Noun: бит кусочек долото кусок
Verb: сдерживать взнуздать взнуздывать обуздывать
Adjective: укушенный


comedy bit - комический номер

to give smb. a bit of one's mind - высказаться напрямик, откровенно

to have a bit of a do - устроить небольшую вечеринку

a bit / stroke of luck - удача

to take / eat a bit of mutton with smb. - обедать с кем-л.

quite a bit / few / lot - значительное количество

a bit rusty English - немного запущенный английский

storage bit - бит памяти

chopping drill bit - буровое долото ударного бурения

six-point drill bit - шестиугольное буровое долото

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I feel a bit better now. - Сейчас я чувствую себя немного лучше.

You'll have to wait a bit. - Вам придётся немного подождать.

That's a bit odd. - Это немного странно.

He knows quite a bit about painting. - Он довольно мало знает о живописи. / Он не много знает о живописи.

We sat around for a bit chatting. - Мы немного посидели и поболтали.

She's quite a bit older than you, isn't she? - Она немного старше вас, не так ли?

They're worth quite a bit more than I thought. - Они стоят немного больше, чем я думал.

I expect you do quite a bit of travelling? - Я так полагаю, что вы довольно много путешествуете?

I may need a bit of help. - Похоже, мне нужно немного помочь.

He is a bit long in the tooth. - Он уже далеко не мальчик.

He had a bit of good luck. - Ему немного повезло.

'Would you like cream in your coffee?' 'Yes please, just a bit.' - —Не желаете сливок к кофе? —Да, пожалуйста, только чуть-чуть.

She looks a bit like my sister. - Она чуть-чуть похожа на мою сестру.

I walked on a bit. - Я прошёл немного дальше.

Can we have a bit less noise please? - А можно не так сильно шуметь, пожалуйста?

He wedged the door open with a bit of wood. - Он заклинил дверь куском дерева. (использовал кусок дерева для того что бы дверь не закрывалась)

This is the boring bit. - Это самая скучная часть (например, лекции).

Then she gave us the concerned mother bit. - Затем она выступила перед нами в роли озабоченной матери.

He's into jogging, squash, aerobics, the whole exercise bit. - Он бегает трусцой, занимается сквошем, аэробикой, - в общем, всем понемножку.

data-word-id="43">One "data-word-id="284">bit" data-word-id="9794">is data-word-id="4">the data-word-id="3394">smallest data-word-id="9878">amount data-word-id="7">of data which can exist, and corresponds to data-word-id="4">the answer to a yes-or-no question. - Один бит — это минимально возможное количество информации, которое соответствует ответу на вопрос: "да или нет?"

I gave him a bit of my mind. - Я высказал ему всё напрямик. / Я сделала ему выговор.

A bit of rock caught him in the eye. - Ему в глаз попал небольшой камушек.

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement. - Каждого из нас иногда нужно немного поддержать.

Could you turn the TV up a bit? - Ты не мог бы сделать телевизор чуть погромче?

We did the last bit of the journey on foot. - Последний отрезок путешествия мы проделали пешком.

His only jail time was a two year bit for arson in 1972. - У него был только один срок: два года за поджог, в 1972-м.

I'll see you in a bit. - Увидимся чуть позже.

I want to spend a bit of time with him before he goes. - Я хочу провести с ним немного времени, прежде чем он уйдёт.

All they had left was a bit of bread. - Осталось у них лишь немного хлеба, и больше ничего.

Did you like the bit about the monkey? - Вам понравился эпизод про обезьяну?

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Связанные термины:

bite: If you bite something, you use your teeth to cut into it, for example in order to eat it or break it. If an animal or person bites you, they use their teeth to hurt or injure you.

a bit: A bit of something is a small amount of it.

gag-bit: a powerful type of bit used in breaking horses

PDC bit: A PDC bit is a drill bit fitted with industrial diamond cutters instead of hardened metal teeth.

two-bit: You use two-bit to describe someone or something that you have no respect for or that you think is inferior .

bit part: A bit part is a small and unimportant role for an actor in a film or play.

bit rate: data-word-id="4">the data-word-id="9177">rate data-word-id="7">of data-word-id="9029">flow data-word-id="7">of binary digits data-word-id="9">in a data-word-id="5097">digital data-processing system, usually expressed as data-word-id="4">the number data-word-id="7">of bits per second

bit slice: (of central processing units ) able to be built up in sections to form complete central processing units with various word lengths

curb bit: something that restrains or holds back

drill bit: A drill bit is a tool used to cut or crush rock.

every bit: to the same degree

frog-bit: a floating aquatic Eurasian plant, Hydrocharis morsus-ranae, with heart-shaped leaves and white flowers: family Hydrocharitaceae

bit by bit: If something happens bit by bit, it happens in stages .

a bit of: rather

bit player: a person with a very small acting role with few lines to speak

center bit: a bit with a sharp, projecting center point and cutting wings on either side

centre bit: a drilling bit with a central projecting point and two side cutters

devil's bit: devil's bit scabious

frog's-bit: designating a family (Hydrocharitaceae, order Hydrocharitales) of submerged, monocotyledonous aquatic plants, including elodea and tape grass

not a bit: You use not a bit when you want to make a strong negative statement .

parity bit: In binary notation, a parity bit is an additional bit that is attached to each code group so that the total number of 1s being transmitted is either odd or even .

snaffle bit: a simple jointed bit for a horse

tricone bit: A tricone bit is a drill bit with a head that is divided into three main parts.

a bit mean: If someone is being mean, they are being unkind to another person, for example by not allowing them to do something.

a bit much: If you say that something is a bit much, you are annoyed because you think someone has behaved in an unreasonable way.

thrupenny bit: a twelve-sided British coin of nickel-brass, valued at three old pence, obsolete since 1971

wait-a-bit: any of various plants having sharp hooked thorns or similar appendages, esp the greenbrier and the grapple plant

a bit of a: You can use a bit of to make a statement less forceful . For example, the statement 'It's a bit of a nuisance ' is less forceful than 'It's a nuisance'.

a bit thick: unfair or excessive

bit of fluff: a girl or young woman

countersink bit: a tool for countersinking

do one's bit: to make one's expected contribution

do your bit: If you do your bit, you do something that, to a small or limited extent, helps to achieve something.

quite a bit: Quite a bit means quite a lot .

threepenny bit: a twelve-sided British coin of nickel-brass, valued at three old pence, obsolete since 1971

bit error rate: A bit error rate is the measure of the number of incorrect bits that can be expected in a specified number of bits in a serial stream .

brace and bit: a hand tool for boring holes, consisting of a cranked handle into which a drilling bit is inserted

mill tooth bit: A mill tooth bit is a tricone bit with steel teeth on each cone that are made of the same type of steel as the main part of the bit.

bite back: If you bite back a feeling or something that you were going to say, you stop yourself from expressing it.

crib-biting: a harmful habit of horses in which the animal leans on the manger or seizes it with the teeth and swallows a gulp of air

a bit, for a bit: If you do something a bit, you do it for a short time. In British English, you can also say that you do something for a bit .

a bit of skirt: a woman considered sexually

bit on the side: an extramarital affair

chafe at the bit: to be impatient or vexed, as because of delay

champ at the bit: If someone is champing at the bit or is chomping at the bit, they are very impatient to do something, but they are prevented from doing it, usually by circumstances that they have no control over.

chomp at the bit: → champ at the bit ( see phrase under → champ 1 )

roller cone bit: A roller cone bit is a tool used for crushing rock, which has three cones that rotate, with attached hardened metal teeth which break the rock into small pieces.

devil's bit scabious: a similar and related Eurasian marsh plant, Succisa pratensis

not a bit of it: You say not a bit of it to emphasize that something that you might expect to be the case is not the case.

the biter gets bit: said to mean that someone suffers as a result of their own actions, especially when they were trying to hurt someone else

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Однокоренные слова:

biter - кусающееся животное, тот, кто кусает
biting - кусающий, резкий, едкий, хлесткий, кусачий, острый, грызущий, язвительный
bitten - укушенный, покусанный, искусанный
bitter - горький, ожесточенный, горько, жестоко, резко, очень, горечь, горькое пиво
bittern - выпь, маточный раствор, рапа
bitty - разношерстный, бессвязный, разрозненный, бессистемный

Связанные слова: