Noun: Бен вторая комната в доме


ben room - внутренняя комната

ben the house - в дом, внутрь дома

far ben - во внутренних покоях

ben ding-under-tension test - испытание на растяжение при изгибе

ben oil - моринговое масло; бегеновое масло

ben venuto! - добро пожаловать!

but and ben - в противоположных концах; первая и вторая комнаты; двухкомнатный коттедж

but-and-ben - в противоположных концах; двухкомнатный коттедж; взад-вперёд

oil of ben - бегеновое масло

pidyon ha-ben - пидион га-бен

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Ben Nevis - Бен-Невис (самая высокая вершина Великобритании (1343 м))

Связанные термины:

Ben-Zvi: Itzhak ( ˈjɪtsxak ). 1884–1963, Israeli statesman ; president (1952–63)

Big Ben: the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, London

Ben Bella: Mohammed Ahmed ( ˈɑːmɪd ). 1916–2012, Algerian statesman: first prime minister (1962–65) and president (1963–65) of independent Algeria : overthrown and imprisoned (1965–80)

Ben Nevis: a mountain in W Scotland, in the Grampian mountains: highest peak in Great Britain . Height : 1345 m (4413 ft)

Ben-Gurion: David, original name David Gruen . 1886–1973, Israeli socialist statesman, born in Poland ; first prime minister of Israel (1948–53, 1955–63)

Ben Lomond: a mountain in W central Scotland, on the E side of Loch Lomond . Height : 974 m (3196 ft)

but and ben: a two-roomed cottage consisting of an outer room or kitchen ( but ) and an inner room ( ben )

Ben Day process: a method of adding texture, shading, or detail to line drawings by overlaying a transparent sheet of dots or any other pattern during platemaking

pidyon haben: the rite of relieving the first male child born to parents not descended from Aaron or Levi of certain religious obligations by redeeming him from a member of the priestly class, celebrated 30 days after the child's birth

Benday process: a process for adding tone or shading, as in reproducing drawings, by the overlay on the plate of patterns, as of dots

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