Noun: армия войско масса множество
Adjective: армейский войсковой


army brass - командующий армией

army chaplain - армейский капеллан

military / army coup - военный переворот, путч

most of the army - большая часть армии

to organize an army - создать армию

army commander - командующий армией

deputy chief of staff of the army - заместитель НШ СВ

army civilian personnel system - система гражданского персонала СВ

army clothing cloth - сукно для военного обмундирования

army clothing fabrics - ткани военного назначения

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Salvation Army - Армия Спасения

Blue Ribbon Army - Общество трезвенников

The army struck at dawn. - Армия атаковала на рассвете.

at the return from the army - после возвращения из армии

Royal Army - Британские Вооружённые Силы

Army Post Office - Армейское почтовое отделение

The army was disranked. - Армия была дезорганизована.

The army was well armed. - Армия была хорошо вооружена.

The army seized the town. - Армия захватила город.

The army was pushing north. - Армия продвигалась на север.

I decided to join the army. - Я решил поступить на военную службу.

Their army was put to flight. - Их армии пришлось бежать.

The army surged forward. - Армия рванулась вперёд.

They have the army behind them. - За их спиной стоит армия.

Both the boys entered the army. - Оба парня пошли в армию.

He entered the army at nineteen. - Он пошёл в армию в девятнадцать лет.

The army sustained heavy losses. - Армия понесла тяжёлые потери.

The army will make a man of you. - Армия сделает из тебя мужчину.

A friend of mine is in the army. - Один мой друг служит в армии.

Don't let the army grind you down! - Не дай армии себя сломать!

I was an army brat. - Я родился в семье военного.

the leader of an army - командующий армией

The army is on maneuvers. - Армия находится на манёврах /на учениях/.

the army's plan of attack - план наступления армии

the middle ranks of the army - средние армейские чины

The army besieged the castle. - Армия осадила замок.

He was too soft for the army. - Для армии он был слишком слаб.

Both my sons are in the army. - Оба моих сына служат в армии.

She dropped into army jargon. - Она перешла на армейский жаргон.

Army patrols combed the area. - Район был прочёсан армейскими патрулями.

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Связанные термины:

army ant: any of various mainly tropical American predatory ants of the subfamily Dorylinae, which live in temporary nests and travel in vast hordes preying on other animals

army base: a centre from which military activities are coordinated

army brat: a daughter or son of a career U.S. Army officer or enlisted person, esp. one raised in military communities

army camp: A camp is a collection of huts and other buildings that is provided for a particular group of people, such as refugees, prisoners, or soldiers, as a place to live or stay .

Army List: an official list of all serving commissioned officers of the army and reserve officers liable for recall

army worm: any of the larvae of certain noctuid moths, esp. of the moth ( Pseudaletia unipuncta ) of which the caterpillar is dark-striped green and yellow: these larvae travel in large groups, ruining crops and grass

bot army: a group of computers, infected with malign programs via the internet, that can be controlled remotely to, for example, mount denial-of-service attacks

land army: an armed force serving on land

Red Army: → the Red Army

Allied army: An army is a large organized group of people who are armed and trained to fight on land in a war. Most armies are organized and controlled by governments.

army corps: a military formation that comprises two or more divisions and additional support arms

army-issue: given to soldiers in order to help them carry out their duties

Church Army: a voluntary Anglican organization founded in 1882 to assist the parish clergy

Dad's army: an affectionate or humorous term for the British Home Guard during World War II

field army: the largest formation of a land force, usually consisting of two or more corps with supporting arms and services

Sally Army: a Christian body founded in 1865 by William Booth and organized on quasi-military lines for evangelism and social work among poor people

Tartan Army: fans of the Scottish football team, considered as a group

army officer: a person in the army who holds a position of authority, responsibility and duty, esp one who holds a commission

army surplus: used or unused articles of military clothing, equipment, etc previously allocated to or intended for the use of army personnel but now sold off to members of the public

Regular Army: the permanent, or standing, army of the United States ; the United States Army

standing army: a permanent army of paid soldiers maintained by a nation

Salvation Army: The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that aims to spread Christianity and care for the poor. Its members wear military-style uniforms .

the Red Army: the Soviet army

vast army of: An army of people, animals, or things is a large number of them, especially when they are regarded as a force of some kind.

volunteer army: a military force composed entirely of enlistees

fall army worm: the caterpillar of a widely distributed noctuid moth, Spodoptera frugiperda, which travels in vast hordes and is a serious pest of cereal crops in tropical regions of the western hemisphere

leave the army: An army is a large organized group of people who are armed and trained to fight on land in a war. Most armies are organized and controlled by governments.

New Model Army: the army established in 1645 during the Civil War by the English parliamentarians, which exercised considerable political power under Cromwell

professional army: an army of trained soldiers

Territorial Army: The Territorial Army is a British armed force whose members are not professional soldiers but train as soldiers in their spare time.

train the army: An army is a large organized group of people who are armed and trained to fight on land in a war. Most armies are organized and controlled by governments.

African army worm: the caterpillar of a widely distributed noctuid moth, Spodoptera exempta, which travels in vast hordes and is a serious pest of cereal crops and grasses in Africa and parts of Australia

army of occupation: an army that goes into a defeated country to enforce peace terms, keep order, etc.

Red Army Faction: a group of left-wing West German terrorists, active in the 1970s, who were dedicated to the violent overthrow of capitalist society

Swiss Army knife: a pocket knife including a variety of blades and tools, each of which can be folded into the handle

United States Army: the Regular Army of the United States

Women's Land Army: → the Women's Land Army

Irish Republican Army: a militant organization of Irish nationalists founded with the aim of striving for a united independent Ireland by means of guerrilla warfare

Army of the Potomac: Union forces, trained and organized by Gen . George B . McClellan, that guarded Washington, D.C., against a Confederate invasion across the Potomac and fought battles in the eastern sector during the Civil War

general of the army: an officer of the highest rank, with an insignia of five stars : a WWII rank

Student Volunteer Army: a students' voluntary organization that aims to undertake useful work in communities, founded in 2010 to help clear up after a damaging earthquake in Christchurch

the Women's Land Army: a unit of women recruited to do agricultural work in the United Kingdom during World War I and World War II

Army of the United States: during WWII, the overall army forces of the U.S., including the Regular Army, the Organized Reserves, the National Guard, and Selective Service personnel

Grand Army of the Republic: an association of Union veterans of the Civil War, formed in 1866: the last member died in 1956

special forces: elite, highly trained military forces, specially selected to work on difficult missions

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Однокоренные слова:

armed - вооруженный, укрепленный
armful - охапка, большое количество
arming - вооружение, боевое снаряжение
armless - безрукий, безоружный, не имеющий ветвей
armor - броня, доспехи, латы, панцирь, вооружение, бронировать, покрывать броней
armure - армюр

Связанные слова: