Adjective: лучшее лучший больший
Adverb: лучше всего больше всего очень правильно
Verb: перехитрить провести брать верх


the best people in the town - лучшие люди в городе

the best years of my life - лучшие годы моей жизни

the best friend - самый близкий друг, лучший друг

the best part of the week - большая часть недели

to put one's best foot / leg foremost - делать всё от себя зависящее

to turn the best side outward - стараться выглядеть как можно лучше

at best / if the best happened - в лучшем случае, при наилучшем стечении обстоятельств

to get / have the best of it - победить, взять верх

to have the best of the bargain - быть в наиболее выгодном положении

to send one's best to smb. - передавать, посылать привет кому-л.

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Is that your best offer? - Это ваше лучшее предложение?

It turned out for the best. - Всё оказалось к лучшему.

He is best forgotten. - О нём лучше не вспоминать.

You'd best stay at home. - Тебе лучше всего остаться дома.

Thanks, Dad. You're the best! - Спасибо, папа. Ты самый лучший!

She is not at her best in the morning. - С утра у неё не лучшее настроение.

John's idea is by far the best option. - План Джона — однозначно лучший вариант.

He's not in the best of health. - Он чувствует себя не лучшим образом.

The technique is at best ineffective and at worst dangerous. - Эта методика, в лучшем случае, неэффективна, а в худшем — опасна.

That's what we do best! - Вот это у нас получается лучше всего! / Вот в этом мы лучше всех!

He did his best to help them. - Он сделал всё возможное, чтобы им помочь.

He won the best actor award. - Он выиграл приз за лучшую мужскую роль.

She tried her best to finish the job on time. - Она сделала всё возможное, чтобы закончить работу вовремя.

She's the best student in her class. - Она лучшая ученица в своём классе.

It's best to go later in the season. - Лучше всего сходить в конце сезона.

The goal was to best the competition. - Цель была в том, чтобы перехитрить конкурентов.

She makes the best appearance possible. - Она старается выглядеть как можно лучше.

It works best if you let it warm up first. - Он будет лучше работать, если сперва дать ему прогреться.

It rained for the best part of their vacation. - Почти всё время, что они были на отдыхе, лил дождь.

His modesty and sense of humor are his best qualities. - Скромность и чувство юмора — его лучшие качества.

The sauce is best served cold. - Этот соус лучше всего подавать холодным.

They work best under pressure. - Лучше всего они работают в условиях стресса.

He could beat the best of them. - Он может победить лучших из них.

Bad things happen to the best of us. - Плохие вещи случаются с лучшими из нас.

Mary sends you her very best wishes. - Мэри шлёт тебе свои наилучшие пожелания.

We use only the very best ingredients. - Мы используем только самые лучшие ингредиенты.

They want the best for their children. - Они хотят для своих детей самого лучшего.

She's best suited to life in the city. - Она лучше всего приспособлена для жизни в городе.

What's the best way to cook this fish? - Как лучше всего приготовить эту рыбу?

She's the team's best hope for a medal. - У неё самые большие шансы на медаль в этой команде.

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Связанные термины:

good: Good means pleasant or enjoyable.

guid: → a Scot word for good

weel: in a satisfactory manner

well: You say well to indicate that you are about to say something.

at best: You use at best to indicate that even if you describe something as favourably as possible or if it performs as well as it possibly can, it is still not very good.

best-ball: of, relating to, or denoting a match in which one player competes against the best individual totals of two or more other players at each hole

best boy: the assistant to the senior electrician or to the key grip in a film crew

best-case: being the best that can possibly be expected ; optimal

best end: the end of the neck of lamb, pork, etc, nearest to the ribs

best girl: one's sweetheart

best man: The best man at a wedding is the man who assists the bridegroom.

had best: If you say that someone had best do something or that they ' d best do it, you mean they ought to do it. Some people consider this to be non-standard.

know best: to be the best guide, authority, etc.

the best: the most outstanding or excellent person, thing, or group in a category

best friend: a dearest friend

best seller: A best seller is a book of which a lot of copies have been sold.

second best: Second best is used to describe something that is not as good as the best thing of its kind but is better than all the other things of that kind.

Sunday best: If you are in your Sunday best, you are wearing your best clothes, which you only wear for special occasions .

best practice: Best practice is the way of running a business or providing a service that is recognized as correct or most effective .

best-selling: A best-selling product such as a book is very popular and a large quantity of it has been sold.

personal best: A sports player's personal best is the highest score or fastest time that they have ever achieved.

all the best: You can say ' All the best ' when you are saying goodbye to someone, or at the end of a letter.

best in show: an award to the dog, cat, or other animal judged best of all breeds in a competition

best of all: You use best of all to indicate that what you are about to mention is the thing that you prefer or that has most advantages out of all the things you have mentioned.

for the best: If you say that something is for the best, you mean it is the most desirable or helpful thing that could have happened or could be done, considering all the circumstances .

to know best: If you say that a particular person knows best, you mean that they have a lot of experience and should therefore be trusted to make decisions for other people.

at one's best: in one's best mood, form, health, etc.

best of breed: The best of breed is the animal that wins first prize in its section at a dog show.

with the best: as ably as the most able

all for the best: turning out to be good or fortunate after all

as best one can: If someone does something as best they can, they do it as well as they can, although it is very difficult .

best-before date: a date on packaged food indicating how long it is safe to keep it

get the best of: to surpass, defeat, or outwit ; better

make the best of: to cope as well as possible in the unfavourable circumstances of (often in the phrases make the best of a bad job, make the best of it )

one's level best: the best one can do

six of the best: six strokes with a cane on the buttocks or hand

the best part of: most of

to best advantage: If something is shown to good advantage or to best advantage, it is shown in a way that reveals its best features .

a good second best: an acceptable alternative

to look one's best: If you look your best, you are looking as smart and attractive as you can.

bestseller: a book, record, CD, or other product that has sold in great numbers, esp over a short period

good effort: If you make an effort to do something, you try very hard to do it.

come off second best: to be defeated in competition

do one's level best: If you say that you will do your level best to do something, you are emphasizing that you will try as hard as you can to do it, even if the situation makes it very difficult .

give someone the best: to concede someone's superiority

on o's best behavior: If someone is on their best behavior, they are trying very hard to behave well.

on o's best behaviour: If someone is on their best behaviour, they are trying very hard to behave well .

the best of friends: If two people are the best of friends, they are close friends, especially when they have had a disagreement or fight in the past .

good-looking: Someone who is good-looking has an attractive face .

at the best of times: You say at the best of times when you are making a negative or critical comment to emphasize that it is true even when the circumstances are as favourable as possible.

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Однокоренные слова:

bested - окруженный

Связанные слова: