Adjective: плохой дурной нехороший неправильный
Adverb: дурно нехорошо
Noun: неудача несчастье убыток гибель


to be in smb.'s good (bad, black) books - быть у кого-л. на хорошем (плохом) счету

bad movie by any standards - по любым меркам плохой фильм

bad character - тёмная личность

bad cheque - фальшивый чек

bad / sorry / wrong choice - неправильный, ошибочный выбор

to coin bad money - делать фальшивые деньги, фальшивомонетничать

to make a difference between good and bad - отличать хорошее от дурного

bad thing - плохо дело

bad hat - гаденыш, пакостник; злоумышленник

bad law - недействующий закон

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She feels bad. - Она плохо себя чувствует.

Johnnie has been a bad boy today. - Джонни сегодня плохо себя вёл /не слушался/.

Beer is bad for you. - Пиво вам вредно.

I was having a bad dream. - Мне приснился кошмар.

I need that money bad. - Я крайне нуждаюсь в этих деньгах.

The claim is bad. - Иск недействителен.

This milk has gone bad. - Это молоко испортилось.

Katie was very bad today! - Кэти сегодня очень плохо себя вела!

I have some bad news for you. - У меня для вас плохие /дурные/ новости.

The house is in bad condition. - Дом находится в плохом состоянии.

There's more good than bad in him. - В нём больше хорошего, чем плохого.

He was between 70 and 80 pounds to the bad. - Долг его был фунтов семьдесят-восемьдесят.

Now that's a bad car! - Вот это крутая машина!

They were badly in need of help. - Они отчаянно нуждались в помощи.

He's a bad mankeep away from him. - Он — плохой человек, держись от него подальше.

I say read these poets of the seventies. They got something bad to say. - Я тебе говорю, обязательно почитай этих поэтов-семидесятников. У них такое написано!

I'm really bad at chess. - Я совсем ничего не понимаю в шахматах.

He wants a bicycle so bad he can taste it. - Он так сильно хочет велосипед, что тот ему уже снится. (буквально — "он чувствует его вкус")

He was in a bad accident. - Он попал в серьёзную аварию.

Bad cat! Get off the table! - Гадкий котяра! А ну брысь со стола!

He had a bad day at the office. - У него был плохой /тяжёлый/ день на работе.

Smoking is bad for your health. - Курение вредно для здоровья.

Too much salt can be bad for you. - Избыток соли может вам навредить.

It's difficult to break bad habits. - Тяжело бросать дурные привычки.

The letter was written in bad French. - Письмо было написано на плохом французском.

It's a bad time for business right now. - Сейчас — не лучшее время для бизнеса.

He had a big (or bad) shock. - Он был очень потрясён.

I have a bad feeling about this. - У меня на этот счёт дурное предчувствие.

We've been having bad weather lately. - В последнее время погода у нас была плохая.

That was the worst movie I've ever seen. - Это был самый плохой фильм, который я когда-либо видел.

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Связанные термины:

bid: A bid for something or a bid to do something is an attempt to obtain it or do it.

go bad: to putrefy ; spoil

in bad: in trouble

my bad: my fault or mistake

bad egg: a bad person

Bad Ems: a town in W Germany, in the Rhineland-Palatinate : famous for the Ems Telegram (1870), Bismarck's dispatch that led to the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. Pop: 9666 (2003 est)

bad guy: A bad guy is a person in a story or film who is considered to be evil or wicked, or who is fighting on the wrong side . You can also refer to the bad guys in a situation in real life .

bad man: the devil

bad off: badly off; poor

bad rap: slang See bum rap

big bad: (esp in science fiction and online gaming) an evil and powerful adversary

not bad: passable ; fair ; fairly good

the bad: those who are wicked

too bad: If you say that it is too bad that something is the case, you mean you are sorry or sad that it is the case.

bad apple: a person with a corrupting influence

bad back: A person's or animal's back is the part of their body between their head and their legs that is on the opposite side to their chest and stomach .

bad bank: a financial institution set up to hold and manage underperforming assets owned by other banks

bad blood: If you say that there is bad blood between people, you mean that they have argued about something and dislike each other.

bad case: A particular case is a particular situation or incident, especially one that you are using as an individual example or instance of something.

bad check: A bad check is a check that will not be paid because there is a mistake on it, or because there is not enough money in the account of the person who wrote the check.

bad debt: A bad debt is a sum of money that has been lent but is not likely to be repaid .

bad dream: A dream is an imaginary series of events that you experience in your mind while you are asleep .

bad faith: intention to deceive ; treachery or dishonesty (esp in the phrase in bad faith )

bad form: If you say that it is bad form to behave in a particular way, you mean that it is rude and impolite .

bad habit: A habit is something that you do often or regularly.

bad idea: An idea is a plan, suggestion, or possible course of action.

Bad Lands: a deeply eroded barren region of SW South Dakota and NW Nebraska

bad light: If something is presented in a particular light, it is presented so that you think about it in a particular way or so that it appears to be of a particular nature.

bad luck: You can say ' Bad luck ', or ' Hard luck ', to someone when you want to express sympathy to them.

bad mood: Your mood is the way you are feeling at a particular time. If you are in a good mood, you feel cheerful . If you are in a bad mood, you feel angry and impatient .

bad-mouth: If someone bad-mouths you, they say unpleasant things about you, especially when you are not there to defend yourself.

bad news: someone or something regarded as undesirable

bad place: A place is any point, building, area, town, or country.

bad seed: a person who is seen as being congenitally disposed to wrongdoing and likely to be a bad influence on others

bad trip: a mentally or physically horrifying drug-taking experience, as one accompanied by nightmarish hallucinations or by physical pain

bad trot: a period of ill fortune

feel-bad: causing or characterized by feelings of unhappiness or depression

a bad lot: an unpleasant or disreputable person

bad breath: halitosis

bad cheque: A bad cheque is a bank cheque that will not be paid because there is a mistake on it, or because there is not enough money in the account of the person who wrote the cheque.

bad mester: a term for the devil, used when speaking to children

Bad Godesberg: a town and spa in W Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia on the Rhine : a SE suburb of Bonn

bad-mannered: having bad manners; impolite

bad publicity: Publicity is information or actions that are intended to attract the public's attention to someone or something.

bad-tempered: Someone who is bad-tempered is not very cheerful and gets angry easily .

a bad apple: a dishonest, immoral, or unpleasant person who has a bad influence on those around them

a bad patch: a difficult or troubled time

a bad penny: an objectionable person or thing (esp in the phrase turn up like a bad penny )

bad cholesterol: a lipoprotein that is the form in which cholesterol is transported in the bloodstream to the cells and tissues of the body. High levels of low-density lipoprotein in the blood are associated with atheroma

bad hair day: People sometimes say they are having a bad hair day when they do not feel very happy or relaxed, especially because their hair does not look good .

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Однокоренные слова:

badly - плохо, сильно, очень, дурно, нехорошо, больной
badness - негодность
baddish - неважный
overbad - превосходить

Связанные слова: