Adjective: нижний последний низкий основной
Noun: дно нижняя часть основание низ
Preposition: под
Verb: вникнуть опустить основываться основывать


at the bottom of the page - в нижней части страницы

bottom of the cask - дно бочки

to go to the bottom - пойти ко дну

to send to the bottom - потопить

at the bottom of a mountain - у подножия горы

at the bottom of the steps - на нижней ступеньке

at the bottom of his garden - в конце сада

in the bottom of the sands of Arabia - в самой глуши аравийских песков

to get (down) to / at the bottom of - добраться до сути дела

to search to the bottom - досконально исследовать, добираться до сути

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It's on the bottom shelf. - Это стоит на нижней полке.

His bottom lip was swollen. - Его нижняя губа распухла.

The pants flare at the bottom. - Брюки книзу расширяются.

He tripped on the bottom step. - Он споткнулся о нижнюю ступеньку.

The curtain ripped from top to bottom - Занавеска разорвалась сверху донизу

The towels are in the bottom drawer. - Полотенца лежат в нижнем ящике.

Send this saucepan to be new bottomed. - Отдай эту кастрюлю в ремонт, чтобы ей сделали новое дно.

Make a mark at the bottom of the page. - Сделать отметку в нижней части страницы.

I never got to the bottom of this! - Вот чего я никак не мог до конца понять!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Благодарю вас от всего сердца.

The water was slopping about in the bottom of the boat. - Вода плескалась на дне лодки.

He had bottomed the whole inquiry. - Он тщательнейшим образом провёл расследование.

You've got some butter on your bottom lip. - У тебя (осталось) масло на нижней губе.

Go downstairs and wait for me at the bottom. - Спускайся по лестнице и жди меня внизу.

I rummaged the house from top to bottom; but in vain. - Я обыскал дом сверху донизу, но безуспешно.

He paused on the bottom step. - На нижней ступеньке он помедлил.

a suitcase with a false bottom - чемодан с двойным дном

She's a good kind person at bottom. - На самом деле, она хорошая и добрая.

It plunged to the bottom of the well. - Оно упало на дно колодца.

The candy is down on the bottom shelf. - Конфеты внизу, на нижней полке.

He bottomed with his feet and stood upright. - Он дотронулся до дна ногой и встал во весь рост.

at the bottom of the pay scale - в нижней части шкалы оплаты труда

Sign your name on the bottom line. - Подпишите ваше имя в нижней строке.

My personal life had hit rock bottom. - Моя личная жизнь дошла до ручки.

Let every tub stand on its own bottom. - Пусть каждый заботится о себе сам.

He swam down but could not touch bottom. - Он поплыл вглубь, но не смог коснуться дна.

Her dress flares out towards the bottom. - У неё платье колоколом.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the poor. - Внизу пирамиды находятся бедные.

From the bottom of the stairs Jane called up "Have you seen my blue bag?" - С самого низа лестницы Джейн крикнула наверх: "Ты не видел моей синей сумки?"

pants that flare at the bottom - брюки, которые расширяются книзу

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Фразовые глаголы:

If a trend such as a fall in prices bottoms out, it stops getting worse or decreasing, and remains at a particular level or amount.

If a trend such as a fall in prices bottoms out, it stops getting worse or decreasing, and remains at a particular level or amount.

Связанные термины:

at bottom: You use at bottom to emphasize that you are stating what you think is the real nature of something or the real truth about a situation.

bottom-up: from the lowest level of a hierarchy or process to the top

bell-bottom: designating trousers or slacks that are flared beginning at the knee or mid-calf

bottom end: the larger end of a connecting rod in an internal-combustion engine

bottom fish: any fish that feeds or lives near the bottom of a body of water, as a flounder or catfish

bottom gear: the lowest gear of a car, lorry, etc

bottom heat: heat artificially applied to a container in which plants are grown in order to induce their germination, rooting, or growth

bottom line: The bottom line in a decision or situation is the most important factor that you have to consider .

bottom out: If a trend such as a fall in prices bottoms out, it stops getting worse or decreasing, and remains at a particular level or amount.

bottom plug: A bottom plug is a bridge or cement seal placed near the bottom of the well in order to shut it off.

rock bottom: If something has reached rock bottom, it is at such a low level that it cannot go any lower .

black bottom: a dance of the late 1920s that originated in America, involving a sinuous rotation of the hips

bottom drawer: a young woman's collection of clothes, linen, cutlery, etc, in anticipation of marriage

bottom feeder: a fish that feeds on material at the bottom of a river, lake, sea, etc

bottom house: the open space beneath a house built upon high pillars

bottom quark: a type of quark with a mass of c. 4.7 to 5.3 GeV/c 2, a negative charge that is 1 ⁄ 3 the charge of an electron, zero charm, and zero strangeness

false bottom: a bottom, as of a box, between which and the real bottom there is a secret compartment

Foggy Bottom: the Department of State

front bottom: the female genitals

sulfur-bottom: → blue whale

touch bottom: to run aground

bottom fishing: investing in low-priced shares that show prospects of recovery or in shares that are low-priced because of a general market decline in the hope of making a profit

bottom surgery: surgery performed on the genitals, esp as part of a gender-reassignment process

sulphur-bottom: the largest mammal: a widely distributed bluish-grey whalebone whale, Sibbaldus (or Balaenoptera ) musculus, closely related and similar to the rorquals : family Balaenopteridae

bottom dead center: Bottom dead center is the point at which the piston of an engine is nearest to the axis of the crankshaft . On a vertical engine, this is the lowest point that the piston reaches.

bottom dead centre: the position of the crank of a reciprocating engine when the piston is at its nearest point to the crankshaft

hit rock bottom: to be at an extremely low level and be unable go any lower

the bottom line: the most important and basic part of what you are discussing

triple bottom line: a method of assessing the performance of a business by taking account of social and environmental factors as well as its financial results

anchor ice: ice that forms at the bottom of a lake or river

bottom hole pressure: Bottom hole pressure is the pressure at the bottom of the hole, usually measured in pounds per square inch .

bottom-up processing: a processing technique, either in the brain or in a computer, in which incoming information is analysed in successive steps and later-stage processing does not affect processing in earlier stages

from top to bottom: If you say that you clean, tidy, or examine something from top to bottom, you are emphasizing that you do it completely and thoroughly.

bottomland: a lowland alluvial area near a river

be at the bottom of: to be the ultimate cause of

bump along the bottom: to reach a low level of performance, and not get any better or any worse

at the bottom of sth: If something is at the bottom of a problem or unpleasant situation, it is the real cause of it.

bet one's bottom dollar: to bet one's last dollar ; bet everything one has

get to the bottom of: to discover the real truth about

knock the bottom out of: to destroy or eliminate

at the bottom of the heap at the top of the heap: Someone who is at the bottom of the heap or at the top of the heap is low down or high up in society or an organization .

at the bottom of the pile: low down or high up in society or in an organization

bet one's bottom dollar on: to be absolutely sure of (one's opinion, a person, project, etc)

get to the bottom of sth: If you want to get to the bottom of a problem, you want to solve it by finding out its real cause.

be at the bottom of something: to be the real cause of an undesirable attitude or situation

from the bottom of one's heart: You can say that you mean something from the bottom of your heart to emphasize that you mean it very sincerely.

from the bottom of your heart: if you mean something from the bottom of your heart, you mean it very sincerely

you can bet your bottom dollar: said to emphasize that you are absolutely certain that something will happen or that something is true

outer dead centre: the position of the crank of a reciprocating engine when the piston is at its nearest point to the crankshaft

scrape the bottom of the barrel: to use something or do something that is not very good, because you cannot think of anything better to use or do

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Однокоренные слова:

bottom out - находиться на самом низком уровне
bottom round - филей, мякоть нижней части говяжьего бедра

Связанные слова: