Noun: рождение роды начало происхождение


an artist by birth - художник по призванию

normal birth - ничем не осложнённое появление на свет

premature birth - преждевременное появление на свет

she weighed seven pounds at birth - при рождении она весила семь фунтов

of noble birth - знатного происхождения

to give birth to child / have a child - родить ребёнка

date of birth - дата рождения

birth / congenital defect - врождённый дефект

deaf and dumb from birth - глухонемой от рождения

birth of issue - рождение потомка, потомков, потомства

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She gave birth to a son. - Она родила сына.

What's your date of birth? - Дата (вашего) рождения? / Какого числа ты родился? / Когда у тебя день рождения?

the birth of a child - рождение ребёнка

He has been deaf since birth. - Он был глухой с рождения.

Birth is a miraculous thing. - Рождение — это чудо.

the birth of the solar system - рождение солнечной системы

A midwife attended the birth. - Акушерка присутствовала при родах.

He is a French citezen by birth. - Он гражданин Франции по рождению.

Keep my job for me while I give birth. - Придержите мою работу за мной, пока я не рожу.

They divorced after the birth of the child. - Они развелись после рождения ребёнка.

George I and George II were Germans by birth. - Георг I и Георг II были немцами по происхождению /по рождению/.

birth, life, and eventual death - рождение, жизнь, и, в конечном итоге, смерть

He only weighed 2 kilos at birth. - При рождении он весил всего 2 килограмма.

Fortune has smiled on him from his birth. - Счастье улыбалось ему с колыбели.

A woman aged 50 has given birth to twins. - Женщина в возрасте 50 лет родила двойню.

It's a boy! She gave birth to a baby boy this morning. - Это мальчик! Сегодня утром она родила мальчика.

Birth rates have gone down of late. - Уровень рождаемости в последнее время пошёл на спад.

the period from birth to adolescence - период от рождения до юности / подросткового возраста

He registered the birth of his child. - Он зарегистрировал рождение своего ребёнка.

the cycle of birth, death and rebirth - круговорот рождения, смерти и перевоплощения

the birth of her first longed-for child - рождение её долгожданного первенца

the birth of Christ, foretold by prophets - рождение Христа, предсказанное пророками

before a woman gives birth her waters break - перед родами у женщины отходят воды

This is the second centenary of Handel's birth. - Исполнилось двести лет со дня рождения Генделя.

They celebrated the birth of their first child. - Они отпраздновали рождение своего первого ребёнка.

Please enclose a copy of your birth certificate. - Пожалуйста, вышлите копию своего свидетельства о рождении.

The hospital reported an increase in premature births. - В больнице сообщили об увеличении количества преждевременных родов.

a concert to mark the centenary of the composer's birth - концерт в честь столетия со дня рождения композитора

He's a gentleman by birth. - Он дворянин по рождению.

Henry has been blind from birth. - Генри был слеп от рождения.

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Связанные термины:

by birth: If, for example, you are French by birth, you are French because your parents are French, or because you were born in France .

birth canal: the passageway down which the fetus passes during birth

birth name: the name given a person at birth

birth pangs: pains associated with the process of childbirth

birth pill: a pill which prevents a woman from conceiving

birth plan: a statement by a mother telling doctors and midwives how she would like her labour to proceed

birth rate: The birth rate in a place is the number of babies born there for every 1000 people during a particular period of time.

birth sign: the sign of the zodiac through which the sun is passing when a person is born

give birth: When a woman gives birth, she produces a baby from her body.

home birth: If a woman has a home birth, she gives birth to her baby at home rather than in a hospital .

live birth: the birth of a living child

royal birth: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

birth control: Birth control means planning whether to have children, and using contraception to prevent having them when they are not wanted .

birth defect: an inherited disease or condition that a baby is born with

birth father: the man whose semen fertilized the ovum from which a child was born

birth mother: the woman who gives birth to a child, regardless of whether she is the genetic mother or subsequently brings up the child

birth parents: a child's biological parents, regardless of whether they subsequently bring up the child

birth weight: the amount a baby weighs when first born

breech birth: birth of a baby with the feet or buttocks appearing first

virgin birth: the doctrine that Jesus Christ had no human father but was conceived solely by the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit so that Mary remained miraculously a virgin during and after his birth

difficult birth: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

hospital birth: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

multiple birth: a birth at which two or more children are born at the same time

of o's birth: The country, town, or village of your birth is the place where you were born.

birth certificate: Your birth certificate is an official document which gives details of your birth, such as the date and place of your birth, and the names of your parents .

date of birth: Your date of birth is the exact date on which you were born, including the year .

give birth to: To give birth to something such as an idea means to cause it to start to exist .

of one's birth: The country, town, or village of your birth is the place where you were born.

attend the birth: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

birth-control pill: an oral contraceptive for women, containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone or progesterone alone, that inhibits ovulation, fertilization, or implantation of a fertilized ovum, causing temporary infertility

birthdate: Your birthdate is the same as yourdate of birth .

birthrate: the number of births per year per thousand of population in a given community, area, or group: sometimes other units of time or population are used

await the birth of: When a baby is born, you refer to this event as his or her birth .

partial-birth abortion: an abortion performed relatively late in pregnancy, in which the fetus is extracted in stages through the birth canal

witness the birth of: You can refer to the beginning or origin of something as its birth .

biological parent: a parent who has conceived ( biological mother ) or sired ( biological father ) rather than adopted a child and whose genes are therefore transmitted to the child

birthparent: a person's parent related biologically rather than by adoption

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Однокоренные слова:

misbirth - выкидыш
rebirth - возрождение
birthless - бесплодный, невыгодный, простого звания, незнатный

Связанные слова: