Noun: кровати


to make beds - убирать постели

beds of flowers and potherbs - грядки с цветами и зеленью

beds of passage - переходные пласты

fall-sown beds - осенние посевы

argillaceous confining beds - глинистые водоупоры

subjacent beds - подстилающие пласты; слои лежачего бока

superincumbent beds - вышележащие перекрывающие слои или породы; висячий бок; слои кровли

hinter surf beds - отложения континентального шельфа

terrestrial beds - континентальные отложения; континентальные слои

asparagus beds - полоса противотанковых надолб

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He is hoeing the flower beds - Он пропалывает цветники / клумбы с цветами.

Strip the beds and wash the sheets. - Сними простыни с кровати и постирай.

he worked in the coal beds - он работал на угольных пластах / на залежах угля

They slept in separate beds. - Они спали на отдельных кроватях.

She enlarged the flower beds. - Она расширила цветочные клумбы.

a grievous shortage of hospital beds - ужасная нехватка больничных коек

I spade compost into the flower beds - Я вкапываю в цветочные клумбы компост.

There are two beds in the hotel room. - В этом гостиничном номере есть две кровати.

Curtains separated the hospital beds. - Больничные койки были отделены друг от друга занавесками.

The beds were filthy and full of vermin. - Кровати были грязными и кишели паразитами.

Every one in the house were in their beds. - Все в доме были в своих кроватях.

The children hopped into their nice warm beds. - Дети запрыгнули в свои тёплые кроватки.

We are seeing an increased demand for hospital beds. - Мы наблюдаем возросшую потребность в больничных койках.

A third of the beds at the hospital were unoccupied. - Треть коек в больнице пустовала.

The filter beds are large square beds of sand and gravel. - Фильтровальные пласты - это большие пласты песка и гравия.

The birds build their nests in reed beds along the river bank. - Птицы строят свои гнёзда в зарослях тростника, растущих вдоль берега реки.

Call the factory to check whether the beds can be delivered today. - Позвоните на завод, чтобы узнать, могут ли кровати быть доставлены уже сегодня.

Many patients who are occupying hospital beds could be transferred to other places. - Многих пациентов, которые занимают больничные койки, можно перевести в другие места.

Beds are arranged so that patients can watch the comings and goings of visitors and staff. - Кровати расположены так, что пациенты могут наблюдать за входящими и выходящими посетителями и персоналом.

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Связанные термины:

bed: A bed is a piece of furniture that you lie on when you sleep.

bunk beds: a pair of beds constructed one above the other

red beds: sequences of red sedimentary rocks, usually sandstones or shales, coloured by the oxidization of the iron in them

twin beds: matching single beds in a bedroom or hotel room

airbed: An airbed is a plastic or rubber mattress which can be folded or stored flat and which you fill with air before you use it.

air bed: an inflatable mattress

bed in: to fit (parts) together accurately or (of parts) to be fitted together, either through machining or use, as in fitting a bearing to its shaft

box bed: a bed completely enclosed so as to resemble a box

car bed: a small, legless, basketlike portable bed for an infant, esp. for use in a car

day bed: a narrow bed, with a head piece and sometimes a foot piece and back, on which to recline during the day

hot bed: an area having rails or rolls on which rolled pieces are laid to cool

pay bed: (in Britain) a hospital bed whose occupant receives free treatment but pays for nonmedical advantages, such as privacy

pig bed: a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast

seabed: The seabed is the ground under the sea.

bed down: If you bed down somewhere, you sleep there for the night, instead of in a bed.

bone bed: a sediment containing large quantities of fossilized animal remains, such as bones, teeth, scales, etc

bunk bed: Bunk beds are two beds fixed one above the other in a frame .

camp bed: A camp bed is a small bed that you can fold up.

divan bed: a backless sofa or couch, designed to be set against a wall

field bed: a small bed having an arched canopy on short posts

lava bed: a large expanse of flat lava flows

lazy bed: (in parts of Scotland and Ireland, formerly) a patch in which potatoes were cultivated by laying them on the surface and covering them with kelp and with soil from a trench on either side of the bed

ocean bed: the bottom of the ocean

river bed: A river bed is the ground which a river flows over.

rota bed: a bed in an old people's home, reserved for the regular respite care of dependent old people

sofa bed: A sofa bed is a type of sofa whose seat folds out so that it can also be used as a bed.

test-bed: A test bed is a piece of equipment used for testing new machines .

twin bed: Twin beds are two single beds in one bedroom .

waterbed: A waterbed is a bed which consists of a plastic case filled with water.

water bed: a heavy vinyl bag filled with water and used as a bed or as a mattress in a special bed frame

anchor bed: a sloping, slightly projecting platform on the forecastle of a ship, for supporting an anchor when not in use

double bed: the smallest size of bed that is considered big enough for two people

filter bed: a layer of sand or gravel in a tank or reservoir through which a liquid is passed so as to purify it

flowerbed: A flowerbed is an area of ground in a garden or park which has been specially prepared so that flowers can be grown in it.

French bed: a bed without posts, terminating in identical outward-curving rolls at the head and the foot

Murphy bed: a bed designed to be folded or swung into a cabinet when not in use

mussel bed: an area on the sea bed where mussels are bred

oyster bed: An oyster bed is a place where oysters breed and grow naturally or are kept for food or pearls.

settee bed: a settee which can be folded out to form a bed ; sofabed

single bed: a bed that is narrower than a double bed and is intended for one person

sleigh bed: a bed resembling a sleigh in shape, with curved boards at the head and foot

amenity bed: (in Britain) a hospital bed whose occupant receives free treatment but pays for nonmedical advantages, such as privacy

bacteria bed: a layer of sand or gravel used to expose sewage effluent, in its final stages, to air and the action of microorganisms

bed shortage: If there is a shortage of something, there is not enough of it.

captain's bed: a bed consisting of a shallow box with drawers in the side and a mattress on top

feather bed: a mattress filled with feathers or down

hideaway bed: a sofa, loveseat, etc., that can be converted into a bed, usually by folding out a concealed mattress and springs

hospital bed: a bed in a hospital, used a measure of resources and efficiency

marriage bed: the bed in which a married couple sleep together

platform bed: a bed consisting of a mattress supported by a platform on legs, often with the space below enclosed

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Однокоренные слова:

bed down - уложить, устроить на ночь, улечься, устроиться на ночь, закреплять
bed in - закреплять, вкапывать, полностью отладить, оседать, отстаиваться