Noun: банк банка берег крен
Adjective: банковский банковый
Verb: накреняться запруживать откладывать сгребать


bank borrowings - займы, получаемые в банке

bottle bank - контейнер для пустых бутылок

to draw a cheque on a bank - выписать чек на счёт в банке

bank consolidation - укрепление берега

counterfeit bank-note - фальшивый банкнот

to deposit money with / in a bank - положить деньги в банк

to deposit money in a bank - внести деньги в банк

to bank a fire - засыпать огонь

opponent river bank - противоположный берег реки

to walk along a river bank - идти вдоль берега реки

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Is there a bank around here? - Тут поблизости есть банк?

The violet loves a sunny bank. - Фиалки любят солнечные речные берега.

Leaves were banked in humps. - Листья сгребли в небольшие кучки.

I'd like to come with you but that's not a promise; don't bank on it. - Я с удовольствием пошел бы с тобой, но ничего не обещаю, рассчитывать на это не стоит.

Don't bank on going abroad this summer, we may not have enough money. - Не рассчитывай на поездку за границу будущим летом, у нас может не быть на это денег.

Construction Bank - Стройбанк

Federal Reserve Bank - Федеральный резервный банк (в США)

the left bank of the glacier - левый край ледника

The bank broke. - Банк разорился.

My bank balance isn't good. - Состояние моего банковского счёта оставляет желать лучшего.

within the banks of his remembrance - насколько он мог помнить

Export-Import Bank - Экспортно-импортный банк (в США)

The bank bounced the cheque. - Банк вернул чек.

Bank Advisory Committee - Банковский консультативный комитет

Bank of England, the Bank - Английский банк (государственный банк Великобритании)

State Bank of Construction - Всесоюзный банк финансирования капитальных вложений, Стройбанк СССР

Our bank merged with theirs. - Наш банк слился с их банком.

Who do you bank with? - В каком банке вы держите деньги? / Кто ваш банкир?

International Bank for Economic Cooperation - Международный банк экономического сотрудничества (социалистических стран)

Did you bank that check? - Ты положил этот чек в банк?

setting up a bank account - открытие банковского счёта

Barclays Bank - банк Барклайс

Bank of Canada - Банк Канады

I bank electronically. - Я совершаю банковские операции через интернет.

Bank of England - Английский банк (государственный банк в Англии)

European Central Bank - Европейский центральный банк

New England Organ Bank - Банк органов Новой Англии

Asian Development Bank - Азиатский банк развития

European Investment Bank - Европейский инвестиционный банк

African Development Bank - Африканский банк развития

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you bank on something happening, you expect it to happen and rely on it happening.

If you bank on something happening, you expect it to happen and rely on it happening.

Связанные термины:

bank on: If you bank on something happening, you expect it to happen and rely on it happening.

bad bank: a financial institution set up to hold and manage underperforming assets owned by other banks

bank bill: a bill of exchange drawn by one bank on another

bank card: A bank card is a plastic card which your bank gives you so you can get money from your bank account using a cash machine . It is also called an → ATM card in American English .

Bank Giro: a British giro system operated by clearing banks to enable customers to pay sums of money to others by credit transfer

bank loan: a sum of money borrowed by a customer or business from a bank, often for a specific purpose, such as buying a car

bank note: a promissory note issued by a bank, payable on demand : it is a form of paper money

bank raid: an attack on a bank, often involving firearms and violence, with the aim of stealing money or other valuables

bank rate: The bank rate is the rate of interest at which a bank lends money, especially the minimum rate of interest that banks are allowed to charge, which is decided by the country's central bank.

data bank: A data bank is the same as a → database .

fog bank: A fog bank is an area of thick fog, especially at sea.

food bank: A food bank is a place where food and groceries are given free to people who need them.

gene bank: a collection of seeds, plants, tissue cultures, etc, of potentially useful species, esp species containing genes of significance to the breeding of crops

land bank: a bank that issues banknotes on the security of property

Left Bank: a district of Paris, on the S bank of the River Seine ; frequented by artists, students, etc

milk bank: a place where breast milk can be donated for babies who cannot be breastfed or breastfed sufficiently by their mothers

snow bank: a long raised mass of fallen snow

soil bank: (in the US) a federal programme by which farmers are paid to divert land to soil-enriching crops

West Bank: area on the W bank of the Jordan River: part of Jordan since 1949 & occupied by Israel since 1967: an agreement in 1994 provided for a transfer of authority of Palestinians in stages that would result in self-rule

bank bonus: A bonus is an extra amount of money that is added to someone's pay, usually because they have worked very hard.

bank check: A bank check is a check that you can buy from a bank in order to pay someone who is not willing to accept a personal check.

bank clerk: an employee of a bank

bank draft: A bank draft is a cheque which you can buy from a bank in order to pay someone who is not willing to accept a personal cheque.

bank engine: a fishing vessel of Newfoundland

bank fraud: Fraud is the crime of gaining money or financial benefits by a trick or by lying.

bank paper: bank notes collectively

bank robber: someone who steals from a bank, often using violence

bank vault: a strongroom in a bank for the storage of valuable items

blood bank: A blood bank is a place where blood which has been taken from blood donors is stored until it is needed for people in hospital .

bottle bank: A bottle bank is a large container into which people can put empty bottles so that the glass can be used again.

Dogger Bank: an extensive submerged sandbank in the North Sea between N England and Denmark : fishing ground

double-bank: to carry a second person on (a horse, bicycle, etc)

memory bank: (of a computer) the part where memory is stored

organ bank: a facility that manages organs for transplant

oyster bank: a place, esp on the sea bed, where oysters breed and grow naturally or are cultivated for food or pearls

piggy bank: A piggy bank is a small container shaped like a pig, with a narrow hole in the top through which to put coins. Children often use piggy banks to save money .

river bank: A river bank is the land along the edge of a river.

sperm bank: a place in which semen is stored until it is required for artificial insemination

state bank: (in the US) a commercial bank incorporated under a State charter and not required to be a member of the Federal Reserve System

toxic bank: a financial institution set up to hold and manage underperforming assets owned by other banks

World Bank: an international cooperative organization established in 1945 under the Bretton Woods Agreement to assist economic development, esp of developing countries, by the advance of loans guaranteed by member governments

advising bank: a bank that advises the intended beneficiary of a letter of credit that it has received the letter of credit, checks documents presented by the beneficiary with the issuing bank, and issues funds to the beneficiary

bank account: A bank account is an arrangement with a bank which allows you to keep your money in the bank and to take some out when you need it.

bank annuity: an irredeemable British government security carrying an annual interest rate of two and a half or four per cent

bank balance: Your bank balance is the amount of money that you have in your bank account at a particular time.

bank charges: penalties charged by a bank to a customer, for example when the customer's account is overdrawn or if a cheque is not honoured

bank deposit: money placed in a bank account

bank details: Details about someone or something are facts or pieces of information about them.

bank discount: interest on a loan deducted from the principal amount when the loan is made and based on the loan's face value

bank failure: If something is a failure, it is not a success .

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Однокоренные слова:

bank up - запруживать, поддерживать огонь, обваловывать

Связанные слова: