Noun: купание
Adjective: купальный


bathing-place - купальня

bathing trunks - плавки

bathing cap - купальная шапочка

bathing costume / dress / suit - купальный костюм

one-piece bathing costume - сплошной купальный костюм

two-piece bathing costume - раздельный купальный костюм

bathing beauty - русалка

sea bathing - купание в море

bathing box - кабина для переодевания на пляже

bathing of wound - промывание раны

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He likes bathing and so do I. - Он любит купаться, и я тоже.

Is this beach safe for bathing? - На этом пляже безопасно купаться?

Nude bathing nixed. - Купаться без купальных костюмов запрещено.

He hitched up his bathing trunks. - Он подтянул плавки.

Bathing sites are marked by signposts. - Места для купания обозначены указателями.

Is the beach safe for bathing? - На этом пляже можно купаться?

Victorian postcards often featured bevies of bathing beauties. - На открытках, выпускавшихся в викторианскую эпоху, часто можно было видеть группы прекрасных купальщиц.

a bathing suit considered indecent by local standards - купальник, который по местным меркам считается неприличным

That's a jazzy bathing suit, with all those spangles. - Какой броский купальник, со всеми этими блёстками.

He was surrounded by a bevy of beauties in bathing attire. - Он находился в окружении стайки красавиц в купальных костюмах.

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Связанные термины:

bath: A bath is a container, usually a long rectangular one, which you fill with water and sit in while you wash your body.

bathe: If you bathe in a sea, river, or lake, you swim, play, or wash yourself in it. Birds and animals can also bathe .

bathing cap: a tight rubber cap worn by a swimmer to keep the hair dry

bathing hut: a small waterside building where swimmers can change their clothes

sea bathing: the activity of swimming in the sea

bathing belle: an attractive girl in a swimming costume

bathing suit: A bathing suit is a piece of clothing which people wear when they go swimming .

bathing wrap: a loose robe to wear after bathing, often made of towelling

bathing beauty: an attractive girl in a swimming costume

bathing costume: A bathing costume is a piece of clothing that is worn for swimming, especially by women and girls .

bathing machine: a small hut, on wheels so that it could be pulled to the sea, used in the 18th and 19th centuries for bathers to change their clothes

bathing trunks: Bathing trunks are shorts that a man wears when he goes swimming .

forest bathing: the activity of sitting in a wooded area as a form of therapy

swimming costume: A swimming costume is the same as a → swimsuit .

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Однокоренные слова:

bath - ванна, баня, купание, купальня, купать, мыть
bather - купальщица, купальщик

Связанные слова: