Verb: кусаться кусать укусить клевать
Noun: укус прикус клев кусок


to bite into an apple - откусить от яблока

to bite one's tongue off - прикусить язык

mosquito bite - комариный укус

snake bite - змеиный укус

to bite the dust - потерпеть поражение, быть поверженным

insects bite - насекомые кусают

to bite one's nails - кусать ногти

to bite smb.'s nose off - огрызнуться, резко ответить кому-л.

snakes bite / strike - змеи кусают

to bite the dust / the ground / the sand - быть убитым

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Does your dog bite? - Твоя собака кусается?

He was bitten by a snake. - Его укусила змея.

Mosquitos bite. - Комары кусаются.

Fish bite at bait. - Рыба клюёт на приманку.

He took a bite of the apple. - Он откусил от яблока.

The anchor bit. - Якорь прочно зацепился за дно.

Fleas bite. - Блохи кусают.

Can I have a bite of your apple? - Я могу откусить твоё яблоко?

Can I bite you for ten bucks? - Можно занять у тебя десять баксов?

The wheels do not bite. - Колеса буксуют. / Нет сцепления с дорогой.

Once bitten twice shy. - Пуганая ворона (и) куста боится.

Don't scratch that mosquito bite. - Не чешите этот комариный укус.

She took a couple of bites of the sandwich. - Она откусила от сэндвича пару кусочков.

Well go and ask himhe won't bite! - Ну, так иди и спроси его, он не кусается!

Acid bites into metals. - Кислота разъедает металлы.

The hamster bit the child. - Хомяк укусил ребёнка.

I wish I could stop biting my nails. - Никак не могу отучиться грызть ногти.

This novel lacks any real bite. - В этом романе нет ничего особенного.

She gave her lip a gentle bite. - Она нежно прикусила свою губу.

The mosquitoes are biting tonight. - Комары сегодня кусаются.

The dog seized the meat and bit a piece off. - Собака схватила мясо и откусила кусок.

I'll pop up and see what's biting him now. - Я заскочу к нему и выясню, чем это он занят.

He screamed as the sword bit deep into his arm. - Он закричал, когда меч вонзился в его руку.

Gunny invariably tried to bite her. - Ганни неизменно пытался её укусить.

Shall we nip in to the cafe for a bite to eat? - Заскочим в кафе перекусить?

Goat's cheese adds extra bite to any pasta dish. - Козий сыр придаёт особый вкус любому блюду из макарон.

Let's grab a bite to eat before the movie starts. - Давайте перекусим прежде чем начнётся фильм.

His plough bit. - Он глубоко вогнал плуг в землю.

The insect bite produced a rash. - От укуса насекомого появилась сыпь.

He nodded, shivering at the bite of the wind. - Он кивнул, поёживаясь от обжигающе холодного ветра.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you bite back a feeling or something that you were going to say, you stop yourself from expressing it.

If you bite back a feeling or something that you were going to say, you stop yourself from expressing it.

Связанные термины:

bite back: If you bite back a feeling or something that you were going to say, you stop yourself from expressing it.

bite-size: small enough to be eaten as a single mouthful

love bite: A love bite is a mark which someone has on their body as a result of being bitten by their partner when they were kissing or making love.

tax bite: an amount of money deducted from your income in the form of tax

bite-sized: Bite-sized pieces of food are small enough to fit easily in your mouth .

insect bite: a sting or bite given to a human by an arthropod of the class Insecta or by a similar invertebrate

sound bite: a short pithy sentence or phrase extracted from a longer speech for use on radio or television

mosquito bite: a bite inflicted by a mosquito

bite one's lip: If you bite your lip or your tongue, you stop yourself from saying something that you want to say, because it would be the wrong thing to say in the circumstances.

bite the dust: to fail or to stop existing

bite your lip: If you bite your lip, you try very hard not to show the anger or distress that you are feeling .

bite one's nails: to chew off the ends of one's fingernails

bite the bullet: to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation

bite your tongue: to not say a particular thing, even though you want to, because it would be the wrong thing to say at the time, or because you are waiting for a better time to speak

to bite the dust: If you say that something has bitten the dust, you are emphasizing that it no longer exists or that it has failed .

snakebite: A snakebite is the bite of a snake, especially a poisonous one.

soundbite: A soundbite is a short sentence or phrase, usually from a politician's speech, which is broadcast during a news programme.

to bite the bullet: If someone bites the bullet, they accept that they have to do something unpleasant but necessary .

take a bite out of: If something takes a bite out of a sum of money, part of the money is spent or taken away in order to pay for it.

bite someone's head off: If someone speaks or replies to you angrily, and you think they are being unfair or reacting too strongly, you can say that they bite your head off .

put the bite on someone: to ask someone for money

to bite your lip to bite your tongue: If you bite your lip or your tongue, you stop yourself from saying something that you want to say, because it would be the wrong thing to say in the circumstances.

a second bite at the cherry: a second chance to do something, especially something that you failed at the first time

bite the hand that feeds one: to repay kindness with injury or ingratitude

bite the hand that feeds you: to be ungrateful and behave badly towards the person who has helped or supported you

bite your nails to the quick: If someone bites their nails to the quick, they bite off all the white part at the end of each nail.

take a bite out of something: to take away a part of a sum of money or other quantity

bite off more than one can chew: to attempt a task beyond one's capability

bite off more than you can chew: to try to do too much

to bite the hand that feeds you: If someone bites the hand that feeds them, they behave badly or in an ungrateful way towards someone who they depend on.

someone's bark is worse than their bite: If you say that someone's bark is worse than their bite, you mean that they seem much more unpleasant or hostile than they really are.

to bite off more than one can chew: If you say that someone has bitten off more than they can chew, you mean that they are trying to do something which is too difficult for them.

crib-biting: a harmful habit of horses in which the animal leans on the manger or seizes it with the teeth and swallows a gulp of air

his or her bark is worse than his or her bite: he or she is bad-tempered but harmless

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Однокоренные слова:

bite back - , сдерживать себя
bite off - откусывать, отгрызать

Связанные слова: