Preposition: за выше сверх
Adverb: вне после дальше по ту сторону
Noun: загробная жизнь


beyond the appointed hour - позже назначенного часа

it is beyond me - это выше моего понимания

beyond the bounds of decency - за рамками приличия

beyond capability - за пределами чьих-л. способностей

without / beyond controversy - неоспоримо, бесспорно

beyond / out of / past / without dispute - вне сомнения, бесспорно

out of distance / beyond distance - вне досягаемости

beyond (any) doubt - вне (всякого) сомнения

beyond / without a shadow of a doubt - без тени сомнения

beyond one's wildest dreams - за пределами мечтаний

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Tom is far beyond his brother in physics. - Том знает физику гораздо лучше, чем его брат.

The town centre had changed beyond all recognition. - Центр города изменился до неузнаваемости.

We passed the hotel and drove a bit beyond to see the ocean. - Мы проехали немного дальше отеля, чтобы увидеть океан.

Beyond the river, cattle were grazing. - За рекой паслись стада.

Inflation has risen beyond the 5% level. - Уровень инфляции превысил пятипроцентный рубеж.

Our land extends beyond the fence to those trees. - Наша земля продолжается за забором до тех деревьев.

The ban has been extended beyond 2003. - Запрет был продлён на 2003 год и последующий период.

From the house we can see the valley and the hills beyond. - Из дома открывается вид на долину и лежащие за ней холмы.

The disco went on until beyond midnight. - Дискотека продолжалась за полночь.

The parking area is just beyond those trees. - Парковка находится прямо за теми деревьями.

She drove through Westport, and stopped a few miles beyond at a wayside inn. - Она проехала Уэстпорт, и ещё через несколько миль остановилась в придорожной гостинице.

to the eighth grade but not beyond - до восьмого класса, но не далее

Such tasks are far beyond the scope of the average schoolkid. - Такие задачи выходят далеко за рамки возможностей среднего школьника.

a pond with a hayfield beyond - пруд, за которым есть луг

They agreed to provide essentials but nothing beyond. - Они согласились предоставить самое необходимое, но не более того.

His influence does not extend beyond this department. - Его влияние не распространяется за пределы этого отдела.

More people are choosing to work beyond retirement age. - Всё больше людей предпочитает работать и после достижения пенсионного возраста.

Fred owns nothing beyond the clothes on his back. - У Фреда ничего нет, кроме собственной одежды.

What changes await us in the coming year and beyond? - Какие изменения ждут нас в будущем году и в последующий период?

They crossed the mountains and headed for the valleys beyond. - Они пересекли горы и направились в лежащие за ними долины.

From the house we can see the valley and the mountains beyond it. - Из этого дома видно долину и расположенные за ней горы.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the performance has had to be cancelled. - По независящим от нас обстоятельствам, представление пришлось отменить.

Scott's equipment was damaged beyond repair. - Снаряжение Скотта пришло в полную негодность /восстановлению не подлежало/.

The children who are part of the study will be monitored through their school years and beyond. - Дети, которые являются частью исследования, будут контролироваться как во время обучения в школе, так и после него.

Who knows how we'll fare in the beyond? - Кто знает, что с нами будет на том свете?

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Связанные термины:

go beyond: to exceed

the beyond: the unknown ; the world outside the range of human perception, esp life after death in certain religious beliefs

beyond belief: You use beyond belief to emphasize that something is true to a very great degree or that it happened to a very great degree.

beyond doubt: You say that something is beyond doubt or beyond reasonable doubt when you are certain that it is true and it cannot be contradicted or disproved .

beyond number: too numerous to be counted

beyond price: invaluable or priceless

beyond recall: If something is beyond recall, it is no longer possible to remember how it was or to bring it back to its original condition.

beyond compare: If you describe something as beyond compare, you mean that it is extremely good or extremely great .

beyond dispute: not open to dispute or question ; settled

beyond measure: If you say that something has changed or that it has affected you beyond measure, you are emphasizing that it has done this to a great extent .

back of beyond: a very remote place

beyond a joke: If you say that an annoying or worrying situation is beyond a joke, you are emphasizing that it is worse than you think is fair or reasonable .

beyond redemption: If you say that someone or something is beyond redemption, you mean that they are so bad it is unlikely that anything can be done to improve them.

above and beyond: in addition to

beyond one's depth: in water deeper than one is tall

beyond sb's ken: If something is beyond your ken, you do not have enough knowledge to be able to understand it.

beyond the pale: If you think that someone's actions or behaviour are not acceptable, you can say that they are beyond the pale .

beyond (all) question: beyond (any) dispute or doubt

the back of beyond: a place that is a long way from any other towns, houses, etc.

beyond reasonable doubt: if something is proved beyond reasonable doubt, it is legally accepted as being true

above reproach: perfect ; beyond criticism

beyond your wildest dreams: If you describe something as being beyond your wildest dreams, you are emphasizing that it is better than you could have imagined or hoped for.

not see beyond your nose: to think only about yourself and your immediate needs, rather than about other people or wider and longer-term issues

something is beyond your ken: said to mean that you do not have much knowledge, understanding or experience of something

to live beyond your means: If someone is living beyond their means, they are spending more money than they can afford . If someone is living within their means, they are not spending more money than they can afford.

beyond recognition/out of all recognition: If you say that someone or something has changed beyond recognition or out of all recognition, you mean that person or thing has changed so much that you can no longer recognize them.

out of one's depth: If you say that someone is out of their depth, you mean that they are in a situation that is much too difficult for them to be able to cope with it.

not beyond the realms/bounds of possibility: You can say ' It is not beyond the realms of possibility ' or ' It is not beyond the bounds of possibility ' when you are stating something that you believe is possibly true, but which other people might consider unlikely or impossible .

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