Noun: налегающие породы породы кровли


they all fell on their backs - они все упали на спину

bilateral cut-backs - двустороннее сокращение

cut-backs - значительное сокращение

deep cut-backs - глубокое сокращение

major cut-backs - крупное сокращение

unilateral cut-backs - одностороннее сокращение

backs to the wall - тяжёлая обстановка

wind backs - ветер отходит

backs of the seats - стенки сидений

have our backs against the wall - быть прижатым к стенке; некуда бежать

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My garage backs their yard. - Мой гараж сзади примыкает к их двору.

You can't rhyme 'box' with 'backs'. - Нельзя рифмовать слово "кот" со словом "кит".

The hotel backs onto St Mark's Square. - Задний фасад гостиницы примыкает к площади Святого Марка.

Her window faced the backs of the houses. - Её окно выходило на задворки домов.

The adults have white bodies and grey backs. - У взрослых особей белое тело с серой спиной.

The backs were gilt or rather clouded with gold. - Спинки были позолочены или, скорее, оттенены золотом.

workers whose backs are brown from long hours in the sun - работники, чья спина стала коричневой от долгих часов, проведённых на солнце

He's never liked talking about people behind their backs. - Он никогда не любил говорить о людях у них за спиной.

If we really put our backs into it, we could finish today. - Если мы как следует напряжёмся, то можем закончить сегодня.

Some people were on foot, from soring their horses' backs. - Некоторые люди передвигались пешком, чтобы не травмировать спины своих лошадей.

Economic prosperity was won on the backs of the urban poor. - Экономическое процветание было достигнуто за счёт городской бедноты.

We chose this house because the garden backs onto the tennis courts. - Мы выбрали этот дом, потому что его сад примыкает к теннисному корту.

Simone was the kind of person who was always putting people's backs up. - Симона была из тех, кто постоянно раздражает.

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Связанные термины:

back: If you move back, you move in the opposite direction to the one in which you are facing or in which you were moving before.

canvasback: a North American diving duck, Aythyra valisineria, the male of which has a white body and reddish-brown head

the Backs: the grounds between the River Cam and certain Cambridge colleges

back up: If someone or something backs up a statement, they supply evidence to suggest that it is true .

back away: If you back away from a commitment that you made or something that you were involved with in the past, you try to show that you are no longer committed to it or involved with it.

back down: If you back down, you withdraw a claim, demand, or commitment that you made earlier, because other people are strongly opposed to it.

back off: If you back off, you move away in order to avoid problems or a fight .

back out: If you back out, you decide not to do something that you previously agreed to do.

buy-back: A buy-back is a situation in which a company buys shares back from its investors.

claw back: If someone claws back some of the money or power they had lost, they get some of it back again.

comb back: a Windsor chair back in which the vertical spindles are surmounted by a broad, carved crest rail resembling a comb

fall back: If you fall back, you move backwards a short distance away from someone or something.

flat back: a book spine presenting a completely flat surface

full-back: In rugby or football, a full-back is a defending player whose position is towards the goal which their team is defending.

halfback: either the scrum half or the stand-off half

hog's back: a narrow ridge that consists of steeply inclined rock strata

hold back: If you hold back or if something holds you back, you hesitate before you do something because you are not sure whether it is the right thing to do.

jig back: an inclined cable tramway with two cars that are connected in such a way that as one goes up the other comes down

left back: a defending player on the left side of the field

pay back: If you pay back some money that you have borrowed or taken from someone, you give them an equal sum of money at a later time.

pull back: If someone pulls back from an action, they decide not to do it or continue with it, because it could have bad consequences .

seat back: the part of a chair or seat that you rest your back against

set back: If something sets you back or sets back a project or scheme, it causes a delay .

talk back: If you talk back to someone in authority such as a parent or teacher, you answer them in a rude way.

wing back: In football, a wing back is a defender who also takes part in attacking play.

back water: to reverse the direction of a boat, esp to push the oars of a rowing boat to slow it down or stop it

carry back: to apply (a legally permitted credit, esp an operating loss ) to the taxable income of previous years in order to ease the overall tax burden

fight back: If you fight back against someone or something that is attacking or harming you, you resist them actively or attack them.

knockback: A knockback is a problem or a rejection which delays your progress or which reverses some of the progress you have made.

knock back: If you knock back a drink, especially an alcoholic one, you drink it quickly, and often in large amounts.

lease-back: an arrangement by which a company sells a property and simultaneously obtains a long-term lease from the buyer for continued use of the deeded property

lower back: the region of the back above the waist, often a locus of pain and back problems

roach back: an arched back, esp. of a horse

shell back: an underside of a spoon bowl ornamented with a shell motif

upper back: → the upper back

water back: a tank or series of pipes at the back of a fireplace for heating water

bounce back: If you bounce back after a bad experience, you return very quickly to your previous level of success, enthusiasm, or activity .

centre half: a defender who plays in the middle of the defence

fiddle-back: a chair with a fiddle-shaped back

gondola back: a chair or couch back curving forward and downward to form arms

hollow-back: a paper tube or roll, almost flattened, having one side glued to the back of a book and the other to the inside of the spine

ladder back: a type of chair in which the back is constructed of horizontal slats between two uprights

plough back: If profits are ploughed back into a business, they are used to increase the size of the business or to improve it.

shield back: a chair back having a form resembling that of a somewhat heart-shaped medieval shield

Watteau back: a section at the back of a woman's dress that is caught in pleats or gathers at the neck and falls unbelted to the floor

back to back: Back-to-back wins or victories are victories that are gained one after another without any defeats between them.

banister back: a back of a chair or the like, usually having semicircular spindles between the top rail and the cross rail or seat

defensive back: a defender positioned off the line of scrimmage for the purpose of covering pass receivers and tackling runners who elude linemen and linebackers

horseshoe back: a bow back having a slight outward splay at its bottom

cutback: A cutback is a reduction that is made in something.

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Однокоренные слова:

back down - отступать, отступаться, отказываться
back off - отстраняться, отступать, затыловывать
back out - отменять, уклоняться, восстанавливать, отменять изменения
back up - поддерживать, давать задний ход