Noun: кровь кровопролитие происхождение род
Adjective: кровяной кровный
Verb: приучать собаку к крови пускать кровь приучать


oxygenated blood - кровь, насыщенная кислородом

banked / contained / preserved / stored blood - консервированная кровь

blood drawing - взятие крови

massive loss of blood - большая потеря крови

blood poisoning - заражение крови

to lose / shed / spill blood - истекать кровью, потерять кровь

to staunch the flow of blood - останавливать потоки крови

to type blood - определять группу крови

to preserve the blood - консервировать кровь

related by blood - кровные родственники

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The color of blood is red. - Цвет крови — красный.

It made my blood freeze. - У меня от этого кровь застыла в жилах.

The sharks will smell blood. - Акулы учуют запах крови.

He burst a blood vessel. - У него лопнул кровеносный сосуд.

It made my blood curdle. - У меня от этого кровь застыла в жилах.

It makes my blood creep. - У меня от этого кровь стынет.

It curdleed my blood. - У меня от этого кровь застыла в жилах.

His nose streamed blood. - У него из носа ручьём полилась кровь.

blood clots - сгустки крови / тромбы

Blood gushed from the wound. - Из раны хлынула кровь.

She could taste blood. - Она чувствовала вкус крови.

There is a trail of blood. - Там кровавый след.

Blood issued from the wound. - Из раны вытекала кровь.

He was vomiting blood. - Его рвало кровью.

The sick men urinated blood. - Больные мочились кровью.

There was blood in his urine. - В его моче была кровь.

Enough of blood rests on my head. - На моих руках достаточно крови (буквально: "на моей голове").

The sight of blood makes him retch. - Его тошнит от вида крови.

The cut on her arm was oozing blood. - Из пореза на её руке сочилась кровь.

The wound gushed blood. - Из раны хлынула кровь.

The blood gushed out amain. - Кровь хлынула рекой.

That blood is clearly fake. - Эта кровь — очевидная липа.

His face was running with blood. - По его лицу стекала кровь.

Blood was gushing out of my nose. - Из моего носа хлестала кровь.

He rolled and wallowed in kill, he let life "blood" him. - Он все глубже и глубже погружался в жизнь убийцы, он позволял жизни дать ему "боевое крещение", "запятнать его кровью".

Blood pumped out of the cut. - Из пореза толчками полилась кровь.

Blood spurted from his nose. - Из его носа хлынула кровь.

Blood pumped from the wound. - Из раны толчками забила кровь.

The blood had not coagulated. - Кровь ещё не свернулась.

Blood circulates in my veins. - В моих венах бежит кровь.

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Связанные термины:

bad blood: If you say that there is bad blood between people, you mean that they have argued about something and dislike each other.

blood red: Something that is blood-red is bright red in colour.

new blood: If people talk about bringing new blood into an organization or sports team, they are referring to new people who are likely to improve the organization or team.

the blood: royal or noble descent

blood bank: A blood bank is a place where blood which has been taken from blood donors is stored until it is needed for people in hospital .

blood bath: a killing of many people; massacre

blood-caked: caked with blood

blood cell: any of the cells that circulate in the blood

blood clot: a clotted mass of blood

blood count: Your blood count is the number of red and white cells in your blood. A blood count can also refer to a medical examination which determines the number of red and white cells in your blood.

blood donor: A blood donor is someone who gives some of their blood so that it can be used in operations .

blood feud: A blood feud is a long-lasting, bitter disagreement between two or more groups of people, particularly family groups. Blood feuds often involve members of each group murdering or fighting with members of the other.

blood flow: the flow of blood through blood vessels around the body

blood fluke: any parasitic flatworm, such as a schistosome, that lives in the blood vessels of humans and other vertebrates : class Digenea

blood group: Someone's blood group is the type of blood that they have in their body. There are four main types: A, B, AB, and O .

blood heat: Blood heat is a temperature of 37°C, which is about the same as the normal temperature of the human body.

blood level: the amount of a substance, as cholesterol, alcohol, or triglycerides, circulating in the bloodstream : often expressed as a percent or in milligrams or micrograms per deciliter of blood

blood libel: the malicious accusation that Jews used the blood of non-Jews in religious rituals

blood loss: loss of blood through bleeding

blood lust: If you say that someone is driven by a blood lust, you mean that they are acting in an extremely violent way because their emotions have been aroused by the events around them.

blood money: If someone makes a payment of blood money to the family of someone who has been killed, they pay that person's family a sum of money as compensation.

blood moon: an instance of the moon in total eclipse appearing red as a result of red or orange light from the sun being refracted by the earth before reaching the moon

blood serum: blood plasma from which the clotting factors have been removed

blood siser: A woman's blood sister is a woman she has sworn to treat as a sister, often in a ceremony which involves mixing a small amount of their blood.

blood sport: Blood sports are sports such as hunting in which animals are killed .

blood sugar: the glucose concentration in the blood: the normal fasting value is between 3.9 and 5.6 mmol/ l

blood test: A blood test is a medical examination of a small amount of your blood.

blood type: Someone's blood type is the same as theirblood group .

blue blood: If you say that someone has blue blood, you mean that they are from a family that has a high social rank .

cord blood: blood from the placenta drawn through the newly severed umbilical cord, collected for study or for possible transfusion to treat disease in the child

drain blood: Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body, which you can see if you cut yourself.

draw blood: Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body, which you can see if you cut yourself.

dried blood: Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body, which you can see if you cut yourself.

first blood: the first killing or wounding in a fight or war

full blood: an individual, esp a horse or similar domestic animal, of unmixed race or breed

half-blood: the relationship between individuals having only one parent in common

pour blood: Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body, which you can see if you cut yourself.

scent blood: to sense a weakness in your opponent and take advantage of it

shed blood: to kill in a violent or bloody way

sweat blood: to work very hard to achieve something

taste blood: to have a small victory which encourages you to think that you can defeat your opponent completely

vomit blood: Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body, which you can see if you cut yourself.

whole blood: blood obtained from a donor for transfusion from which none of the elements has been removed

young blood: young people who are brought into a company or organization in order to provide new ideas or new talent

blood alcohol: alcohol that is circulating in the blood

blood blister: a blister filled with blood

blood brother: A man's blood brother is a man he has sworn to treat as a brother, often in a ceremony which involves mixing a small amount of their blood.

blood diamond: a diamond sold to help finance a military campaign

blood doping: the illegal practice of removing a quantity of blood from an athlete long before a race and reinjecting it shortly before a race, so boosting oxygenation of the blood

blood glucose: Blood glucose is glucose (= a type of sugar ) in the bloodstream .

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Однокоренные слова:

blooded - чистокровный
bloodiness - кровожадность
bloodless - бескровный, обескровленный, бледный, безжизненный, истощенный, вялый
bloody - кровавый, чертовский, очень, окровавить

Связанные слова: