Noun: бинго
Interjection: бах


bingo-boy - пьяница

bingo card - карточка лото бинго; карточка запроса; карта для лото

bingo fuel - минимальный остаток топлива; остаток топлива

bingo game - лото бинго

bingo hall - зал для игры в бинго


She plays bingo twice a week. - Она играет в лото дважды в неделю.

Bingo! That's the one I've been looking for. - Отлично! Вот это-то я и ищу.

Vera won £20 at bingo. - Вера выиграла в лото двадцать фунтов.

I ran into young Bingo Little. "Hello, face," I said. (P. G. Wodehouse) - Я наскочил на Малыша Бинго. "Привет, мордаха", - сказал я.

Связанные термины:

bingo card: a prepaid postcard inserted in a magazine by its publisher to enable a reader to order free information about advertised products

bingo hall: a building owned by a commercial company in which bingo is played by large numbers of people

bingo wings: areas of loose or flabby skin on the upper arm, esp in women, which hang down when the arm is extended

bingo caller: the person who shouts out the numbers to bingo players

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