Pronoun: что-нибудь все что-либо что угодно
Adverb: сколько-нибудь в какой-либо мере


to be game for anything - быть готовым на все, ничего не бояться

have you anything to do with it? - вы имеете к этому отношение?

hardly anything - почти ничего

anything goes - все сойдет

in this case anything goes - в этом случае все сойдет /пройдет/

run to any anything - пойти на что угодно

an anything goes approach - нетребовательность; неразборчивость

an anything goes attitude - нетребовательность; неразборчивость

anything but satisfactory - совершенно неудовлетворительный

anything goes approach - нетребовательность; неразборчивость

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Is there anything you want? - Вам что-нибудь нужно?

You can buy anything you want. - Можно купить всё, что угодно.

He hasn't taken anything. - Он ничего не взял.

He will do anything to help you. - Он сделает всё, чтобы помочь вам.

We didn't talk about anything much. - Мы мало о чём говорили.

I'll do anything I can to help. - Помогу, чем только смогу. / Сделаю всё, что в моих силах.

If you're not sure what to say, just say anything that comes to mind. - Если не знаешь, что сказать, просто говори всё, что приходит в голову.

You can write about swimming, skiing, or anything else you enjoy doing. - Вы можете написать о плавании, катании на лыжах, или о чём угодно другом, чем вам нравится заниматься.

He'll do anything for a laugh. - Он что угодно сделает смеха ради.

Do you want anything from the shops? - Тебе нужно что-нибудь в магазинах?

Anything would be better than staying at home! - Всё лучше, чем оставаться дома!

I'd do anything to see her again. - Я сделал бы всё, чтобы снова её увидеть.

We were allowed to do anything we wanted to. - Нам разрешили делать всё, что заблагорассудится.

He was prepared to do anything to make a bit of money. - Он был готов на всё, чтобы заработать хоть немного денег.

Is there anything I can do to help? - Я могу хоть как-то помочь?

Would you like anything else to eat? - Хотите съесть ещё чего-нибудь?

That dog will eat almost anything. - Этот пёс съест почти всё, что угодно.

Don't do anything until we get there. - Не делайте ничего, пока мы туда не доберёмся.

We didn't have anything to eat for three days. - У нас три дня было нечего есть.

He said he was sorry, but that doesn't really mean anything. - Он сказал, что ему жаль, но на самом деле это ничего не значит.

The new stadium is spectacular. There's never been anything like it. - Новый стадион впечатляет. Ничего подобного ещё никогда не было.

You can't tell him anything about computers. He thinks he's an expert. - Про компьютеры ему и слова не скажи: он воображает себя большим специалистом.

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Связанные термины:

as anything: You use as anything after an adjective to emphasize a quality that someone has.

if anything: You use if anything, especially after a negative statement, to introduce a statement that adds to what you have just said .

or anything: You can add or anything to the end of a clause or sentence in order to refer vaguely to other things that are or may be similar to what has just been mentioned .

anything but: You use anything but in expressions such as anything but quiet and anything but attractive to emphasize that something is not the case.

anything goes: If people say ' anything goes ', they mean that anything people say or do is considered acceptable, and usually they mean that they do not approve of this.

like anything: ( intensifier ; usually euphemistic)

I'd give anything: You use give in phrases such as I'd give anything, I'd give my right arm, and what wouldn't I give to emphasize that you are very eager to do or have something.

like anything/crazy/mad: You can use the expressions like anything, like crazy, or like mad to emphasize that someone is doing something or something is happening in a very energetic or noticeable way.

everythng/anything under the sun: Everything under the sun means a very great number of things. Anything under the sun means anything at all.

would not do sth for anything/would not be sth for anything: You can say that you would not do something for anything to emphasize that you definitely would not want to do or be a particular thing.

would not put it past sb/would not put anything past sb: If you say that you would not put it past someone to do something bad, you mean that you would not be surprised if they did it because you think their character is bad.

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