Noun: птица пташка человек парень


land bird - наземная птица

migratory bird, bird of passage - перелётная птица

bird life - жизнь птиц

a wide range of animal noises and bird calls - разнообразная гамма криков зверей и голосов птиц

cannibal bird - птица-каннибал

flight of a bird - полёт птицы

young bird incapable of flight - птенец, не способный летать

migrant bird - перелётная птица

migratory bird - перелётная птица

bird of passage - перелетная птица

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The bird spread its wings. - Птица расправила крылья.

The sweet voice of a bird. - Мелодичное пение птички.

He is a cagey old bird. - Он - стреляный воробей. / Его на мякине не проведешь.

The bird landed in a tree. - Птица села на дерево.

The bird sat on the ledge. - Птица сидела на подоконнике.

He's a tough old bird. - Он воробей стреляный.

The bird vanished from sight. - Птица исчезла /скрылась/ из виду.

a bird with a barred tail - птица с полосатым хвостом

Its song completes the charm of this bird. - Пение этой птицы довершает её очарование.

The bird flapped its wings - Птица хлопала крыльями

The cat was stalking a bird. - Кошка подкрадывалась к птице.

The big bird clapped its wings - Большая птица хлопала крыльями.

The bird's underparts were white. - Нижняя часть этой птицы была белой.

Can you see the bird in that tree? - Видишь птицу на том дереве?

The bird took fright and flew away. - Птица испугалась и улетела.

He's an expert at doing bird calls. - Он мастерски имитирует птичьи голоса.

The bird has a conspicuous red head. - У этой птицы хорошо заметная голова красного окраса.

The small bird was tweeting in the tree - Маленькая птичка чирикала на дереве

The bird spread its wings and flew off. - Птица расправила крылья и улетела.

A bird with a spotted back - Птица с пятнистой спинкой

A large bird flew overhead. - Над головой пролетела крупная птица.

a bird with an orange breast - птица с оранжевой грудкой

This bird should be caged in. - Эту птицу следует держать в клетке.

What's the bird noising yonder? - Что это за птица там кричит?

The island is rich in bird life. - Остров богат разнообразными птицами.

He shot the bird with a catapult. - Он убил птичку из рогатки.

The bird's wings were fluttering. - Крылья птицы трепетали.

tracks made by the feet of a bird - следы, оставленные лапами какой-то птицы

an unattractive, awkward baby bird - невзрачный, неуклюжий птенец

The bird was fluttering its wings. - Птица трепетала крыльями.

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Связанные термины:

do bird: Someone who is doing bird is in prison .

bird bath: a small basin or trough for birds to bathe in, usually in a garden

bird cage: a wire or wicker cage in which captive birds are kept

bird dog: a dog used or trained to retrieve game birds after they are shot

bird flu: Bird flu is a virus which can be transmitted from chickens, ducks, and other birds to people.

bird food: a mixture of seeds, grains, nuts, etc, suitable for birds to eat

bird walk: an excursion, usually undertaken as a group with an expert leader, for observing and studying birds in their natural habitat

cage bird: a pet bird kept in a cage

fig-bird: any Australian oriole of the genus Sphecotheres, feeding on figs and other fruit

game bird: Game birds are birds which are shot for food or for sport .

old bird: Some people use the phrase old bird to refer to someone and say what they are like .

rare bird: If you say that someone or something is a rare bird, you mean that they are very unusual.

sea bird: a bird such as a gull, that lives on the sea

tick-bird: either of two African starlings, Buphagus africanus or B . erythrorhynchus, having flattened bills with which they obtain food from the hides of cattle

bird cherry: a small Eurasian rosaceous tree, Prunus padus, with clusters of white flowers and small black fruits

bird feeder: a device, usually a tube of mesh, containing food suitable for birds, which can be suspended outdoors

bird grass: → rough bluegrass

bird louse: any of an order (Mallophaga) of small, wingless insects with biting mouthparts, that live as external parasites on birds

bird pepper: a tropical solanaceous plant, Capsicum frutescens, thought to be the ancestor of the sweet pepper and many hot peppers

bird spider: any large hairy predatory bird-eating spider of the family Aviculariidae, of tropical America

bird strike: a collision of an aircraft with a bird

bird table: A bird table is a small wooden platform on a pole which some people put in their garden in order to put food for the birds on it.

early bird: An early bird is someone who does something or goes somewhere very early, especially very early in the morning .

gooney bird: → albatross

little bird: If you say that a little bird told you about something, you mean that someone has told you about it, but you do not want to say who it was.

locust bird: any of various pratincoles, esp Glareola nordmanni ( black-winged pratincole ), that feed on locusts

mutton bird: any of several long-winged seabirds, often used as food, esp Puffinus tenuirostris ( short-tailed shearwater ) of Australia and Puffinus griseus ( sooty shearwater ), which breeds in the Southern Hemisphere and winters in the Northern Hemisphere

night-bird: a bird which is active at night, such as an owl, nightingale, etc

parson bird: a New Zealand honeyeater, Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae, having a glossy bluish-green plumage with white feathers at the throat : it mimics human speech and the songs of other birds

pilot bird: a warbler of forest floors in SE Australia, Pycnoptilus floccosus, named from its alleged habit of accompanying the superb lyrebird

scrub bird: either of two fast-running wren-like passerine birds, Atrichornis clamosus or A. rufescens, that constitute the Australian family Atrichornithidae

shore bird: any of various birds that live close to water, esp any bird of the families Charadriidae or Scolopacidae ( plovers, sandpipers, etc)

sugar bird: a South African nectar-eating bird, Promerops cafer, with a long curved bill and long tail : family Meliphagidae ( honey-eaters )

tropic bird: any of a family (Phaethontidae) of tropical pelecaniform sea birds characterized by white plumage with black markings and a pair of long tail feathers

wading bird: a long-legged bird that walks in water to catch fish, etc

water bird: A water bird is a bird that swims or walks in water, especially lakes and rivers . There are many kinds of water bird.

whidah bird: any of various predominantly black African weaverbirds of the genus Vidua and related genera, the males of which grow very long tail feathers in the breeding season

whydah bird: any of various predominantly black African weaverbirds of the genus Vidua and related genera, the males of which grow very long tail feathers in the breeding season

adjutant bird: either of two large carrion-eating storks, Leptoptilos dubius or L . javanicus, which are closely related and similar to the marabou and occur in S and SE Asia

apostle bird: a gregarious grey-and-brown Australian nest-building bird, Struthidea cinerea

bird-brained: silly ; stupid

bird colonel: a full colonel in the US Army

bird fancier: a person who keeps, breeds, or sells birds

bird nesting: the activity of searching for birds' nests as a hobby

bird's-eye: seen or photographed from high above

bird-spotter: a bird-watcher

bird-watcher: A bird-watcher is a person whose hobby is watching and studying wild birds in their natural surroundings.

bird-watching: Bird-watching is the activity of watching and studying wild birds in their natural surroundings.

diamond bird: any small insectivorous Australian songbird of the genus Pardalotus, having a diamond-patterned plumage

elephant bird: any of the large extinct flightless birds of the genus Aepyornis, remains of which have been found in Madagascar

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Однокоренные слова:

birder - птицелов

Связанные слова: