Adjective: слепой глухой ослепший сплошной
Verb: слепить ослеплять затмевать затемнять
Noun: жалюзи штора бленда ширма


the slats of a venetian blind - пластинки жалюзи

blind from birth / born blind - слепорождённый, слепой от рождения

a question of blind education - проблема образования для слепых

to be blind to a problem - не замечать проблему

blind tasting - дегустация вслепую

a blind clinical trial - клиническое испытание, основанное на слепом методе

blind panic - дикая паника

blind chance - слепой случай

the blind forces of nature - слепая стихия

blind choice - случайный выбор

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He was blinded by love. - Он был ослеплён любовью.

She was blind with tears. - Она ничего не видела, её глаза были полны слёз.

He is deaf and almost blind with old age. - Он оглох и почти ослеп от старости.

He had been blinded in an explosion. - Он был ослеплен вспышкой.

He was blinded in an accident. - Он потерял зрение в результате несчастного случая.

How jealousy blinds people! - Как же ревность ослепляет людей!

The blinds were drawn (=pulled down) to protect the new furniture from the sun. - Шторы были опущены, чтобы защитить новую мебель от солнца.

Beverley was born blind. - Беверли родилась слепой.

She was blind to his faults. - Она закрывала глаза на его недостатки.

One corner of the kitchen was completely blinded. - В одном углу кухни было совсем темно.

The holding company was just a blind. - Холдинговая компания была всего лишь прикрытием.

Blind rage took hold of him. - Слепая ярость овладела им.

She has a blind spot concerning her son's behavior. - Она часто закрывает глаза на поведение сына.

I didn't see her, I was blinding. - А я ехал себе и ехал, так что даже не заметил её.

Many of the old people were blind. - Многие из стариков были слепы.

Nobody could get a blind bit of sense out of him. - Никто не мог добиться от него хоть капельки смысла.

The blind, old dog was a pathetic sight. - Старая слепая собака представляла собой жалкое зрелище.

A wink is as good as a nod to a blind horse. - Что в лоб, что по лбу.

She ran home in a blind panic, screaming. - Она бежала домой в дикой панике, крича во всё горло.

Young rabbits are born blind and hairless. - Крольчата рождаются слепыми и лишёнными шерсти.

a network of narrow passageways and blind alleys - лабиринты узких улочек и тупиков

Don't let the dazzle of opening ceremonies blind you. - Пусть блеск церемонии открытия не вводит вас в заблуждение.

The dust choked and blinded him. - Пыль мешала ему дышать и видеть. / От пыли он не мог ни дышать, ни видеть.

She must have been blind with rage. - Она наверное была вне себя от гнева.

In his latter years he became blind. - В последние годы жизни он ослеп.

The criminals were punished and blinded - Преступники были наказаны, и ослеплены

The blind are too often objects of pity. - Слепые зачастую становятся объектами жалости.

She was blinded as a child in a terrible fire. - Она потеряла зрение в детстве, на страшном пожаре.

The minute your back's turned, they'll rob you blind. - Как только отвернёшься — в ту же минуту обчистят тебя до нитки.

His single-minded determination to win the war is blinding him to other dangers. - Твёрдая решимость выиграть войну не даёт ему разглядеть другие опасности.

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Связанные термины:

blind bid: an offer on the part of a big investor to buy a number of different stocks without knowing exactly which stocks are included in the package

blind gut: → cecum

blind pig: → speak-easy

fly blind: to be in a situation where you have nothing to help or guide you

bake blind: to bake (the empty crust of a pie, pastry, etc) by half filling with dried peas, crusts of bread, etc, to keep it in shape

blind alley: If you describe a situation as a blind alley, you mean that progress is not possible or that the situation can have no useful results.

blind date: A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend a romantic evening with someone you have never met before.

blind panic: Panic is a very strong feeling of anxiety or fear, which makes you act without thinking carefully.

blind side: the side of the field between the scrum and the nearer touchline

blind snake: any burrowing snake of the family Typhlopidae and related families of warm and tropical regions, having very small or vestigial eyes

blind spot: If you say that someone has a blind spot about something, you mean that they seem to be unable to understand it or to see how important it is.

blind test: a test in which the participants cannot identify the products that they are testing

blind tiger: → speak-easy

blind trust: A blind trust is a financial arrangement in which someone's investments are managed without the person knowing where the money is invested . Blind trusts are used especially by people such as members of parliament, so that they cannot be accused of using their position to make money unfairly.

color-blind: Someone who is color-blind cannot see the difference between colors, especially between red and green.

half-blind: having a limited capacity to see

moon-blind: having moon blindness

Roman blind: a window blind consisting of a length of material which, when drawn up, gathers into horizontal folds from the bottom

sand blind: not completely blind ; partially able to see

snow-blind: temporarily unable to see or having impaired vision because of the intense reflection of sunlight from snow

stone-blind: completely blind

swear blind: to insist that you are telling someone the truth, even though they are not sure whether or not to believe you. The American expression is swear up and down .

blind corner: a corner where the view of the road ahead is completely obscured or very restricted

Blind Freddie: an imaginary person representing the highest degree of incompetence (esp in the phrase Blind Freddie could see that! )

blind stitch: a type of stitch that is visible on one side of the material only

blind summit: a point on a road where a vehicle approaching the top of a hill or incline cannot see vehicles approaching up the other side of the hill

colour-blind: Someone who is colour-blind cannot see the difference between colours, especially between red and green .

double-blind: A double-blind study or experiment compares two groups of people, one of which is being tested while the other is not. Neither the people doing the testing nor the members of the two groups know which group is being tested.

festoon blind: a window blind consisting of vertical rows of horizontally gathered fabric that may be drawn up to form a series of ruches

gender-blind: not discriminating on the basis of gender, or not making a distinction between genders

gravel-blind: almost entirely blind

hoodman-blind: blind man's buff

roller blind: a blind consisting of a length of fabric rolled around a pole and fitted to the top of a window

single-blind: of or relating to an experiment, esp one to discover people's reactions to certain commodities, drugs, etc, in which the experimenters but not the subjects know the particulars of the test items during the experiment

window blind: See window shade

a blind spot: something that you do not understand or know anything about, although you feel that perhaps you should

Austrian blind: a window blind consisting of rows of vertically gathered fabric that may be drawn up to form a series of ruches

blind audition: An audition is a short performance given by an actor, dancer, or musician so that a director or conductor can decide if they are good enough to be in a play, film, or orchestra.

blind blocking: an impression on a book cover without using colour or gold leaf

blind optimism: Optimism is the feeling of being hopeful about the future or about the success of something in particular.

blind register: (in the United Kingdom ) a list of those who are blind and are therefore entitled to financial and other benefits

blind staggers: the staggers

blind stamping: an impression on a book cover without using colour or gold leaf

Venetian blind: A Venetian blind is a window blind made of thin horizontal strips which can be adjusted to let in more or less light.

a blind alley: something that is useless and will not lead to anything worthwhile

eff and blind: to use obscene language

blind as a bat: unable to see well

blind man's buff: a game in which a blindfolded person tries to catch and identify the other players

turn a blind eye: to disregard deliberately or pretend not to notice (something, esp an action of which one disapproves )

blind carbon (copy): a carbon copy of a letter sent to someone other than the addressee, with no indication on the original letter that such a copy has been sent

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Однокоренные слова:

blindage - блиндаж
blindly - слепо, безрассудно, как слепой
blindness - слепота, ослепление, безрассудство
blinder - попойка, великолепное представление
blinding - ослепление, ослепляющий
blinded - ослепленный, зашторенный, обманутый, введенный в заблуждение

Связанные слова: