Adverb: назад обратно вспять тому назад
Adjective: обратный задний тыльный старый
Noun: спина спинка защитник хребет
Verb: отступать поддерживать пятить пятиться


the last straw to break the camel's back - последняя капля, переполнившая чашу терпения

back catalogue - дискография

back channel - обходной (тайный) канал информации

to push back a charge - досылать заряд

to pay a man back in his own coin - отплачивать той же монетой, отплачивать тем же

to repudiate / retract / take back / withdraw a confession - отказываться от признания, брать свои слова обратно

back in the old days - в прежние времена, раньше

criminal / illegal / back-street abortion - криминальный аборт, подпольный аборт

back-up disk - диск для запасной копии

back dive - прыжок спиной вперёд

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Go around back. - Обойдите сзади.

I demand my money back. - Я требую свои деньги назад.

It's time to go back home. - Пора возвращаться домой.

When will he be back? - Когда он вернётся?

Back from the door! - Отойдите от двери!

He went back to sleep. - Он снова заснул.

Is the back door shut? - Задняя дверь заперта?

My back hurts. - У меня болит спина.

Stop, come back! - Стой, вернись!

I'll be back in a minute. - Я вернусь через минуту. / Сейчас вернусь.

Just sit back and watch. - Просто сядь и смотри. / Садись поудобнее и наслаждайся зрелищем.

Heavy rain held us back. - Нас задержал сильный дождь.

I can't back this plan. - Я не могу поддержать этот план.

He kept the news back. - Он утаил эту новость.

She scrubbed his back. - Она потёрла его спину.

Turn to the back page. - Перейдите на последнюю страницу.

I tweaked my lower back. - Я потянул поясницу.

Her back arches. - Она горбится.

Don't you push me back! - Перестаньте меня отталкивать!

What's holding you back? - Что Вас останавливает?

The back way was blocked. - Обратный путь был заблокирован.

Make sure you back up. - Не забудьте сделать резервную копию.

The power came back on. - Снова дали свет /электричество/.

He combed back his hair. - Он зачесывал свои волосы назад.

I'll be back in a mo. - Сейчас вернусь.

He tossed his head back. - Он резко откинул голову назад.

She wears a back brace. - Она носит корсет.

She just texted me back. - Она только что ответила мне по СМС.

My back tires are shot. - У меня сдохли задние покрышки.

The "busy tone" is sent back to the calling subscriber if the line he wants is busy. - Сигнал "занято" посылается абоненту в том случае, если линия не свободна.

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

H-back: a wingback or slotback

back up: If someone or something backs up a statement, they supply evidence to suggest that it is true .

go back: If something goes back to a particular time in the past, it was made or started at that time.

back away: If you back away from a commitment that you made or something that you were involved with in the past, you try to show that you are no longer committed to it or involved with it.

back bay: a small bay or inlet of a lake

back copy: A back copy of a magazine or newspaper is the same as a → back issue .

back dive: a dive in which the diver stands on the springboard with the back to the water and jumps up, arching backward to land either feetfirst facing the springboard or headfirst facing away from the springboard

back door: a door at the rear or side of a building

back down: If you back down, you withdraw a claim, demand, or commitment that you made earlier, because other people are strongly opposed to it.

back emf: an electromagnetic force appearing in an inductive circuit in such a direction as to oppose any change of current in the circuit

back end: autumn

back foot: → on the back foot

back four: the defensive players in many modern team formations : usually two fullbacks and two centre backs

back-heel: to strike the ball with one's heel and make it go behind one

back lot: an outdoor area, usually adjoining a studio, used for the shooting of exterior scenes

back nine: the holes of a golf course numbered 10 through 18, regarded as a unit

back off: If you back off, you move away in order to avoid problems or a fight .

back out: If you back out, you decide not to do something that you previously agreed to do.

back pain: pain that is felt in the back

back pass: a deliberate pass backwards to the goalkeeper

back pay: Back pay is money which an employer owes an employee for work that he or she did in the past .

back rest: a support for the back of something

back road: A back road is a small country road with very little traffic .

back room: a place where research or planning is done, esp secret research in wartime

back row: the forwards at the rear of a scrum

back rub: a form of massage in which the masseur rubs one's back

back seat: a seat at the back, esp of a vehicle

back talk: saucy or insolent retorts

back vent: a vent situated on the sewer side of a trap

back yard: an area, usually paved, at the rear of a building

bad back: A person's or animal's back is the part of their body between their head and their legs that is on the opposite side to their chest and stomach .

beat back: to force to retreat ; drive back

bite back: If you bite back a feeling or something that you were going to say, you stop yourself from expressing it.

blow-back: Blow-back is when the air flow through a carburetor suddenly changes direction . This is often caused by incorrect ignition .

buy-back: A buy-back is a situation in which a company buys shares back from its investors.

call back: If you call someone back, you telephone them again or in return for a telephone call that they have made to you.

cast back: to turn (the mind) to the past

clap back: to respond sharply or angrily to a critical remark

claw back: If someone claws back some of the money or power they had lost, they get some of it back again.

comb back: a Windsor chair back in which the vertical spindles are surmounted by a broad, carved crest rail resembling a comb

come back: If something that you had forgotten comes back to you, you remember it.

cut back: If you cut back something such as expenditure or cut back on it, you reduce it.

date back: If something dates back to a particular time, it started or was made at that time.

die back: If a plant dies back, its leaves die but its roots remain alive .

draw back: to withdraw ; retreat

drop back: to move back; retreat

fade back: to move back from the line of scrimmage, as in order to throw a forward pass

fall back: If you fall back, you move backwards a short distance away from someone or something.

full-back: In rugby or football, a full-back is a defending player whose position is towards the goal which their team is defending.

get back: If someone or something gets back to a state they were in before, they are then in that state again.

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Однокоренные слова:

back down - отступать, отступаться, отказываться
back off - отстраняться, отступать, затыловывать
back out - отменять, уклоняться, восстанавливать, отменять изменения
back up - поддерживать, давать задний ход

Связанные слова: