Noun: яблоко яблоня


to bite into an apple - откусить от яблока

apple chip - ломтик яблока

apple jelly - яблочное желе

apple / fruit / lemon / vegetable juice - яблочный, фруктовый, лимонный, овощной сок

a dead sea apple - красивый снаружи, но гнилой внутри

an apple of discord - яблоко раздора

an apple a day keeps the doctor away - кушай по яблоку в день и доктор не понадобится; лук от семи недуг

dried apple pectin pulp - высушенная яблочная пектиновая пульпа

apple dumpling - яблоко, запечённое в тесте; яблоко в тесте

fir apple - еловая шишка

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Big Apple - Большое Яблоко (прозвище Нью-Йорка)

An apple fell to the ground. - На землю упало яблоко.

He took a bite of the apple. - Он откусил от яблока.

An apple fell from the tree. - С дерева упало яблоко.

The apple's rotten on the inside. - Яблоко внутри гнилое.

For breakfast she usually has a cup of tea, an apple and her inevitable yoghurt. - На завтрак у неё обычно чашка чая, яблоко и неизменный йогурт.

We had ice cream and apple pie for dessert. - На десерт мы ели мороженое и яблочный пирог.

The apple fell from the tree. - Яблоко упало с дерева.

This apple tree is a poor yielder. - Эта яблоня плохо плодоносит.

a mass of bloom on the apple trees - масса цветов на яблонях

Her hair smelled of apple blossoms. - Её волосы пахли как яблони в цвету / цветущие яблони.

Barry sat munching on an apple. - Барри сидел и грыз (ел) яблоко.

Can I have a bite of your apple? - Я могу откусить твоё яблоко?

The apple dropped to the ground. - Яблоко упало на землю.

He developed a new kind of apple. - Он вывел новый сорт яблок.

Maria's special recipe for apple pie - особый рецепт яблочного пирога Марии

the lone ripe apple in the entire bag - одно-единственное спелое яблоко в целом мешке

The apple trees were heavy with fruit. - Яблони были отягощены плодами.

The kid had a candied apple on a stick. - Ребёнок ел засахаренное яблоко на палочке.

apple, blueberry, and other fruit wines - яблочное, черничное и другие плодово-ягодные вина

She took two dainty bites of the apple. - Она деликатно откусила от яблока два крошечных кусочка.

These apple trees are not going to bear. - Эти яблони не будут плодоносить.

The witch gave Snow White a poison apple. - Ведьма дала Белоснежке отравленное яблоко.

Would you like another piece of apple pie? - Хотите ещё один кусок яблочного пирога?

I'll just snack on an apple if I'm hungry. - Я просто перекушу яблоком, если буду голоден.

a juicy apple with a slightly acid flavour - сочное яблоко с кисловатым вкусом

recent buds on the apple trees - свежие бутоны на яблонях

He propagated the apple tree by grafting. - Он размножал яблони путём прививок.

The acting students mimed eating an apple. - Студенты-актёры изображали, как будто едят яблоко.

Pork and apple go especially well together. - Свинина и яблоки особенно хорошо сочетаются вместе.

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Связанные термины:

apple box: an ornamental Australian tree, Eucalyptus bridgesiana, having heart-shaped juvenile leaves, large lanceolate adult leaves, and conical fruits

apple gum: an ornamental Australian tree, Eucalyptus bridgesiana, having heart-shaped juvenile leaves, large lanceolate adult leaves, and conical fruits

apple pie: An apple pie is a kind of pie made with apples.

bad apple: a person with a corrupting influence

Big Apple: People sometimes refer to the city of New York as the Big Apple .

May apple: an American berberidaceous plant, Podophyllum peltatum, with edible yellowish egg-shaped fruit

oak apple: any of various brownish round galls on oak trees, containing the larva of certain wasps

the Apple: → Big Apple

apple cart: a huckster's handcart for selling apples in the street, etc.

apple core: the inedible part of an apple which contains the pips

apple green: a bright light green or moderate yellowish-green

Apple Isle: → the Apple Isle

apple sauce: Apple sauce is a type of sauce made from puréed cooked apples.

apple tart: a pastry case filled with apples, with or without pastry on top

candy apple: an apple with a candy coating esp. of taffy and often on a stick inserted in the center

cider-apple: a variety of apple suitable for use in cider-making

crab apple: A crab apple is a tree like an apple tree that produces small sour fruit.

love apple: the tomato

rose apple: an ornamental myrtaceous tree, Syzygium jambos, of the East Indies, cultivated in the tropics for its edible fruit

snow apple: a Canadian variety of eating apple

sorb apple: any of various related trees, esp the mountain ash

star-apple: a West Indian sapotaceous tree, Chrysophyllum cainito, with smooth-skinned edible greenish-purple fruit

sugar apple: → sweetsop

thorn apple: a poisonous solanaceous plant, Datura stramonium, of the N hemisphere, having white funnel-shaped flowers and spiny capsule fruits

Adam's apple: Your Adam's apple is the lump that sticks out of the front of your neck below your throat .

apple blight: an aphid, Eriosoma lanigera, that is covered with a powdery waxy secretion and infests apple trees

apple blossom: the blossom of an apple tree

apple brandy: an alcoholic liquor made with apples

apple butter: a jam made from stewed spiced apples

apple-cheeked: having rosy cheeks ; ruddy

apple fritter: a piece of apple covered in batter and deep fried

apple maggot: a fruit fly, Rhagoletis pomonella, the larvae of which bore into and feed on the fruit of apple trees : family Trypetidae

apple orchard: an orchard planted with apple trees

apple-polish: to curry favor with someone, esp. in an obsequious or flattering manner

balsam apple: an ornamental cucurbitaceous vine, Momordica balsamina, of the Old World tropics, with yellow flowers and orange egg-shaped fruits

bitter apple: → colocynth

custard apple: a West Indian tree, Annona reticulata: family Annonaceae

dessert apple: an eating apple ; an apple that can be eaten raw

eating apple: An eating apple is an ordinary apple that is usually eaten raw .

rotten apple: You can use rotten apple to talk about a person who is dishonest and therefore causes a lot of problems for the group or organization they belong to.

toffee-apple: an apple fixed on a stick and coated with a thin layer of toffee

a bad apple: a dishonest, immoral, or unpleasant person who has a bad influence on those around them

Apple Islander: a native or inhabitant of Tasmania

apple polisher: a sycophant ; toady

apple turnover: a pastry containing apple

apple-pie bed: a way of making a bed so as to prevent the person from entering it

Oak-apple Day: (in Britain) May 29, the anniversary of the Restoration (1660), formerly commemorated by the wearing of oak apples or oak leaves, recalling the Boscobel oak in which Charles II hid after the battle of Worcester

the Apple Isle: Tasmania

the Big Apple: New York City

apple of discord: a golden apple inscribed "For the fairest ". It was claimed by Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, to whom Paris awarded it, thus beginning a chain of events that led to the Trojan War

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Однокоренные слова:

applied - прикладной, приложенный
apply - применять, относиться, использовать, обращаться, прикладывать, касаться, прилагать

Связанные слова: