Noun: миндаль
Adjective: миндальный


almond cream - миндальный крем

almond oil - миндальное масло

almond milk - миндальное молоко

bitter almond note - нота миндаля горького; нота горького миндаля

oil of bitter almond - масло горького миндаля

almond toffee - ирис с миндалём

artificial almond oil - искусственное горькоминдальное масло; бензальдегид

blanched almond - бланшированный миндаль

devilled almond - миндаль с пряностями, обжаренный в масле и посыпанный кайенским перцем и солью

ground almond shell - измельчённая миндальная скорлупа

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a cake with an almond paste filling - торт с начинкой из миндальной пасты

Almond oil is sometimes used in cosmetic products. - Иногда миндальное масло используют при изготовлении косметики.

My almond tree lies prone across the court, blown down by a gale. - Мое миндальное дерево лежит поперек двора, поваленное сильным ветром.

Stir in the ground almonds and egg. - Молотый миндаль и яйцо добавьте в блюдо.

Связанные термины:

almond bark: a type of candy consisting of sheets or fairly thick pieces of semisweet or milk chocolate to which almonds or almond pieces have been added

almond cake: the residue of almonds from which oil has been expressed

almond-eyed: having narrow oval eyes

almond meal: the meal obtained by pulverizing blanched almonds, used chiefly in the manufacture of perfume and cosmetics

almond milk: a creamy mixture of blanched almonds, sugar, and water, blended to a smooth paste and sieved

almond oil: oil obtained from almonds, used in many products, esp skin products

almond tree: a small widely cultivated rosaceous tree, Prunus amygdalus, that is native to W Asia and has pink flowers and a green fruit containing an edible nutlike seed

almond green: a yellowish-green colour

almond paste: a paste made from ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to coat fruit cakes or moulded into sweets

almond-shaped: oval

almond willow: a deciduous shrub or small tree, Salix triandra, a species of willow native to Europe and W and Central Asia that has flowers which produce catkins and leaves similar in shape to those of the almond tree

bitter almond: a variety of almond whose bitter seeds yield hydrocyanic acid upon hydrolysis

burnt almond: a sweet consisting of an almond enclosed in burnt sugar

Indian almond: a Malaysian tree, Terminalia catappa, having edible seeds, planted widely in the tropics as a street tree

Jordan almond: a large variety of Spanish almond used in confectionery

sugar almond: a nut which has been covered with a hard sweet coating

sweet almond: See under almond (sense 1 )

almond essence: a concentrated liquid obtained from almonds, used in cooking and baking

almond extract: → another name for almond essence

sugared almond: Sugared almonds are nuts which have been covered with a hard sweet coating.

toasted almond: Almonds are pale oval nuts . They are often used in cooking. [...]

sweet almond oil: See almond oil (sense 1 )

chufa: a sedge, Cyperus esculentus, of warm regions of the Old World, with nutlike edible tubers

amygdal: an almond

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