Noun: границы


beyond the bounds of decency - за рамками приличия

within the bounds of smth - в рамках чего-л.

transportation by leaps and bounds - перенос наносов сольтацией; перенос сальтацией

set bounds to - устанавливать ограничения; ограничивать

stability bounds - пределы устойчивости; границы устойчивости

successive bounds - последовательное передвижение перекатами

estimated bounds of systematic error - оценка пределов систематической погрешности

trespass the bounds of good taste - перейти границы хорошего вкуса

within the bounds of - в рамках

coding bounds - границы кодирования характеристика эффективной системы; кодирования

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It prevented anarchy from breaking bounds. - Это предотвратило выход анархии за пределы определённых рамок.

Lifeboat technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. - Технология изготовления спасательных шлюпок развивается семимильными шагами.

What he did was beyond the bounds of acceptable behavior. - То, что он сделал, выходит за рамки приемлемого поведения.

The thing is to stay in bounds. - Самое главное — оставаться в рамках дозволенного.

He sliced his drive out of bounds. - После его удара с колышка мяч вылетел за пределы поля. (о гольфе)

The runner was forced out of bounds. - Бегуна вытолкнули за пределы дорожки.

They might get married - it's not beyond the bounds of possibility. - Они могут и пожениться — такую возможность исключать нельзя.

He has overstepped the bounds of acceptable behaviour. - Он перешёл границы допустимого поведения.

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Связанные термины:

bound: Bound is the past tense and past participle of → bind .

out of bounds: If a place is out of bounds, people are not allowed to go there.

beat the bounds: (formerly) to define the boundaries of a parish by making a procession around them and hitting the ground with rods

metes and bounds: the precisely described boundary lines of a parcel of land, as found in a deed

to know no bounds: If you say that a feeling or quality knows no bounds, you are emphasizing that it is very strong or intense .

by leaps and bounds: with unexpectedly rapid progress

in leaps and bounds: rapidly

lower bound: a number that is less than or equal to every number in a set

leaps and bounds in leaps and bounds/by leaps and bounds: You can use in leaps and bounds or by leaps and bounds to emphasize that someone or something is improving or increasing quickly and greatly.

not beyond the realms/bounds of possibility: You can say ' It is not beyond the realms of possibility ' or ' It is not beyond the bounds of possibility ' when you are stating something that you believe is possibly true, but which other people might consider unlikely or impossible .

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Однокоренные слова:

bounded - ограниченный
bounder - прохвост, шумливый человек, пройдоха, развязный человек
boundless - безграничный, бескрайний, беспредельный, безбрежный, необозримый

Связанные слова: