Noun: база основание основа базис
Adjective: базовый основной базисный исходный
Verb: основывать базировать обосновывать размещать


compass of base point - азимут основного направления

base of deformation - база деформации

logarithm to the base e - натуральный логарифм

logarithm to the base ten - десятичный логарифм

base motives - низменные побуждения

organic base - органическое основание

space with countable base - пространство со счетной базой

submarine base - база подводных лодок

advanced / forward / main base - главное основание, главная причина

to establish a base, to set up a base - создать базу

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Taxation is based on income. - Размер налогообложения определяется доходом.

The statue was mounted on a marble base. - Статуя была установлена на мраморном основании.

One should always base one's opinion on facts. - Своё мнение всегда следует основывать на фактах.

Vodka is the base for many cocktails. - Водка является основой для многих коктейлей.

The American troops were based in Korea. - Американские войска были расположены в Корее.

Love weakens strength and bases honour. - Любовь лишает сил и унижает достоинство.

The company chose London as its base. - Компания выбрала Лондон в качестве своей базы.

a base, degrading way of life - подлый, унизительный образ жизни

They searched his pockets, and found all his copper was base. - Они обыскали его и выяснили, что все его медные монеты были поддельные.

The company has based itself in London. - Компания обосновалась в Лондоне.

Iron is a base metal. - Железо является одним из недрагоценных металлов.

The pilot made contact with the base. - Пилот связался с базой.

The new organization will be based in Dallas. - Новая организация будет основана в Далласе.

Foolish sinners will submit to the basest servitude, and be attendants of swine. - Неразумным грешникам достанется самая низменная работа: надзирать за свиньями в хлеву.

She winged the ball over to first base. - Она с силой бросила мяч на первую базу.

Catch the ball and throw it to first base. - Поймай мяч и брось его на первую базу.

They played him on first base. - Его использовали на позиции игрока первой базы. (о бейсболе)

The soldiers were ordered back to the base. - Солдаты получили приказ вернуться на базу.

The country's manufacturing base (=all the factories, companies etc that produce goods in a country) has shrunk by 20%. - Производственная база страны (т.е. всех фабрики и заводы, фирмы и др., которые производят товары в данной стране) сократилась на двадцать процентов.

He bunted the ball toward third base. - Выполнив "бант", он направил мяч в сторону третьей базы. (бант — вид удара в бейсболе: бита без замаха просто подставляется под летящий мяч)

The base is undergoing an expensive upgrade. - Базу модернизируют, и денег на модернизацию не жалеют.

The catcher made a good throw to second base. - Кэтчер сделал удачный бросок на вторую базу.

They returned to base to rearm. - Они вернулись на базу для пополнения боекомплекта.

The runner slid into third base. - Бегущий /раннер/ проскользнул на третью базу. (о бейсболе)

base a claim on some observation - основать утверждение на некоторых наблюдениях

the ball at the base of the thumb - шарообразное утолщение у основания большого пальца

She threw the ball to first base. - Она бросила мяч на первую базу.

His throw to first base went wide. - Его бросок на первую базу оказался неточным.

The base was braced for an attack. - База приготовилась к атаке.

He came all the way around the base. - Он обошёл вокруг базы.

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Связанные термины:

on base: at a base, having reached it safely with a base hit, walk, etc.

air base: An air base is a centre where military aircraft take off or land and are serviced, and where many of the centre's staff live .

army base: a centre from which military activities are coordinated

base camp: an encampment that serves as a staging area for a larger activity, for example in mountaineering

base coat: the first coat of paint applied to a prepared surface

base form: the simplest form of a word, to which inflections may be added

base head: a person who is addicted to cocaine

base hit: a play in which the batter hits a fair ball and gets on base without benefit of an opponent's error and without forcing out a runner already on base

base line: a line serving as a base

base load: the more or less constant part of the total load on an electrical power-supply system

base map: data-word-id="62">an data-word-id="6013">outline data-word-id="9779">map data-word-id="19">on data-word-id="170">which data may be plotted

base pair: a pair of bases consisting of the pyrimidine base of one nucleotide joined by a hydrogen bond to the complementary purine base of another nucleotide: such pairs form the links between the two strands of DNA and of double-stranded RNA

base pay: the basic rate of pay for a particular job exclusive of overtime pay, bonuses, etc.

base rate: In Britain, the base rate is the rate of interest that banks use as a basis when they are calculating the rates that they charge on loans .

base unit: any of the fundamental units in a system of measurement . The base SI units are the metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, and mole

base year: a year used as an index for some phenomenon measured in other years

fan base: The fan base of someone such as a pop star or a pop group is their fans, considered as a whole .

home base: the place where a person has their home and feels comfortable

off base: If you say that someone is off base, you mean that they are wrong.

rate base: a guaranteed minimum amount or number used to compute advertising rates, as the number of subscribers to a publication

tax base: the assessed value of the taxable property, assets, and income within a specific tax district

wave base: the depth in a body of water at which the action of surface waves stops stirring the sediments

zero-base: relating to a form of budgeting in which items are considered in their own right and not with reference to previous expenditure

base clause: the initial element of a recursive definition, that defines the first element of the infinite sequence generated thereby

base level: the lowest level to which a land surface can be eroded by streams, which is, ultimately, sea level

base metal: A base metal is a metal such as copper, zinc, tin, or lead that is not a precious metal.

base period: a neutral period used as a standard for comparison in constructing an index to express a variable factor : 100 is usually taken as the index number for the variable in the base period

base price: a price quoted as a base without including additional charges

base runner: any member of the team at bat who has reached first, second, or third base safely or is trying to reach a base or home plate

base salary: A salary is the money that someone is paid each month by their employer, especially when they are in a profession such as teaching, law, or medicine .

base speed: a pure pinkish-grey form of the drug amphetamine with a putty-like consistency

client base: A business's client base is the same as itscustomer base .

cloud base: the apparent lower surface of a cloud or cloud layer

first base: the base that a runner must reach safely to score a hit, and the first of the three bases the runner must reach safely on the way to home plate in order to score a run

leuco base: a colourless compound formed by reducing a dye so that the original dye can be regenerated by oxidation

Lewis base: a substance capable of donating a pair of electrons to an acid to form a covalent bond

naval base: a military base used by the Navy

pizza base: a disc of dough used as a base for a pizza

power base: The power base of a politician or other leader is the area or the group of people from which they get most support, and which enables him or her to become powerful.

purine base: a colourless crystalline solid that can be prepared from uric acid. Formula: C 5 H 4 N 4

rocket base: a firing range for rockets

Schiff base: the product of the chemical association of an aldehyde with a primary amine

second base: the base located behind the pitcher, the second of the four bases that a base runner attempts to reach safely

third base: the base to the right of the pitcher, the third of the four bases that a base runner attempts to reach safely

touch base: If you communicate with someone, especially someone you have not communicated with recently, you can say that you touch base with them.

airforce base: a centre from which military aircraft operate

Base Exchange: a nonprofit general store at a military base, for the sale of merchandise for personal use, refreshments, etc.

base hospital: a hospital serving a large rural area

base jumping: a sport in which a participant parachutes from any of a variety of fixed objects such as high buildings, cliffs, etc

base pairing: the hydrogen bonding that occurs between complementary nitrogenous bases in the two polynucleotide chains of a DNA molecule

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Однокоренные слова:

basal - базальный, основной, лежащий в основе, фундаментальный
baseless - необоснованный
basely - низко, бесчестно
basement - подвал, фундамент, цокольный этаж, основание, подвальный этаж
basic - основной, основный, базовый, базисный, бейсик
bastion - бастион, оплот, крепость
baseness - низость, подверженность коррозии
basan - дубленая овчина

Связанные слова: