Noun: велосипед толпа осиное гнездо
Verb: ездить на велосипеде


mountain bike - горный велосипед

stationary bicycle / bike - неподвижный велосипед, велотренажёр

adult bike - велосипед для взрослых

bike lane - велодорожка, отделенная от общей проезжей части сплошной линией

bike path - велосипедная дорожка

bike rack for car - специальный багажник для перевозки велосипеда на автомобиле

bike rack system - специальный багажник для перевозки велосипеда на автомобиле

bike rack - устройство для перевозки велосипеда на автомобиле

bike with alleycat - велосипед с одноколёсным детским прицепом, имеющим привод

city bike - городской велосипед, упрощённый и облегчённый вариант горного велосипеда

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I came on my bike. - Я приехал на велосипеде.

Cool bike! - Классный велосипед!

We biked to the park. - Мы поехали на великах в парк.

Let's go for a bike ride. - Давай прокатимся /покатаемся/ на велосипеде.

That's a wicked bike! - Какой крутой мотоцикл/велик!

Her bike fell over. - Её велосипед опрокинулся.

Mind that bike, James! - Берегись мотоцикла, Джеймс!

I used to bike to work. - Я ездил на работу на велосипеде.

He bikes in the mountains. - Он ездит на велосипеде в горах.

Lock the bike to the fence. - Пристегните велосипед к ограде.

She bikes to work every day. - Она каждый день ездит на работу на велосипеде.

I'll probably come on my bike. - Я, вероятно, приеду на велосипеде.

His mountain bike had 18 gears. - У его горного велосипеда было восемнадцать передач.

That's a dandy new racing bike. - Это превосходный новый гоночный велосипед /мотоцикл/.

This bike scales only 25 pounds - Этот велосипед весит всего лишь двадцать пять фунтов.

Can I have a ride on your bike? - Можно прокатиться на твоём велосипеде?

Be a sport and lend me your bike. - Будь другом, одолжи мне свой велосипед.

We agreed on a price for the bike. - Мы договорились о цене на велосипед.

He propped his bike against a tree. - Он прислонил свой велосипед к дереву.

He fairly raced past us on his bike. - Он, что называется, промчался мимо нас на велосипеде.

She wheeled her bike into the garage. - Она завела велосипед в гараж.

She had to walk her bike up the hill. - Ей пришлось катить свой велосипед пешком в гору.

Kate wheeled her bike into the garage. - Кейт закатила свой велосипед / мотоцикл в гараж.

He raced into the village on his bike. - Он помчался в деревню на своём мотоцикле /на велосипеде/.

That new bike of yours is a real beaut. - Этот твой новый мотоцикл — просто красавец.

Watch out for bike riders while driving. - Когда ведёшь машину, следи за велосипедистами.

Bike racing had been dominated by France. - В велогонках доминировала Франция.

She has a red bike, and I have a blue one. - У неё красный велосипед, а у меня синий.

He hasn't ridden a bike since he was a boy. - Он не катался на велосипеде с тех пор, как был мальчишкой.

You're going to kill yourself on that bike. - Ты себе шею свернёшь на этом велосипеде.

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Связанные термины:

bicycle: A bicycle is a vehicle with two wheels which you ride by sitting on it and pushing two pedals with your feet . You steer it by turning a bar that is connected to the front wheel.

e-bike: An e-bike is a bicycle that can be powered by electricity as well as by pedalling . E-bike is an abbreviation for 'electronic bike '.

bike lane: A bike lane is a part of the road which is intended to be used only by people riding bicycles.

bike path: A bike path is a special path on which people can travel by bicycle separately from motor vehicles.

bike rack: a metal frame for securing bicycles when they are not in use

bike ride: a ride on a bicycle

bike shed: a shed for bicycle storage

bike shop: a shop that sells and usually repairs bicycles and bicycle parts

dirt bike: A dirt bike is a type of motorbike that is designed to be used on rough ground.

farm-bike: a motorcycle built for off-road travel

push-bike: A push bike is a bicycle which you move by turning the pedals with your feet.

quad bike: A quad bike is a kind of motorbike with four large wheels that people ride for fun or in races .

road bike: a bike designed to be ridden on roads, as opposed to a mountain bike

Boris bike: any bicycle rented out by London's public bicycle hire scheme

racing bike: a bicycle designed for cycling on roads or taking part in road cycling races

trail bike: a motorcycle adapted for riding on rough tracks

bike accident: An accident happens when a vehicle hits a person, an object, or another vehicle, causing injury or damage.

electric bike: A bike is a bicycle or a motorcycle .

exercise bike: An exercise bike is a special bicycle which does not move, so that you can exercise on it at home or at a gym .

mountain bike: A mountain bike is a type of bicycle that is suitable for riding over rough ground . It has a strong frame and thick tyres.

on your bike: said to tell someone to go away or stop behaving in a foolish way

motorbike: A motorbike is the same as a → motorcycle .

get off one's bike: to lose one's self-control

bicycle path: a path designed for bicyclists

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Однокоренные слова:

biker - велосипедист, мотоциклист, байкер

Связанные слова: