Noun: бомба мина баллон ручная граната
Verb: бомбить сбрасывать бомбы проваливаться идти очень быстро


atom / atomic / fission bomb - атомная бомба

hydrogen bomb - водородная бомба

time bomb - бомба с часовым механизмом

delayed-action bomb - бомба замедленного действия

blind-bomb - бомбить визуально не наблюдаемую цель

blunt nose short length bomb - тупоносая укороченная АБ

acoustic bomb - акустическая бомба

active homing bomb - АБ с активной ГСН

atom-bomb - разрушать атомной бомбардировкой; сбрасывать атомный бомбы

cold smoke bomb - дымовая АБ

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The bomb was just a dummy. - Бомба оказалась всего лишь муляжом.

I bombed my midterm. - Я завалил экзамены первой сессии.

We exploded the nuclear bomb. - Мы взорвали ядерную бомбу.

A bomb went off downtown. - Бомба взорвалась в центре города.

The play bombed on Broadway. - Спектакль провалился на Бродвее.

The bomb blasted the roof off. - Взрыв бомбы снёс крышу.

The bomb failed to hit its target. - Бомба не достигла своей цели.

His latest play bombed on Broadway. - Его последний спектакль провалился на Бродвее.

They took apart a dummy bomb. - Они разобрали на части макет /муляж/ бомбы.

The bomb injured 12 civilians. - Эта бомба ранила двенадцать мирных жителей.

The bomb blew the windows out. - От взрыва бомбы вылетели стёкла.

That new P Diddy CD is the bomb. - Новый компакт-диск P Diddy — просто бомба.

India is a demographic time bomb. - Индия — это демографическая бомба замедленного действия.

The movie bombed at the box office. - Фильм провалился в прокате.

The bomb blast killed eight people. - В результате взрыва погибли восемь человек.

He bombed at his first performance. - Он полностью провалил своё первое выступление.

The pilot gave the order to bomb up. - Пилот отдал приказ загружать бомбы.

The bomb blast destroyed the village. - Взрывом этой бомбы деревня была уничтожена.

The beats in this joint were the bomb! - Музыка была в этом кабаке - просто улет!

We feared he would discharge the bomb. - Мы боялись, что он взорвёт бомбу.

The bomb warning had a galvanic effect. - Предупреждение о минировании взбудоражило всех.

The bomb left a big hole in the ground. - От бомбы осталась глубокая воронка в земле.

Guests panicked when the bomb exploded. - Когда взорвалась бомба, гости запаниковали.

A bomb like that could blow you to bits. - Такая бомба может разнести вас /человека/ на куски.

Any movement could have set off the bomb. - Любое движение могло привести к взрыву бомбы.

The bomb was activated by remote control. - Бомба была активирована дистанционно.

a terrorist bomb that left 168 people dead - бомба, из-за которой погибли сто шестьдесят восемь человек

The city was heavily bombed during the war. - Во время войны город сильно разбомбили.

The city centre was devastated by the bomb. - Центр города был разрушен бомбой.

The fire was started by an incendiary bomb. - Пожар начался из-за зажигательной бомбы.

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a building or area is bombed out, it is destroyed by bombs. If people are bombed out, their houses are destroyed by bombs.

If a building or area is bombed out, it is destroyed by bombs. If people are bombed out, their houses are destroyed by bombs.

Связанные термины:

A-bomb: An A-bomb is an atomic bomb .

f-bomb: → drop an f-bomb

H-bomb: An H-bomb is a bomb in which energy is released from hydrogen atoms.

atom bomb: → atomic bomb

bath bomb: a ball of carbonates and scent that is placed in bath water to dissolve and impart supposedly therapeutic properties to the water

bomb bay: a part of military aircraft where the bombs are stored

bomb belt: a belt carrying explosives which is worn around the waist by a suicide bomber

bomb hoax: a hoax consisting of telling the authorities that a bomb has been planted in a public place when in fact it hasn't

bomb out: If a building or area is bombed out, it is destroyed by bombs. If people are bombed out, their houses are destroyed by bombs.

