Noun: бытие существо существование человек
Adjective: являющийся существующий находящийся


to call into existence / being - вызывать к жизни, создавать, осуществлять

to come into being / existence - возникать

other conditions being equal - при прочих равных условиях

to account for being late - давать объяснения по поводу опоздания

all other things being equal - при прочих равных условиях

excuse for being late - причина опоздания

finite being - смертное существо

capable of being isolated - изолируемый

known for being witty - известный своим остроумием

an alien being - внеземное существо, инопланетянин

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Being a quiet sort of person, I didn't want to get involved. - Будучи тихим /не конфликтным/ человеком, я не хотел вмешиваться.

I knew it was true in the core of my being. - В глубине своего естества я понимал, что это правда.

a social movement that was brought into being in the 1960s - общественное движение, возникшее в шестидесятые годы двадцатого века

You can't expect them to sit still for that long, children being what they are. - Не стоит надеяться, что они столько времени будут сидеть тихо: дети есть дети.

a point of view gradually coming into being - точка зрения, которая постепенно становится объективной реальностью

The whole of her being had been taken over by a desire to return to her homeland. - Всё её существо было охвачено желанием вернуться на родину.

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Связанные термины:

be: You use be with a present participle to form the continuous tenses of verbs.

bist: to have presence in the realm of perceived reality ; exist; live

being as: You can use being as to introduce a reason for what you are saying.

ill-being: an unhealthy, unhappy, or unprosperous condition

human being: A human being is a human child or adult .

well-being: Someone's well-being is their health and happiness.

fellow being: if you refer to someone as a fellow being, you are emphasizing that you and they are human beings and have things in common

Supreme Being: the most exalted being; God

call into being: to create

for the time being: If something is the case or will happen for the time being, it is the case or will happen now, but only until something else becomes possible or happens.

the Infinite (Being): God

being from outer space: a monster ; an imaginary creature

other things being equal: If you say ' other things being equal ' or ' all things being equal ' when talking about a possible situation, you mean if nothing unexpected happens or if there are no other factors which affect the situation.

with every fibre of your being: If you say that you feel something with every fibre of your being, you mean that you feel it very deeply.

reason for living/reason for being: If a person or thing is someone's reason for living or their reason for being, they are the most important thing in that person's life.

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Однокоренные слова:

inbeing - сущность, существо

Связанные слова: