Adverb: около вблизи кругом поблизости
Preposition: вокруг по за


around the block - за углом

to chuck one's weight about / around - держаться надменно

around the clock - круглосуточно, круглые сутки

a detour around - объезд вокруг

to travel around the directory structure - двигаться по многоуровневой структуре каталогов

fence around smth. - изгородь вокруг чего-л.

to have smb. wrapped around one's little finger - полностью подчинять себе кого-л.

to fit around the table - уместиться за столом

to fling one's money about / around - сорить деньгами

flow around - обтекание вокруг

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Is your dad around? - Твой отец рядом / поблизости?

Is there a bank around here? - Тут поблизости есть банк?

A crowd gathered around him. - Вокруг него собралась толпа.

They danced around the bonfire. - Они танцевали вокруг костра.

He paid around a hundred roubles. - Он заплатил около ста рублей.

She came around to see me. - Она пришла со мной повидаться.

The tree measures four feet around. - Дерево имеет четыре фута в обхвате.

The list is somewhere around. - Список где-то здесь.

The pond is two miles around. - Окружность пруда составляет две мили.

There's a door around the back. - Там сзади есть дверь.

We must find a way around these difficulties. - Мы должны найти способ обойти эти трудности.

She wore a beautiful silk shawl around her shoulders. - Она носила на плечах прекрасную шёлковую шаль.

A helicopter was circling around, looking for somewhere to land. - Вертолёт кружил в воздухе, пытаясь найти место для посадки.

The trunk is ten feet around. - Этот ствол — десяти футов в обхвате.

The road goes around the pond. - Дорога идёт вокруг пруда.

I invited them around for supper. - Я пригласил их к себе на ужин.

That joke's been around for years. - Этой шутке уже много лет.

The people were seated around the table. - Люди сидели вокруг стола.

You can find lots of good restaurants around here. - Тут поблизости можно найти множество хороших ресторанов.

There were trees growing all around. - Повсюду там росли деревья.

He came all the way around the base. - Он обошёл вокруг базы.

He tied the rope around his waist. - Он обвязал вокруг своей талии верёвку.

We took a tour around New England. - Мы совершили поездку по Новой Англии.

dirty clothes lying around (or about) - грязная одежда, разбросанная вокруг

He entered the room and looked around. - Он вошёл в комнату и огляделся.

I'd like to speak to him if he's around. - Я бы хотела с ним поговорить, если он там.

They sailed around the world. - Они совершили кругосветное плавание.

The wheels are spinning around. - Колёса вертятся.

I've been waiting around all morning. - Я всё утро жду.

He waited around for the next flight. - Он подождал неподалёку следующего рейса.

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Связанные термины:

go around: If you go around to someone's house, you go to visit them at their house.

all-around: You say all around to indicate that something affects all parts of a situation or all members of a group.

arse around: If you say that someone is arsing around or arsing about, you mean that they are behaving in a silly, irritating way instead of getting something done.

ask around: If you ask around or ask round, you ask several people a question .

bat around: to discuss (an idea, proposition, etc) informally

bum around: If you bum around, you go from place to place without any particular destination, either for enjoyment or because you have nothing else to do.

call around: If you call around, you phone several people, usually when you are trying to organize something or to find some information.

cat around: to search promiscuously for sexual partners ; be promiscuous

come around: If someone comes around or comes round to your house, they call there to see you.

dick around: to spend time wastefully or unprofitably

dig around: If you dig around in a place or container, you search for something in every part of it.

end around: a play in which an offensive end or wide receiver, after running across the field behind the line of scrimmage and taking a handoff from the quarterback, attempts to advance downfield

fart around: to spend time idly, foolishly, etc.

fool around: If you fool around, you behave in a silly, dangerous, or irresponsible way.

fuck around: To fuck around or fuck about means to behave in a way that is silly, stupid, or unnecessary .

fuss around: to engage in idle, aimless, or annoying activity

get around: To get around a problem or difficulty means to overcome it.

goof around: If someone goofs around, they spend their time doing silly things.

hack around: to engage in aimless activity; spend time idly

hand around: If you hand around or hand round something such as food, you pass it from one person to another in a group.

hang around: If you hang around, hang about, or hang round, you stay in the same place doing nothing, usually because you are waiting for something or someone.

jack around: to spend time in useless activity

jerk around: If you say that someone is jerking you around, you mean that they are not being honest with you about something.

kick around: If you kick around ideas or suggestions, you discuss them informally.

kid around: to engage in joking, horseplay, etc.

lark around: If you lark around or lark about, you behave in a playful, childish, and silly way, often in order to make people laugh .

lie around: If things are left lying around or lying about, they are not tidied away but left casually somewhere where they can be seen .

loll around: If you loll around or loll about, you enjoy yourself by sitting or lying in a relaxed way.

look around: If you look around or look round a building or place, you walk round it and look at the different parts of it.

mess around: If you mess around or mess about, you spend time doing things without any particular purpose or without achieving anything.

mill around: When a crowd of people mill around or mill about, they move around within a particular place or area, so that the movement of the whole crowd looks very confused .

mope around: If you mope around or mope about a place, you wander around there not doing anything, looking and feeling unhappy .

move around: If you move around or move about, you keep changing your job or keep changing the place where you live .

muck around: If you muck around or muck about, you behave in a childish or silly way, often so that you waste your time and fail to achieve anything.

nose around: If you nose around or nose about, you look around a place that belongs to someone else, to see if you can find something interesting .

pass around: If a group of people pass something around or pass it round, they each take it and then give it to the next person.

piss around: If you say that someone pisses around or pisses about, you mean they waste a lot of time doing unimportant things.

play around: If you play around, you behave in a silly way to amuse yourself or other people.

poke around: If you poke around or poke about for something, you search for it, usually by moving lots of objects around.

push around: If someone pushes you around, they give you orders in a rude and insulting way.

root around: If you root around or root about in something, you look for something there, moving things around as you search .

run around: If you run around, you go to a lot of places and do a lot of things, often in a rushed or disorganized way.

send around: to put into circulation

shop around: If you shop around, you go to different shops or companies in order to compare the prices and quality of goods or services before you decide to buy them.

show around: If you show someone around or show them round, you go with them to show them all the interesting, useful, or important features of a place when they first visit it.

sit around: If you sit around or sit about, you spend time doing nothing useful or interesting.

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