Verb: являемся


visits are few and far between - посещения редки

words which are not current in English - слова, которые почти не используются в английском

holes are unfair - отверстия не совпадают

eggs are sold by the dozen - яйца продаются на дюжины

the way things are shaping - оборот, который принимают дела

the signs used in arithmetic are +, - - в арифметике используются знаки +, -, ×

sales are still slack - продажи до сих пор идут вяло

the fish are striking well today - рыба сегодня хорошо ловится / клюет

prices are strong - цены растут

they are superior to law - они неподвластны закону

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Связанные термины:

be: You use be with a present participle to form the continuous tenses of verbs.

bist: to have presence in the realm of perceived reality ; exist; live

chances are…: it is likely (that)…

here we are: You say ' here we are ' when you have just found something that you have been looking for.

how are you?: what is your state of health ?

right you are: If someone says ' right you are ', they are agreeing to do something in a very willing and happy way.

(the) odds are: the likelihood is

there you are: an expression used when handing a person something requested or desired

all bets are off: said to mean that it is impossible to say how a particular situation may develop

assets are worth: The assets of a company or a person are all the things that they own.

attacks are rare: To attack a person or place means to try to hurt or damage them using physical violence .

jokes are funny: A joke is something that is said or done to make you laugh, for example a funny story.

odds are against: If you say that the odds are against something or someone, you mean that they are unlikely to succeed .

prisons are full: A prison is a building where criminals are kept as punishment or where people accused of a crime are kept before their trial .

rumours are rife: A rumour is a story or piece of information that may or may not be true, but that people are talking about.

(the) chances are: the likelihood is

there you are/go: You say ' there you are ' or ' there you go ' when you are offering something to someone.

details are available: The details of something are its individual features or elements.

details are correct: The details of something are its individual features or elements.

donations are welcome: A donation is something which someone gives to a charity or other organization.

experts are divided: An expert is a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about a particular subject.

my lips are sealed: If you tell someone that your lips are sealed, you are promising them that you will keep a secret that they have told you.

qualities are evident: You can describe a particular characteristic of a person or thing as a quality .

ready when you are: If you say to someone ' Ready when you are ', you are telling them that you are now ready to do something and that as soon as they are ready, you will do it.

soldiers are wounded: A soldier is a person who works in an army, especially a person who is not an officer.

the gloves are off: said to mean that people have decided to compete aggressively with each other

the knives are out: said to mean that people are feeling very angry or resentful towards someone, and are trying to cause problems for them

tongues are wagging: said to mean that people are gossiping as a result of someone's behaviour

how are you keeping?: how are you?

the public are ready: You can refer to people in general, or to all the people in a particular country or community, as the public .

your hands are tied: If you say that your hands are tied, you mean that something is preventing you from acting in the way that you want to.

one's ears are burning: one is aware of being the topic of another's conversation

someone's hands are tied: said to mean that something such as a law is preventing someone from acting in the way that they want to

someone's lips are sealed: said to mean that someone will keep a secret that someone else has told them

the public are interested: You can refer to people in general, or to all the people in a particular country or community, as the public .

the wheels are turning: said to mean that a process or situation is continuing to develop and progress

what are you playing at?: If you ask what someone is playing at, you are angry because you think they are doing something stupid or wrong .

when the chips are down: If you say that something happens when the chips are down, you mean it happens when a situation gets very difficult.

all eyes are on something: If you say that all eyes are on something or that the eyes of the world are on something, you mean that everyone is paying careful attention to it and what will happen .

champagne corks are popping: people are celebrating

kick you when you are down: If you say that someone kicks you when you are down, you think they are behaving unfairly because they are attacking you when you are in a weak position .

someone's days are numbered sth's days are numbered: If you say that someone's or something's days are numbered, you mean that they will not survive or be successful for much longer.

someone's ears are burning: said about someone who other people are talking about

the battle lines are drawn: If you say that the battle lines are drawn between opposing groups or people, you mean that they are ready to start fighting or arguing, and that it has become clear what the main points of conflict or disagreement will be.

the knives are out for someone: If a lot of people want something unpleasant to happen to someone, for example if they want them to lose their job, you can say that the knives are out for that person.

there are no flies on me: I am no fool

the sands are running out: there is not much time left before death or the end

the way things are going: You can use the way things are going to indicate that you expect something to happen because of the way the present situation is developing .

what are you waiting for: If you say to someone ' What are you waiting for? ' you are telling them to hurry up and do something.

the odds are in sb's favour: If you say that the odds are in someone's favour, you mean that they are likely to succeed in what they are doing.

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