bjn, bɪn


since they've been married (to each other) - с тех пор, как они поженились

the staffing has been cut by twelve per cent over the last three years - за последние три года двенадцать процентов штата было сокращено

the meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday - собрание было перенесено на вторник

in Poets' Corner, where he has been buried by Chaucer and Cowley - в Уголке поэтов, где он был похоронен рядом с Чосером и Коули

new drug has been approved officially recently - недавно было апробировано новое лекарство

goods on which duties have been paid - товары, оплаченные пошлиной

much research work has been accomplished - большая часть исследовательской работы была уже проведена

plan has been materialized through his enterprise - благодаря его инициативе план был осуществлён

success has been achieved - был достигнут успех

it has been established that - установлено, что

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Связанные термины:

be: You use be with a present participle to form the continuous tenses of verbs.

bist: to have presence in the realm of perceived reality ; exist; live

has-been: If you describe someone as a has-been, you are indicating in an unkind way that they were important or respected in the past, but they are not now.

have been around: to have had wide experience; be sophisticated

might-have-been: that which might have occurred if it were not for other events

been-there done-that: an exclamation expressing familiarity and boredom with a situation, experience, etc

has been around/had been around: If someone has been around, they have had a lot of experience of different people and situations .

been there, done that (got the t-shirt): People say been there, done that to show that they have had a similar experience to the one that has just been mentioned .

lock the stable door after the horse has bolted: to take precautions after harm has been done

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