Adjective: вспомогательный дополнительный запасной добавочный
Noun: помощник вспомогательное устройство вспомогательный глагол вспомогательный механизм


auxiliary controller - вспомогательное устройство управления

auxiliary reinforcement - монтажная арматура для железобетона

auxiliary / service tank - запасной бак

auxiliary fuel tank - подвесной топливный бак

auxiliary power requirements - расход энергии на собственные нужды

auxiliary power unit - вспомогательная силовая установка

auxiliary processor - вспомогательный процессор

auxiliary tape - вспомогательная лента

auxiliary body - вспомогательный орган

auxiliary calculation - вспомогательное вычисление

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The auditorium has an auxiliary cooling system used only on particularly sweltering days. - В аудитории есть вспомогательная система охлаждения, которая используется лишь в особенно жаркие дни.

The mind and emotions are auxiliary to each other. - Разум и эмоции дополняют друг друга.

A knowledge of certain other languages is a highly useful auxiliary in the study of our own. - Знание других языков в высшей степени полезно при изучении родного языка.

the main library and its auxiliary branches - центральная библиотека и её дополнительные филиалы

Связанные термины:

auxiliary note: a nonharmonic note occurring between two harmonic notes

auxiliary rotor: the tail rotor of a helicopter, used for directional and rotary control

auxiliary verb: a verb used to indicate the tense, voice, mood, etc, of another verb where this is not indicated by inflection, such as English will in he will go, was in he was eating and he was eaten, do in I do like you, etc

modal auxiliary: an auxiliary verb that is used with another verb to indicate its mood, as can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, and would

auxiliary police: a part-time reserve attached to a regular police force

ladies' auxiliary: an organization usually made up of the wives of members of another organization

nursing auxiliary: someone who performs duties such as washing and dressing patients, making beds, etc, in an establishment such as a hospital

auxiliary power unit: an additional engine fitted to an aircraft to operate when the main engines are not in use

v. aux.: auxiliary verb

characteristic equation: the characteristic polynomial of a given matrix, equated to zero

secondary storage: storage, as on disk or tape, supplemental to and slower than main storage, not under the direct control of the CPU and generally contained outside it

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