Verb: блокировать заблокировать препятствовать загораживать
Noun: блокировка блокада квартал препятствие


around the block - за углом

in / on a block - в квартале

erratic block - валун

building block - блок для строительства

concrete block - бетонный блок

a block of theatre tickets - пачка театральных билетов

heart block - сердечная блокада

nerve block - нервная блокада

between the beetle and the block - между молотом и наковальней

to block progress - стоять на пути прогресса

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They live in this block. - Они живут в этом районе.

He lives in the next block. - Он живёт в соседнем квартале.

Please don't block the doorway. - Пожалуйста не стоите в дверях.

They went around the block. - Они завернули за угол.

The garage was made of concrete blocks. - Гараж был построен из бетонных блоков.

The sink's blocked up. - Раковина забилась. / Сток засорился.

Hats cleaned and blocked. - Шляпы вычищены и надеты на болванку.

You'd better block up that hole in the wall; it's letting the cold in. - Заделай-ка дыру в стене, оттуда дует.

She lived on our block. - Она жила в нашем квартале.

block the wheels of a car - заблокировать колёса автомобиля

Let's walk round the block. - Давайте прогуляемся вокруг квартала.

an easy walk around the block - лёгкая прогулка вокруг квартала

Can you move? You're blocking my light. - Можешь отойти? Ты мне свет загораживаешь.

The office block looks as if it's just been chucked up. - Здание офиса, похоже, возводили второпях.

Her arteries are blocked. - Её артерии закупорены.

His vote blocked the treaty. - Его голос воспрепятствовал заключению договора.

The Liberals vote as a block - Либералы голосуют блоком.

The church is down the block. - Церковь находится в конце квартала.

Snowdrifts blocked our progress. - Снежные заносы задержали наше продвижение.

An accident was blocking traffic. - Движению машин мешала авария.

A fallen tree is blocking the road. - Упавшее дерево перекрыло дорогу.

a wall built out of concrete blocks - стена, построенная из бетонных блоков

The clouds have blocked out the sun. - Облака закрыли солнце.

They live just up the block from us. - Они живут всего в квартале от нас.

There's an accident blocking the road. - Там дорога перекрыта из-за аварии.

His brother blocked him at every turn. - Брат мешал ему на каждом шагу.

The building occupies an entire city block. - Здание занимает целый городской квартал.

The Senate blocked publication of the report. - Сенат заблокировал публикацию отчёта.

sculpt a swan out of a block of ice - изваять лебедя из глыбы льда

the ruins of a bombed-out office block - руины разрушенного бомбёжкой административного здания

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Фразовые глаголы:

If you are blocked in, someone has parked their car in such a way that you cannot drive yours away.

When you block off a door, window, or passage, you put something across it so that nothing can pass through it.

If someone blocks out a thought, they try not to think about it.

If you block something up or if it blocks up, it is blocked completely so that nothing can get through it.

Связанные термины:

H-block: a name for the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland, closed in 2000

block in: If you are blocked in, someone has parked their car in such a way that you cannot drive yours away.

block off: When you block off a door, window, or passage, you put something across it so that nothing can pass through it.

block out: If someone blocks out a thought, they try not to think about it.

block tin: pure tin, esp when cast into ingots

block up: If you block something up or if it blocks up, it is blocked completely so that nothing can get through it.

ice block: a flavoured frozen water ice : in Australia and New Zealand, sometimes on a stick

block chord: a two-handed chord played usually in the middle range of the piano with the left hand duplicating or complementing the right-hand notes

block front: a front of a desk, chest of drawers, etc., of the third quarter of the 18th century, having three vertical divisions of equal width, a sunken one between raised ones, all divided by flat areas to which they are connected by curves, often with a shell motif forming a rounded termination to each section

block grant: (in Britain) an annual grant made by the government to a local authority to help to pay for the public services it provides, such as health, education, and housing

block lava: volcanic lava occurring as rough-surfaced jagged blocks

block line: a rope or cable used in a block and tackle

block party: an outdoor party held for the residents of an urban neighbourhood

block plane: a carpenter's small plane used to cut across the end grain of wood

block print: a design printed by means of one or more blocks of wood or metal

block vote: A block vote is a large number of votes that are all cast in the same way by one person on behalf of a group of people.

brake block: the part of the brake in a train or on a bicycle that is applied to the wheel to slow the vehicle down or stop it

crown block: A crown block is a fixed set of sheaves (= pulleys ) at the top of a derrick, over which the drilling line is run.

fault block: a mass of rock bounded on at least two opposite sides by faults

glass block: a translucent, hollow or solid block of glass for glazing openings or constructing partitions, usually square on the face, with the outer surfaces treated in any of various ways

heart block: impaired conduction or blocking of the impulse that regulates the heartbeat, resulting in a lack of coordination between the beating of the atria and the ventricles

line block: a letterpress printing block made by a photoengraving process without the use of a screen

mitre block: a block of wood with slots for cutting mitre joints with a saw

nerve block: induction of anaesthesia in a specific part of the body by injecting a local anaesthetic close to the sensory nerves that supply it

plate block: a block of postage stamps with a serial number ( plate number ) in the margin

swage block: an iron block cut with holes, recesses, and grooves to assist in the cold-working of metal

tower block: A tower block is a tall building divided into flats or offices.

wood block: a block of wood, esp. one used in making a woodcut

auction block: a platform from which an auctioneer sells

block booking: the making of bookings for a number of people, or e. g . purchasing a number of seats in a theatre, concert hall, etc at the same time

block capital: a plain capital letter

block diagram: a diagram showing the interconnections between the parts of an industrial process

block letter: a plain capital letter

block letters: Block letters are the same as block capitals .

block release: the release of industrial trainees from work for study at a college for several weeks

block system: the system whereby a railway is divided up into separate sections of track where only one train can travel at a time

block traffic: Traffic refers to all the vehicles that are moving along the roads in a particular area.

block voting: voting using block votes

breeze block: A breeze-block is a large, grey brick made from ashes and cement.

butcher block: designating or of a thick slab made by gluing together strips of hardwood, as maple or oak, used for counter and table tops, etc.

cavity block: a precast concrete block that contains a cavity or cavities

Chinese block: a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow wooden block played with a drumstick

cinder block: A cinder block is a large grey brick made from coal cinders and cement which is used for building .

clinker block: a light building brick made from the ashes of coal, coke, etc, bonded together by cement and used esp for walls that bear relatively small loads

engine block: the metal casting containing the piston chambers of an internal combustion engine

mental block: → block (sense 21 )

office block: a large building designed to provide office accommodation

opossum block: (in New Zealand) a block of bush allocated to a licensed opossum trapper

pillow block: a block that supports a journal bearing

plummer block: a block that supports a journal bearing

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Однокоренные слова:

block in - заполнять, набрасывать вчерне, набрасывать, рисунок
block off - преграждать, отделять, изолировать, отсекать
block out - набрасывать вчерне, намечать, ретушировать, вымарывать

Связанные слова: