Noun: штаны множество мешки под глазами уйма


loose bags - не заполненные под завязку мешки

to unpack one's bags - распаковывать вещи

to check one's bags - проверять сумки, проверять чемоданы

bags of time - уйма времени

bullets thudded into the sand-bags - пули глухо ударялись по мешкам с песком

cog of bags - костёр из мешков

free circulation of diplomatic bags - свободная перевозка дипломатических вализ; дипломатическая почта

dust collecting bags - пылесборники

fun bags - женские груди

she labored up the stairs with her bags - она еле плелась по лестнице со своими сумками

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No need to rush, we've got bags of time. - Не надо спешить, у нас уйма / много времени.

Bags I go first. - Чур! я иду первым!

Bags not I said that! - Чур! я этого не говорил.

She's got bags of money. - У неё денег куры не клюют.

I left my bags right here. - Я оставил сумки вот здесь.

Let me help you with those bags. - Позвольте мне помочь вам донести эти сумки.

Where do you keep your tea bags? - Где у вас чай в пакетиках?

Use the plastic bags to store the food. - Для хранения продуктов питания используйте пластиковые пакеты.

Put your bags, cases or whatnot in the boot. - Поставьте сумки, чемоданы, ну или что-то ещё у вас, в багажник.

Oxford bags - "оксфордские мешки" (свободные, мешковатые брюки, популярные в 20х-50х годах у студентов Оксфорда)

Good husbandry bags up gold. - У хорошего хозяина прибывает денег.

Park your bags in the hallway. - Оставьте пока сумки в прихожей.

Just whack your bags in the corner. - Брось свои сумки в угол.

We told her to pack her bags at once. - Мы сразу же сказали ей, чтобы собирала чемоданы и уматывала.

The car was ballasted with sand bags. - Гондола аэростата была нагружена балластом в виде мешков с песком.

Plump the bags down anywhere you like. - Сумки бросьте, куда захотите.

Put those heavy bags down for a minute. - Поставь-ка на минуту эти тяжёлые сумки.

Their bags bulged with books and papers. - Их сумки были набиты книгами и документами.

a tired old man with bags under his eyes - усталый старик с мешками под глазами

Just throw your bags in the back of the car. - Просто забросьте сумки на заднее сиденье машины.

The children snuggled into their sleeping bags. - Дети уютно устроились в своих спальных мешках.

Jodie came home from the mall with bags of loot. - Джоди пришла домой из торгового центра с пакетами, полными добычи.

Air bags are a standard feature in most new cars. - Подушки безопасности являются стандартной функцией в большинстве новых автомобилей.

Would you be good enough to help me with my bags? - Вы не будете столь добры помочь мне донести сумки?

You can plonk those bags down anywhere in my room. - Можете бросить эти сумки где угодно в моей комнате.

You carry these two bags, and I'll bring the rest. - Ты неси эти две сумки, а я принесу остальное.

He left his bags right in the middle of the floor. - Он оставил свои вещи прямо посреди пола.

You'd better pack your bags. We're leaving in an hour. - Собирай-ка ты вещи: через час мы уезжаем.

Paper bags have been largely replaced by plastic bags. - Бумажные мешки в основном заменены полиэтиленовыми.

Put your bags, cases and whatnot in the back of the car. - Положите свои сумки, чемоданы и прочее в багажник автомобиля.

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Связанные термины:

bag: A bag is a container made of thin paper or plastic, for example one that is used in shops to put things in that a customer has bought .

handbag: A handbag is a small bag which a woman uses to carry things such as her money and keys in when she goes out.

bags I: an indication of the desire to do, be, or have something

Oxford bags: trousers with very wide baggy legs, originally popular in the 1920s

buoyancy bags: bags inflated to keep a spacecraft or helicopter afloat and upright when it lands in the sea

flotation bags: bags inflated to keep a spacecraft or helicopter afloat and upright when it lands in the sea

pack your bags: to suddenly leave where you live or work, usually because of a disagreement

rough as bags: uncouth

airbag: An airbag is a safety device in a car which automatically fills with air if the car crashes, and is designed to protect the people in the car when they are thrown forward in the crash .

air bag: a safety device in a car, consisting of a bag that inflates automatically in an accident and prevents the passengers from being thrown forwards

bag up: If you bag up a quantity of something, you put it into bags.

bin bag: a plastic bag used to line the inside of a rubbish bin

bum bag: A bum bag consists of a small bag attached to a belt which you wear round your waist . You use it to carry things such as money and keys .

hip bag: a bag worn around or attached to the hips

ice bag: a waterproof bag used as an ice pack

ink bag: a gland near the anus of an octopus or related mollusc that holds fluid ejected into the water for self-concealment

kit bag: a small bag or knapsack, as for a soldier

man-bag: a small bag, usually with a shoulder strap, carried by a man and designed to contain personal articles

red bag: (in Britain) a fabric bag for a barrister's robes, presented by a Queen's Counsel to a junior in appreciation of good work in a case

sag bag: a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games

sea bag: a large, cylindrical canvas bag in which a sailor carries clothing and personal belongings

tea bag: Tea bags are small paper bags with tea leaves in them. You put them into hot water to make tea.

pack one's bags: If you pack your bags, you leave a place where you have been staying or living.

barf bag: a disposable paper bag provided by airlines for each passenger in the event of air sickness and usually placed in the pocket behind every seat

beach bag: a large bag for carrying towels, swimsuits etc

beanbag: a small cloth bag filled with dried beans and thrown in games

bean bag: A bean bag is a large round cushion filled with tiny pieces of plastic or rubber . It takes the shape of your body when you sit on it.

belt bag: a bag that can be attached to a belt

black bag: a large sturdy black plastic or polythene bag used to put rubbish in

blue bag: a fabric bag for a barrister's robes

body bag: A body bag is a specially designed large plastic bag which is used to carry a dead body away, for example when someone has been killed in an accident or in battle.

book bag: a bag or satchel used esp. by a student for carrying books

brown bag: a bag made of brown paper, often used for carrying a packed lunch or alcohol

burn bag: a special bag into which discarded secret or sensitive documents are placed for burning

cool bag: an insulated container used to keep food cool on picnics, to carry frozen food, etc

dilly bag: a small bag, esp one made of plaited grass, etc, often used for carrying food

ditty bag: a sailor's cloth bag for personal belongings or tools. A box used for these purposes is termed a ditty box

doggie bag: If you ask for a doggie bag in a restaurant, you ask for any food you have not eaten to be put into a bag for you to take home .

doggy bag: a bag into which leftovers from a meal may be put and taken away, supposedly for the diner's dog

drip bag: a bag used for administering an intravenous solution to a patient

dust bag: the bag used in some models of vacuum cleaner for the collection of dust

feed bag: a bag filled with grain, fastened over a horse's muzzle for feeding

golf bag: a bag, usually made of canvas, for carrying golf clubs and golf balls

goody bag: A goody bag is a bag of little gifts, often given away by manufacturers in order to encourage people to try their products.

goon bag: the plastic bladder inside a box of (usually cheap ) wine

grab bag: A grab bag is a game in which you take a prize out of a container full of hidden prizes.

green bag: a bag or briefcase made of green cloth, formerly used by lawyers for carrying documents

grow bag: a plastic bag containing a sufficient amount of a sterile growing medium and nutrients to enable a plant, such as a tomato or pepper, to be grown to full size in it, usually for one season only

jelly bag: a muslin bag used to strain off the juice from the fruit in making jelly (the preserve )

Jiffy bag: a thickly padded but light envelope in which articles such as books are placed for protection in the post

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Однокоренные слова:

bag - мешок, сумка, чемодан, карман, мешочный, собирать, оттопыриваться
bagful - мешок, полный мешок

Связанные слова: