Noun: курган тачка носилки каталка


barrow-boy - уличный торговец

barrow gang - бригада, обслуживающая тачки

hack barrow - тачка для перевозки сырого кирпича к сушилкам; носилки

ladle barrow - вагонетка для разливочных ковшей

crowding barrow - ручная тележка для перевозки кирпича; тачка для перевозки кирпича

end tipping barrow - тачка, опрокидывающаяся вперёд

feed barrow - кормораздаточная тележка

grass-seed barrow - тачечная травяная сеялка

hand barrow - ручная тележка; носилки; тележка

hand-barrow - ручная тележка; носилки; тачка

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He has to wheel bread in a barrow round to the customers. - Он должен развозить в ручной тележке хлеб своим покупателям.

Связанные термины:

barrow boy: A barrow boy is a man or boy who sells fruit or other goods from a barrow in the street.

barrow girl: A barrow girl is a woman or girl who sells fruit or other goods from a barrow in the street .

long barrow: a funerary barrow having an elongate shape, sometimes constructed over a megalithic chamber tomb and usually containing one or more inhumed corpses along with artifacts: primarily Neolithic but extending into the Bronze Age

Barrow Point: the northernmost tip of Alaska, on the Arctic Ocean

round barrow: a funerary barrow having a bell, disk, saucer, or pond shape, primarily of the Bronze Age and containing the cremated remains of corpses along with grave artifacts

Barrow-in-Furness: an industrial town and port in NW England, in S Cumbria ; site of a large naval shipyard . Pop: 57 000 (2011 est)

into one's barrow: suited to one's interests or desires

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