Noun: Энтони


a bowdlerized version of 'Antony and Cleopatra' - отцензурированная версия пьесы "Антоний и Клеопатра"

One of history's most famous sirens, Cleopatra charmed both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. - Одна из самых известных в истории искусительниц, Клеопатра, очаровала и Юлия Цезаря, и Марка Антония.

Связанные термины:

Mark Antony: Mark. Latin name Marcus Antonius . ?83–30 bc, Roman general who served under Julius Caesar in the Gallic wars and became a member of the second triumvirate (43). He defeated Brutus and Cassius at Philippi (42) but having repudiated his wife for Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, he was defeated by his brother-in-law Octavian ( Augustus ) at Actium (31)