commander

air force: An air force is the part of a country's armed forces that is concerned with fighting in the air.

air frost: the deposition of ice condensed from water vapour in the atmosphere on the surface when the air temperature is below 0°C

air gauge: a gauge for measuring air pressure

air hole: a hole that allows the passage of air, esp for ventilation

air inlet: an opening in an aircraft through which air is drawn, esp for the engines

air kiss: a kissing gesture, esp one directed towards a person's cheek, made without making physical contact

air lane: a route for travel by air; airway

air lock: an airtight compartment, with adjustable air pressure, between places that do not have the same air pressure, as between the working compartment of a caisson and the outside

air mass: a large body of air having characteristics of temperature, moisture, and pressure that are approximately uniform horizontally

Air Medal: a U.S. military decoration awarded for meritorious achievement during participation in aerial operations

air mile: → nautical mile

Air Miles: Air miles are points that you collect when you buy certain goods or services and which you can use to pay for air travel .

air miss: a situation in which two aircraft pass very close to one another in the air; near miss

air plant: an epiphyte, esp an orchid of the large Old World tropical genus Aerides, grown for its white scented flowers spotted with red, purple, or rose, or a bromeliad, esp of the genus Tillandsia

air power: A nation's air power is the strength of its air force.

air pump: a device for pumping air in or out of something

air rage: Air rage is aggressive or violent behaviour by airline passengers.

air raid: An air raid is an attack by military aircraft in which bombs are dropped . This expression is usually used by the country or group that is suffering the attack.

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Однокоренные слова:

airily - беззаботно, воздушно, легко, легкомысленно, грациозно
airing - сушильный, вентиляция, выход в эфир, аэрация
airless - безвоздушный, душный, безветренный, тихий
airship - дирижабль, воздушный корабль
airiness - воздушность, грациозность
airer - стойка для просушки одежды

Связанные слова: