Noun: луч ширина брус бревно
Verb: светить излучать сиять лучезарно улыбаться


to blank the beam - гасить луч

to beam a broadcast to - вести направленную передачу

beam extends in cantilever - балка установлена консольно

to chop beam - прерывать луч

to emit a beam - испускать луч

resplendent beam - яркое сияние

emergent beam - тех. выходящий пучок

beam end - конец балки

extract beam - выводить пучок

radio-beam flying - полеты по радиолучу (маяка)

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He beamed with pleasure. - Он сиял от удовольствия.

The morning sun beamed down on us. - Утреннее солнце посылало нам свои лучи.

The beam holds up the roof. - Эта балка поддерживает крышу.

We saw the beams from their flashlights. - Мы видели лучи от фонарей.

He beamed at the journalists. - Он широко улыбнулся журналистам.

Sherman looked at his sons and beamed proudly. - Шерман посмотрел на своих сыновей и засиял от гордости.

The clouds parted and a beam of light fell on the field. - Облака разошлись, и луч света упал на поле.

She performed perfectly on the balance beam - Она идеально выступила на бревне. (о спортивной гимнастике)

The radio station agreed to beam the Minister's speech to the whole of Europe. - Радиостанция согласилась транслировать речь министра по всей Европе.

She was beaming with joy. - Она сияла от радости.

Dry rot had eaten away part of the beam. - Часть балки была съедена древесным грибком.

the building's steel support beams - стальные балки, поддерживающие здание

He supported me with one hand while I balanced on the beam. - Он поддерживал меня одной рукой, пока я балансировала на бревне.

The fire beamed on their faces. - Огонь осветил их лица.

the beam of a powerful flashlight - луч мощного фонаря

They sighted land on the port beam. - Они заметили по левому траверзу землю.

She beamed as she told us the good news. - Она сияла, рассказывая нам эти хорошие новости.

The sun beamed its light through the window. - Лучи солнца пробился через окно.

The cancer cells are burnt out using a laser beam. - Раковые клетки выжигают с помощью лазерного луча.

The machine directs an X-ray beam at the patient's body. - Машина направляет пучок рентгеновского излучения на тело пациента.

Pictures of the distant planet were beamed back to the Earth. - Фотографии далёкой планеты были переданы обратно на Землю.

Physical prowess aside, the concentration required on the beam is phenomenal. - При выполнении упражнений на бревне требуется необыкновенная концентрация, не говоря уже о физической силе.

The physicist refocused the light beam. - Физик перефокусировал луч света.

The beam of light occults every so often. - Этот луч света время от времени пропадает.

a round of steel to reinforce the wooden beam - стальное кольцо для укрепления деревянной балки

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Связанные термины:

H-beam: a rolled steel joist or girder with a cross section in the form of a capital letter H

I-beam: a rolled steel joist or a girder with a cross section in the form of a capital letter I

beam axle: A beam axle is a rigid beam which connects a nearside (= on the side near the pavement ) wheel and an offside (= on the side away from the pavement) wheel.

beam-ends: the ends of a vessel's beams

beam hole: a hole in the shield of a nuclear reactor through which a beam of radiation, esp of neutrons, is allowed to escape for experimental purposes

beam pump: A beam pump is an artificial-lift pumping system which uses a type of reciprocating pump to extract oil from an inland well.

box beam: a girder that is hollow and square or rectangular in shape

deck beam: a stiffening deck member supported at its extremities by knee connections to frames or bulkheads

full beam: the brightest light transmitted from car headlights

high beam: a function of vehicle headlights providing allowing you to see further

low beam: the dimmer, shorter-range setting of a vehicle's headlights

main beam: a long thick bar of wood, metal, or concrete used in the construction of houses which transmits its load directly to a wall or column, as opposed to another beam

off beam: If you describe something or someone as off-beam, you mean that they are wrong or inaccurate.

tail beam: an extension or appendage that lengthens or completes something

tie beam: a horizontal beam that serves to prevent two other structural members from separating, esp one that connects two corresponding rafters in a roof or roof truss

warp beam: the roller on which the top is wound in a loom

beam aerial: an aerial system, such as a Yagi aerial, having directional properties

beam engine: an early type of steam engine, in which a pivoted beam is vibrated by a vertical steam cylinder at one end, so that it transmits motion to the workload, such as a pump, at the other end

beam riding: a method of missile guidance in which the missile steers itself along the axis of a conically scanned microwave beam

hammer beam: either of a pair of short horizontal beams that project from opposite walls to support arched braces and struts

laser beam: a narrow beam of light produced by a laser

radio beam: a narrow beam of radio signals transmitted by a radio or radar beacon, radio telescope, or some other directional aerial, used for communications, navigation, etc

sealed-beam: (esp of a car headlight ) having a lens and prefocused reflector sealed in the lamp vacuum

balance beam: a long, narrow, horizontal wooden beam raised about 4 feet (1.2 m) above the floor, on which women gymnasts perform balancing routines consisting of jumps, tumbles, turns, running steps, etc.

beam antenna: an aerial system, such as a Yagi aerial, having directional properties

beam balance: a piece of apparatus used for artistic gymnastics

beam compass: an instrument for drawing large circles or arcs, consisting of a horizontal beam along which two vertical legs slide

beam splitter: a system that divides a beam of light, electrons, etc, into two or more paths

electron beam: a beam or stream of electrons emitted by a single source that move in the same direction and at the same speed

landing beam: a radio beam transmitted from a landing field to enable aircraft to make an instrument landing

particle beam: a stream of energized particles produced by a particle accelerator

sandwich beam: a composite beam in which a viscoelastic layer is sandwiched between two elastic layers

cantilever beam: a long thick straight-sided piece of wood, metal, concrete, etc that is fixed at one end and is free at the other

molecular beam: a parallel beam of molecules that are at low pressure and suffer no interatomic or intermolecular collisions

off the beam: not following the direction of a guiding beam, as an airplane

on the beam: following a radio beam to maintain a course

universal beam: a broad-flanged rolled steel joist suitable for a stanchion ( axial load ) or beam ( bending load)

be way off beam: to be completely wrong or mistaken

on her beam-ends: (of a vessel ) heeled over through an angle of 90°

on the beam-ends: tipping so far to the side as to be in danger of capsizing

cloth roll: a roller, located at the front of a loom, on which woven material is wound after it leaves the breast beam

on one's beam-ends: out of resources ; destitute

particle beam weapon: a weapon that fires particle beams into the atmosphere or space

sealed-beam headlight: a car headlight having a lens and prefocused reflector sealed in the lamp vacuum

breastsummer: a girder extending across a large opening in a building to support the wall above, used primarily over shop-fronts

a beam in one's eye: a fault or grave error greater in oneself than in another person

beam in one's own eye: a major moral flaw in oneself which one ignores while criticizing minor faults in others

straining piece: a horizontal tie beam that connects the top of two queen posts of a roof truss

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Однокоренные слова:

beaming - лучезарный, испускающий лучи
beamed - с ветвистыми рогами, сохатый, направленный
beamish - сияющий, довольный

Связанные слова: