Noun: книга книжка том текст
Verb: бронировать заказывать регистрировать ангажировать


the putative author of the book - предполагаемый автор книги

to be in smb.'s black book - быть у кого-л. в немилости

black-letter book - старопечатная книга

rare book - редкая книга

children's book - книга для детей

illustrated / picture book - иллюстрированная книга

library book - библиотечная книга

book of complaints - книга жалоб

to charge / check a book (out of a library) - заказывать книгу (из библиотеки)

to translate a book - переводить книгу, делать перевод книги

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Take this book too. - Возьмите и эту книгу.

I'll book you in at the Hilton. - Я забронирую Вам номер в отеле Hilton.

He is an open book. - Его легко понять.

Give that book to me. - Дайте мне ту книгу.

I brought him a book. - Я принёс ему книгу.

Book Centre - Дом книги

The policeman booked her when she tried to solicit a man. - Полицейский задержал её при попытке приставать к мужчине на улице.

Let me see the book. - Покажите мне эту книгу. / Дайте мне взглянуть на эту книгу.

You can book seats online. - Вы можете забронировать места через Интернет /онлайн/.

The books of the Bible - Книги Библии (Библия состоит из 66 канонических книг для всех христианских течений: протестанты признают каноническими 66 книг, католики - 73, православные - 77.)

She shut the book loudly. - Она громко захлопнула книгу.

What is your new book about? - О чем ваша новая книга?

This book upset me - Эта книга меня расстроила.

She gave me her book. - Она дала мне свою книгу.

This book is not available. - Эту книгу нельзя достать.

Is this book yours or mine? - Это твоя книга или моя?

I haven't read the book yet. - Я ещё не прочёл эту книгу.

This book belongs to me. - Эта книга принадлежит мне.

Put the book on the table! - Положите книгу на стол!

This book is out of place. - Эта книга стоит не на месте.

turn a page of a book - перевернуть страницу книги

She laid the book aside. - Она отложила книгу в сторону.

The book is very humorous. - Книга очень смешная.

It is a hard book to read. - Эта книга трудна для чтения.

His book will be published. - Его книга будет опубликована.

Smith was booked on suspicion of attempted murder. - Смита арестовали по подозрению в покушении на убийство.

This book goes here. - Эту книгу — сюда.

He socked me a book. - Он подарил мне книгу.

B-O-O-K spells 'book'. - B-O-O-K читается как "book".

a book for young people - книга для молодёжи

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Фразовые глаголы:

Связанные термины:

e-book: An e-book is a book which is produced for reading on a computer screen . E-book is an abbreviation for 'electronic book'.

m-book: an electronic book that can be downloaded onto a mobile phone or other handheld device

book in: When you book into a hotel or when you book in, you officially state that you have arrived to stay there, usually by signing your name in a register.

book up: to make a reservation (for); book

blue book: A blue book is an official government report or register of statistics .

book bag: a bag or satchel used esp. by a student for carrying books

book club: A book club is an organization that offers books at reduced prices to its members.

book fair: a commercial event at which publishers exhibit and trade books

book into: to reserve a room for (oneself or someone else) at (a hotel )

book list: a list of books, esp. a list of recommended or required readings

book off: to take a period of absence from work due to illness

book out: to leave or cause to leave a hotel

book post: a special system and rate for posting books

cash-book: a journal in which all cash or cheque receipts and disbursements are recorded

fly book: a booklike case to hold artificial fishing flies

Good Book: the Bible

herd-book: a book containing the pedigrees of breeds of pigs, cattle, etc

holy book: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard . Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example .

lab book: a notebook used to note down experiments, hypotheses, etc, of the kind that may be carried out or formed in a laboratory

log book: A log book is a book in which someone records details and events relating to something, for example a journey or period of their life, or a vehicle .

make book: to make or accept a bet or bets

open book: a person or thing without secrecy or concealment that can be easily known or interpreted

rare book: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard . Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example .

red book: a government publication bound in red, esp the Treasury's annual forecast of revenue, expenditure, growth, and inflation

rent book: a document that acts as a record of the regular amounts of money that you have paid as rent for accommodation

road book: a book of maps, sometimes including a gazetteer

rule book: A rule book is a book containing the official rules for a particular game, job, or organization.

stud book: A stud book is a written record of the breeding of a particular horse, especially a racehorse .

the book: the Bible

black book: a book containing the names of people to be punished, blacklisted, etc

book cover: the cover of a book

book group: A book group is a group of people who meet regularly to discuss books that they have read .

book jacket: a removable paper cover used to protect a bound book

book louse: any of various small, usually wingless, insects (order Psocoptera) that infest and destroy old books

book lover: a person who enjoys reading and reads more than the average person

book lungs: primitive lungs of many arachnids, consisting of pagelike layers of tissue over which air circulates for respiration

book price: the value of a car as defined by the manufacturers or other accredited organization

book review: a description and analysis of a new book

book rights: the legal right to make use of the text of a printed book

book token: a gift token to be exchanged for books

book value: In business, the book value of an asset is the value it is given in the account books of the company that owns it.

cheque book: A cheque book is a book of cheques which your bank gives you so that you can pay for things by cheque.

class book: a book published by members of a school or college class, containing pictures of students and teachers, an account of student activities, etc.

closed book: something deemed unknown or incapable of being understood

comic book: A comic book is a magazine that contains stories told in pictures .

course book: A course book is a textbook that students and teachers use as the basis of a course.

double-book: If you double-book something, or if you double-book, you book two spaces or services when only one is available to use.

emblem book: a book of allegorical pictures containing a moral lesson, with an explanatory motto or verses

famous book: A book is a number of pieces of paper, usually with words printed on them, which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or cardboard . Books contain information, stories, or poetry, for example .

funny book: → comic book

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Однокоренные слова:

book in - зарегистрироваться, заказывать заранее, бронировать номер в гостинице
book off - отметить табель при уходе с работы
book out - выписаться из гостиницы, заплатить по счету
book through - покупать транзитный билет
book up - закупать, занимать

Связанные слова: