Adjective: вареный отварной кипяченый заварной


boiled mutton - отварная баранина

boiled beef - отварная говядина

boiled tongue - отварной язык

boiled water - кипячёная вода

full-boiled soap - мыло горячей варки

fun-boiled soap - мыло горячей варки

half-boiled soap - мыло полугорячей варки

hard-boiled appraisal of the situation - трезвая оценка ситуации

hard-boiled baby - женщина легкого поведения

hard boiled candies - карамельные изделия

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The water had all boiled away. - Вода вся выкипела.

The boiled vegetables had turned to mush. - Вареные овощи превратились в месиво.

Will you have the eggs boiled hard? - Сварить тебе яйца вкрутую?

Serve with plain boiled rice. - Подавать с обычным отварным рисом.

The small argument boiled over into a serious quarrel. - Пустячный спор перерос в серьёзную ссору.

His excitement soon boiled away when the work actually started. - Его энтузиазм иссяк, когда началась настоящая работа.

The solution boiled at 57.4°C. - При температуре 57.4° Цельсия раствор закипел.

The trade union chief boiled over when the men voted against him. - Глава профсоюза кипел от ярости, когда проиграл выборы.

The saucepan boiled dry on the stove. - Кастрюля, стоявшая на плите, выкипела досуха.

Having boiled the fish they first bone them. - Отварив рыбу, они сперва удаляют кости.

The water was undrinkable and had to be boiled. - Вода была непригодна для питья, и её пришлось кипятить.

The discussion of the problem can be boiled down to a couple of critical points. - Обсуждение данной проблемы может быть сведено к паре ключевых моментов.

Raw flesh is generally regarded as more difficult of digestion than boiled or roast meat. - Обычно считается, что сырое мясо усваивается хуже, чем варёное или жареное.

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Связанные термины:

boil: When a hot liquid boils or when you boil it, bubbles appear in it and it starts to change into steam or vapour.

boiled egg: an egg cooked in its shell in boiling water

boiled oil: any of several oils, esp. linseed, that are heated (not boiled ) and mixed with driers to form a thick, dark, quick-drying oil

boiled rice: When a hot liquid boils or when you boil it, bubbles appear in it and it starts to change into steam or vapour . [...]

hard-boiled: A hard-boiled egg has been boiled in its shell until the whole of the inside is solid.

soft-boiled: A soft-boiled egg is one that has been boiled for only a few minutes, so that the yellow part is still liquid .

boiled dinner: a meal of meat and vegetables, as of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, prepared by boiling

boiled shirt: a dress shirt with a stiff front

boiled sweet: Boiled sweets are hard sweets that are made from boiled sugar.

boiled dressing: a cooked salad dressing thickened with egg yolks and often containing mustard

boiled potatoes: potatoes, usually peeled, cooked in boiling water

hard-boiled egg: A hard-boiled egg has been boiled in its shell until the whole of the inside is solid.

soft-boiled egg: an egg that has been boiled for a short time so that the yolk is still soft

boil off: to remove or be removed (from) by boiling

boil up: If you boil up a liquid, you heat it until it boils.

re-boil: to boil again

boil away: When you boil away a liquid, or when it boils away, it is boiled until all of it changes into steam or vapour .

boil down: When you boil down a liquid or food, or when it boils down, it is boiled until there is less of it because some of the water in it has changed into steam or vapour .

boil over: When a liquid that is being heated boils over, it rises and flows over the edge of the container .

New England boiled dinner: a dish consisting of meat, often corned beef, and whole potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, etc. cooked by boiling

boil down to: If you say that a situation or problem boils down to a particular thing or can be boiled down to a particular thing, you mean that this is the most important or the most basic aspect of it.

boil vegetables: Vegetables are plants such as cabbages, potatoes, and onions which you can cook and eat.

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Однокоренные слова:

unboiled - некипяченый, не вскипевший

Связанные слова: