Adverb: далеко прочь вон долой
Adjective: удаленный отстоящий


to be carried away by the general enthusiasm for liberty - быть охваченным общим стремлением к свободе

chalks away / by a long chalk / by long chalks - (на)много, значительно, гораздо

convex away from - вогнутый к

the drift of the population away from rural areas - отток населения из сельской местности

to drive away tourists / customers - отпугивать туристов, клиентов

to duck away from a question - увиливать от вопроса

to ease away a rope - травить канат

to eat away at one's nerves - действовать на нервы, изводить

to fool away one's time - попусту тратить время

to throw away - выбрасывать

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Go away! - Да иди ты! / Не валяй дурака!

Stay away from the fire. - Держись подальше от огня. / Не подходите к огню.

They are away for the weekend. - Они уехали на выходные.

She turned her face away. - Она отвернулась.

Simon is away with flu. - Саймон отсутствует из-за гриппа.

The music died away. - Музыка стихла.

He wanted to get away from there. - Ему захотелось убраться подальше оттуда.

Kate is away on holiday. - Кейт уехала в отпуск /на каникулы/.

When I am away from home - Когда я вдали от дома

They've been hammering away all day. - Они стучат целый день.

Put your money away, I'm paying. - Убери свои деньги, я плачу.

There's another hotel not far away. - Там неподалёку есть другая гостиница.

She hopes to get away early. - Она надеется уйти пораньше.

Geneva is about 20 miles away. - До Женевы — миль двадцать.

She folded her work, and laid it away. - Она сложила работу и отложила её в сторону.

She was crying as she drove slowly away. - Она плакала, медленно уезжая прочь.

You can dance the night away in one of Benidorm's many discos. - Вы можете танцевать всю ночь напролёт в одной из множества дискотек Бенидорма.

away back in the 18th century - давным-давно, ещё в восемнадцатом веке

Christmas is only a month away. - До Рождества всего месяц.

The family next door moved away. - Семья, жившая по соседству, переехала.

The boat was 5 miles off (or away). - Лодка находилась в пяти милях /на расстоянии пяти миль/.

Sue was singing away to herself in the bath. - Сью напевала про себя в ванной.

Cut away all the dead wood. - Срежьте все сухие ветки.

The pitch was away (or wide). - Подача пришлась мимо (страйковой зоны). (о бейсболе)

Roll up the rug and carry it away. - Закатай ковер и вынеси его.

The will was locked away in the safe. - Завещание было заперто в сейфе.

Her jewels are locked away in a safe. - Её драгоценности заперты в сейфе.

She stowed the luggage away in the overhead compartment. - Она спрятала багаж в верхний отсек.

We rowed away from the shore. - Мы отгребли от берега.

The rotted wood had to be cut away. - Гнилую древесину пришлось срезать.

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Связанные термины:

go away: If you go away, you leave a place or a person's company .

away game: a game played at an opponent's ground

away goal: a goal scored by a team playing away from its home ground . Away goals count for more than home goals in certain competitions

away side: In sport, a side is a team.

away team: a team playing away from its home ground.

away win: a game won at an opponent's ground

away with: a command for a person to go or be removed

back away: If you back away from a commitment that you made or something that you were involved with in the past, you try to show that you are no longer committed to it or involved with it.

blow away: If you say that you are blown away by something, or if it blows you away, you mean that you are very impressed by it.

boil away: When you boil away a liquid, or when it boils away, it is boiled until all of it changes into steam or vapour .

come away: to become detached

die away: If a sound dies away, it gradually becomes weaker or fainter and finally disappears completely.

draw away: to move away or ahead

drop away: If land or ground drops away, it slopes down so that it is at a lower level to where you are or from a particular point that has been mentioned .

eat away: If one thing eats away another or eats away at another, it gradually destroys or uses it up.

fall away: If something falls away from the thing it is attached to, it breaks off.

file away: If you file away a document, you put it in the correct file.

fill away: to cause a vessel's sails to fill, either by steering it off the wind or by bracing the yards

fire away: If someone wants to say or ask something, you can say ' fire away ' as a way of showing that you are ready for them to speak.

fool away: to spend foolishly, as time or money ; squander

from away: from a part of Canada other than Newfoundland

game away: to squander or lose in gambling

get away: If you get away, you succeed in leaving a place or a person's company .

give away: If you give away something that you own, you give it to someone, rather than selling it, often because you no longer want it.

idle away: If you idle away a period of time, you spend it doing very little.

keep away: to refrain or prevent from coming (near)

lay away: to store or reserve for future use

lock away: If you lock something away in a place or container, you put or hide it there and fasten the lock.

make away: to depart in haste

melt away: If a crowd of people melts away, members of the crowd gradually leave until there is no-one left.

move away: If you move away, you go and live in a different town or area of a country.

pass away: You can say that someone passed away to mean that they died, if you want to avoid using the word 'die' because you think it might upset or offend people.

piss away: to lose or waste as through carelessness or neglect ; squander

plug away: If you plug away, you keep trying very hard to do something or achieve something even though you find it difficult .

pull away: When a vehicle or driver pulls away, the vehicle starts moving forward .

put away: If you put something away, you put it into the place where it is normally kept when it is not being used, for example in a drawer .

rot away: When something rots away, it decays until it falls to pieces or none of it remains .

run away: If you run away from a place, you leave it because you are unhappy there.

rust away: When a metal object rusts away, it is gradually weakened and destroyed by rust.

salt away: If someone salts away sums of money, they save the money for the future, often illegally.

send away: to dispatch or banish

shut away: If you shut yourself away, you avoid going out and seeing other people, usually because you are feeling depressed .

sign away: If you sign something away, you sign official documents that mean that you no longer own it or have a right to it.

sock away: to save up

stow away: If someone stows away, they hide in a ship, aeroplane, or other vehicle in order to make a journey secretly or without paying.

tail away: When a person's voice tails away or tails off, it gradually becomes quieter and then silent .

take away: If you take something away from someone, you remove it from them, so that they no longer possess it or have it with them.

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Однокоренные слова:

away back - давным-давно, тому назад, давно
away off - далеко

Связанные слова: