Noun: помощник ассистент заместитель лаборант
Adjective: помогающий


shop assistant - продавец, продавщица

assistant cashier - помощник кассира

to delegate the job to an assistant - поручить ассистенту выполнить эту работу

assistant administrator - помощник руководителя

doctor-laboratory assistant - врач - лаборант; врач-лаборант

doctor's assistant - помощник врача; фельдшер

assistant-driller - помощник бурильщика

driller's assistant - помощник бурильщика

assistant editor - ассистент по видеомонтажу; заместитель редактора; помощник редактора

battery assistant executive officer - помощник заместителя командира батареи

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She is looking for an assistant to help her answer e-mails. - Она ищет помощника, который отвечал бы на электронную почту.

The new assistant personnel manager has a diploma in human resources management. - Новый помощник менеджера по персоналу имеет диплом по управлению кадрами.

The assistant will administer the test. - Помощник проведет тестирование.

He's the director, no, the assistant director, of the company. - Он директор, — нет, помощник директора — этой компании.

The shop assistant was very obliging. - Продавец (в магазине) был очень любезен /услужлив/.

She's now assistant marketing manager for the south east area. - Сейчас она является помощником руководителя отдела маркетинга по юго-восточному району.

an assistant to the store manager - помощник директора магазина

He deputized me as his assistant. - Он назначил меня своим ассистентом.

an assistant to the college president - помощник президента колледжа

The lab assistant was wearing a white overall. - На лаборанте был белый халат.

a wealthy executive who has a personal assistant - богатый чиновник, у которого есть личный помощник

the company's newly appointed assistant director - недавно назначенный помощник директора данной компании

He has recently been promoted to Assistant Manager. - Недавно его повысили до помощника управляющего.

The doctor's assistant was up a ladder in the stockroom. - Фельдшер стоял на лестнице в кладовой.

Her smile "wandered" the assistant, he promptly lost grip. - Её улыбка смутила помощника, и он сразу потерял контроль над ситуацией.

Her assistant was accused of theft and fraud by the police. - Полиция обвинила её помощника в воровстве и мошенничестве.

'Would it help if you had an assistant?' 'It would indeed.' - — Было бы лучше, если бы у вас был помощник? — Безусловно, да.

a friendly warning to the new assistant about the office lecher - дружеское предупреждение новой помощнице по поводу местного развратника

When the coach quit, her assistant inherited a last-place team. - Когда тренер подала в отставку, во главе шедшей на последнем месте команды встал её помощник.

Getting a new assistant will lighten the workload considerably. - Приход нового помощника существенно уменьшит нагрузку.

The case is being prosecuted by the assistant district attorney. - Обвинителем на этом процессе выступает помощник окружного прокурора.

The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant. - Режиссер переложил больше обязанностей на своего нового помощника.

She complained that she was being bullied by the assistant manager. - Она пожаловалась, что заместитель руководителя издевается на ней.

Hiring an assistant has freed him to spend more time with his family. - Приём на работу помощницы дал ему возможность проводить больше времени со своей семьёй.

They hired a supremely incapable assistant who only made a mess of things. - Они наняли какого-то ужасно неумелого помощника, который только всё запутал.

'Don't just stand there, give me a hand,' she barked at the shop assistant. - — Что ты стоишь, помоги мне, — рявкнула она на продавца.

The assistant's job was to shield the president from such footling problems. - Задачей помощника было оградить президента от таких пустяковых проблем.

The assistant took my measurements and showed me what was available in my size. - Продавец снял с меня мерку и показал мне то, что было в наличии в моём размере.

They tried to figure out how the illusionist made his assistant disappear from the stage. - Они пытались понять, как иллюзионист заставил своего ассистента исчезнуть со сцены.

She was promoted from assistant editor to associate editor and may soon be promoted to senior editor. - Она прошла путь от младшего редактора до ответственного редактора, и вскоре её, может быть, назначат на должность старшего редактора.

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Связанные термины:

assistant judge: a person who assists a judge in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a judge

care assistant: a person who is paid to look after one or more severely disabled people staying in residential accommodation

chief assistant: the most important or top-ranking assistant to an official

sales assistant: a person who processes orders, arranges stock and helps customers in a retail shop

shop assistant: A shop assistant is a person who works in a shop selling things to customers .

voice assistant: a voice-activated piece of software that can supply information and perform certain types of task

assistant driller: An assistant driller is someone whose job is to help a driller, and work at the drilling controls on the rig floor .

assistant editor: a person who assists an editor in their work

assistant lecturer: A lecturer is a teacher at a university or college.

assistant manager: a person who assists a manager in their work

assistant master: a person who assists a teacher in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a teacher

assistant mistress: a person who assists a teacher in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a teacher

assistant pastor: A pastor is a member of the Christian clergy in some Protestant churches.

assistant priest: a person who assists a priest in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a priest

assistant referee: A assistant referee is an official who assists the referee or umpire in games such as football and tennis by indicating when the ball goes over the lines around the edge of the field or court.

assistant teacher: a person who assists a teacher in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a teacher

personal assistant: A personal assistant is a person who does office work and administrative work for someone. The abbreviation → PA is also used.

research assistant: a graduate who is employed on a temporary or part-time basis to assist the university with academic research

teaching assistant: In the United States, a teaching assistant is a graduate student at a college or university who teaches some classes .

virtual assistant: A virtual assistant is a wireless electronic device that can respond to spoken commands, for example by giving information.

wardrobe assistant: a person who assists the wardrobe mistress in a theatre

assistant librarian: a person who assists a librarian in their work or who is not yet fully qualified as a librarian

assistant principal: a person who assists a principal in their work

assistant professor: a university teacher lower in rank than an associate professor

assistant secretary: a person who assists a secretary in their work

classroom assistant: a person whose job is to help a schoolteacher in the classroom

laboratory assistant: someone who assists with work in a building or room equipped for conducting scientific research or for teaching practical science, such as by cleaning and sterilizing equipment

physician assistant: a person trained and certified to perform various medical procedures under the supervision of a physician

physician's assistant: A physician's assistant is a person who is trained to do some of the same work that a doctor does but who is not a doctor.

probationary assistant: a teacher in the first probationary years

administrative assistant: a person employed to aid an executive, as in a corporate department, by coordinating such office services and procedures as the supervision, maintenance, and control of the flow of work and programs, personnel, budgeting, records, etc., for the entire department

video assistant referee: a technology allowing refereeing assistants to examine video playback of incidents in a match as soon as they occur, and advise the referee on decisions

learning support assistant: a person whose job is to help a schoolteacher in the classroom

personal digital assistant: a palmtop computer for storing information

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Однокоренные слова:

assistantship - должность ассистента на неполной ставке, ассистентура

Связанные слова: