Conjunction: и а но
Noun: конъюнкция
Adverb: иначе


bench and bar - судьи и адвокаты (устойчивое выражение: bench = judges, bar = attorneys and barristers)

to give smb. the benefit of one's experience and knowledge - поделиться с кем-л. своим опытом и знаниями

visits are few and far between - посещения редки

the bin for vegetables and fruits - контейнер для овощей и фруктов

a bipartite division of the year into winter and summer - деление года на две части - зиму и лето

black and white artist - художник-график

a story that blends fact and legend - история, в которой переплетаются факты и вымысел

between the beetle and the block - между молотом и наковальней

to keep body and soul together - кое-как сводить концы с концами (идиома, to have just enough money to buy food and other necessary things)

a borderland between fact and fiction - граница между реальностью и вымыслом

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I shall go and you stay here. - Я пойду, а ты оставайся здесь.

He was tall, dark and handsome. - Он был высоким, темноволосым и красивым.

Six and four is ten. - Шесть и четыре — десять.

There are books and books. - Книги бывают разные.

We ran and ran. - Мы всё бежали и бежали.

That was years and years ago. - Это было много-много лет назад.

I missed supper and I'm starving! - Я пропустил ужин, и умираю с голоду /очень хочу есть/!

2 and 2 equals 4. - Два плюс два равно четыре.

More and more people are losing their jobs. - Всё больше и больше людей теряют работу.

We waited for hours and hours! - Мы всё ждали и ждали его часами!

He knocked on the door and went in. - Он постучал в дверь и вошёл.

Sit down and tell me all about it. - Сядь и расскажи мне всё об этом.

He's gone to get some fish and chips. - Он пошел за рыбой с картошкой фри.

Shall we go and have a cup of coffee? - Давайте пойдём выпьем по чашечке кофе?

She fell downstairs and broke her leg. - Она упала с лестницы и сломала ногу.

You'll have to wait and see what happens. - Вам придётся подождать и посмотреть, что будет.

He plays the guitar and sings folk songs. - Он играет на гитаре и поёт народные песни.

We've dealt with items one, two, and eleven. - Мы разобрались с элементами один, два и одиннадцать.

She picked up the kitten and put it in the box. - Она подобрала котёнка и положила его в коробку.

I'll see if I can try and persuade her to come. - Посмотрим, может быть мне удастся убедить её приехать.

The film starred Jack Lemmon and Shirley Maclaine. - Главные роли в фильме сыграли Джек Леммон и Ширли Маклейн.

She didn't speak to anyone and nobody spoke to her. - Она ни с кем не разговаривала, и с ней тоже никто не говорил.

'She's getting married in June.' 'And who's the lucky man?' - — В июне она выходит замуж. — И кто этот счастливчик?

And now I'd like to introduce our next speaker, Mrs Thompson. - А сейчас я хотел бы представить нашего следующего докладчика — миссис Томпсон.

'They said this guy was an expert.' 'Yes, but there are experts and experts.' - — Они сказали, что этот парень специалист. — Да, но ведь специалисты бывают разные.

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Связанные термины:

and co: You use and co. after someone's name to mean the group of people associated with that person.

and/or: used to join terms when either one or the other or both is indicated

go and: to be so foolish or unlucky as to

and all: You use and all when you want to emphasize that what you are talking about includes the thing mentioned, especially when this is surprising or unusual .

AND gate: An AND gate is an electrical circuit that combines two signals so that the output is on if both signals are present.

and how!: very much so!

and that: everything connected with the subject mentioned

B & E: breaking and entering

B and S: a dance held for young people in country areas, usually in a field or barn

C & W: country and western

come and: to move towards a particular person or thing or accompany a person with some specified purpose

D and C: dilation and curettage ; a therapeutic or diagnostic procedure in obstetrics and gynaecology involving dilation of the cervix and curettage of the cavity of the uterus, as for abortion

good and: ( intensifier )

h & c: hot and cold

nice and: pleasingly

Q & A: Q & A is a situation in which a person or group of people asks questions and another person or group of people answers them. Q & A is short for 'question and answer'.

R & R: R & R refers to time that you spend relaxing, when you are not working . R & R is an abbreviation for 'rest and recreation'.

V and A: Victoria and Albert Museum

AND circuit: a logic circuit having two or more input wires and one output wire that has a high-voltage output signal if and only if all input signals are at a high voltage simultaneously: used extensively as a basic circuit in computers

and company: You can say and company after mentioning a person's name, to refer also to the people who are associated with that person.

and so on: You use and so on or and so forth at the end of a list to indicate that there are other items that you could also mention .

by and by: presently or eventually

go and do: If you say that someone has gone and done something, you are expressing your annoyance at the foolish thing they have done.

in-and-in: (of breeding ) carried out repeatedly among closely related individuals of the same species to eliminate or intensify certain characteristics

on and on: If you say that something happens on and on, you mean that it continues to happen for a very long time.

so-and-so: You use so-and-so instead of a word, expression, or name when you are talking generally rather than giving a specific example of a particular thing.

up-and-up: improving or moving upwards

and a half: When you use an expression such as a problem and a half or a meal and a half, you are emphasizing that your reaction to it is either very favourable or very unfavourable .

and counting: If you say and counting after a number or an amount of something, you mean that the number or amount is continuing to increase .

in-and-out: in or participating in a particular job, investment, etc., for a short time and then out, esp. after realizing a quick profit

off and on: If something happens on and off, or off and on, it happens occasionally, or only for part of a period of time, not in a regular or continuous way.

on and off: intermittently; from time to time

to and fro: If someone moves to and fro, they move repeatedly from one place to another and back again, or from side to side.

yes and no: You say yes and no in reply to a question when you cannot give a definite answer, because in some ways the answer is yes and in other ways the answer is no.

Adam-and-Eve: → puttyroot

and all that: and similar or associated things; et cetera

and everything: You say ' and everything ' after mentioning a particular thing or list of things to indicate that they are only examples and that other things are also involved.

and so forth: and so on; and other such things; et cetera

and the like: If you mention particular things or people and then add and the like, you are indicating that there are other similar things or people that can be included in what you are saying .

and what not: and other things of all sorts

bed and PEP: (of a stock-exchange transaction ) complying with regulations for self-select PEPs, a shareholding being sold in the evening and bought back the next morning for the shareholder's own PEP

but and ben: a two-roomed cottage consisting of an outer room or kitchen ( but ) and an inner room ( ben )

by and large: You use by and large to indicate that a statement is mostly but not completely true .

cap and gown: a cap with a flat top ( → UNRESOLVED CROSS REF ) and a long robe, worn at some academic ceremonies, as commencement, and often used to symbolize the academic life

chip and PIN: Chip and PIN is a method of paying for goods you have bought by using both a bank card and a PIN number.

cut and run: to escape from a difficult situation quickly, rather than dealing with it in a responsible way

Dad and Dave: stereotypes of the unsophisticated rural dweller before World War II

dog and bone: a telephone

down-and-out: If you describe someone as down-and-out, you mean that they have no job and nowhere to live, and they have no real hope of improving their situation .

ebb and flow: You can use ebb and flow to describe the way that something repeatedly increases and decreases or rises and falls .

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