bomb plot: A plot is a secret plan by a group of people to do something that is illegal or wrong, usually against a person or a government.

bomb site: A bomb site is an empty area where a bomb has destroyed all the buildings .

buzz bomb: a robot bomb, esp. as used against England by Germany in WWII

car bomb: A car bomb is a bomb which is inside a car, van, or truck .

dive-bomb: If a plane dive-bombs an area, it suddenly flies down low over it to drop bombs onto it.

fake bomb: A bomb is a device which explodes and damages or destroys a large area.

love bomb: a lavish display of affection or concern directed towards a person one wishes to influence or impress

mail bomb: a thin explosive device inside an envelope, detonated when the envelope is opened

nail bomb: A nail bomb is a bomb which contains nails that are intended to cause a lot of damage and injury when the bomb goes off.

pipe bomb: A pipe bomb is a small bomb in a narrow tube made by someone such as a terrorist .

tear bomb: a grenade containing tear gas

the bomb: a hydrogen or atomic bomb considered as the ultimate destructive weapon

ticking time bomb: If you describe something as a time bomb, you mean that it is likely to have a serious effect on a person or situation at a later date, especially if you think it will cause a lot of damage.

atomic bomb: An atomic bomb or an atom bomb is a bomb that causes an explosion by a sudden release of energy that results from splitting atoms.

barrel bomb: an improvised explosive device consisting of a barrel filled with explosives or chemicals that is dropped onto its target from an aircraft

bomb aimer: a person whose job is to aim a bomb to be dropped from an aircraft

bomb blast: the impact caused by a bomb

bomb crater: the crater in the ground, pavement, etc, left in the aftermath of an explosion

bomb damage: damage to buildings, etc caused by the explosion of a bomb

bomb scare: an alarm arising from the fear that a bomb may have been left in a place

borer bomb: a device that emits pesticide fumes

carpet-bomb: to drop many bombs on (an area) to prepare for advancing ground forces

cherry bomb: a powerful firecracker that is shaped like a cherry

cobalt bomb: a cobalt-60 device used in radiotherapy

dirty bomb: A dirty bomb is a nuclear bomb that uses explosives to release radioactive material over a wide area.

flying bomb: a robot bomb invented by the Germans in World War II: used esp to bombard London . It was propelled by a pulsejet

fusion bomb: a type of bomb in which most of the energy is provided by nuclear fusion, esp the fusion of hydrogen isotopes

letter bomb: A letter bomb is a small bomb which is disguised as a letter or parcel and sent to someone through the post . It is designed to explode when it is opened.

liquid bomb: A bomb is a device which explodes and damages or destroys a large area.

logic bomb: A logic bomb is an unauthorized program that is inserted into a computer system so that when it is started it affects the operation of the computer.

Mills bomb: a type of high-explosive hand grenade

mortar bomb: A bomb is a device which explodes and damages or destroys a large area.

napalm bomb: a bomb made from a thick and highly incendiary liquid, usually consisting of petrol gelled with aluminium soaps, used in firebombs, flame-throwers, etc

paint bomb: a device containing paint which explodes on impact

parcel bomb: A parcel bomb is a small bomb which is sent in a parcel through the post and which is designed to explode when the parcel is opened.

petrol bomb: A petrol bomb is a simple bomb consisting of a bottle full of petrol with a cloth in it that is lit just before the bottle is thrown.

robot bomb: a jet-propelled winged missile with an automatic pilot and a warhead

smart bomb: a bomb that contains a device that allows it to be guided to its target

smoke bomb: A smoke bomb is a bomb that produces clouds of smoke when it explodes .

stink bomb: a small glass globe, used by practical jokers : it releases a liquid with an offensive smell when broken

water bomb: a balloon filled with water, used as a missile by children

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Однокоренные слова:

bomb out - разбомбить
bomb up - грузить бомбами

Связанные слова: