Noun: мозг мозги головной мозг ум
Verb: размозжить голову


smth. on the brain - неотвязная мысль

brain damage - разрушение, повреждение мозга

brain disorder - расстройство умственной деятельности

engineering brain - технический склад ума

electrical activity of the brain - электрическая активность мозга, биотоки мозга

my addled brain - мои протухшие мозги, моя повреждённая головушка

overtasked brain - перегруженный работой мозг

brain concussion - сотрясение головного мозга; сотрясение мозга

brain damages - церебральные нарушения

brain dysfunction - дисфункция мозга

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Alcohol fogs his brain. - Алкоголь затуманивает его мозги.

The job requires brains. - Эта работа требует мозгов.

My brain was in a buzz. - Мои мозги гудели.

I am not a brain as you well know. - Как ты знаешь, я не слишком способный.

I wanted to brain him. - Я хотел размозжить(разбить) его голову.

Scientists are learning more about how the human brain works. - Ученые все больше узнают о том, как работает человеческий мозг.

She died of a brain tumour. - Она умерла от опухоли мозга.

Come on, use your brain, John. - Ну давай, Джон, шевели мозгами!

I could feel my brain going. - Я чувствовал, что мой ум перестаёт работать.

Madness seethed in his brain. - Безумие обуяло его.

My brain is just totally fried. - Мой мозг перегорел. (голова совершенно не соображает)

That's how badly you bastards have fucked up my brain! - Как же вы задолбали мне мозги, ублюдки!

This machine scans a patient's brain. - Эта машина сканирует мозг пациента.

Blood vessels feed blood to the brain. - Кровеносные сосуды снабжают мозг кровью.

I've got that song on the brain today. - У меня сегодня эта песня из головы не выходит.

The image was seared into his brain. - Этот образ навсегда запечатлелся в его мозгу.

the frontal lobe of the brain - лобная доля головного мозга

How does the brain reinvent itself? - Как обновляются клетки мозга?

Tony tried to set his brain to listening. - Тони изо всех сил старался слушать.

The power of thinking depends upon the brain. - Мыслительная способность зависит от головного мозга.

I read it somewhere and it lodged in my brain. - Я где-то это вычитал, и это отложилось у меня в голове.

He drew an analogy between the brain and a vast computer. - Он провел аналогию между мозгом и большим компьютером.

I'm no stranger to elbow grease, but I also enjoy using my brain. - Я знаком с тяжёлым физическим трудом, но мне также нравится умственный.

the anterior part of the brain - передняя часть мозга

the frontal lobes of the brain - лобные доли мозга

the posterior part of the brain - задняя часть мозга

The bullet lodged in his brain. - Пуля засела в его мозгу.

The bullet had entered his brain. - Пуля проникла в его мозг.

measuring blood flow to the brain - измерение притока крови к мозгу

Melissa's brain was in overdrive. - Мозг Мелиссы лихорадочно работал.

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Связанные термины:

brain up: to make more intellectually demanding or sophisticated

pea-brain: a person lacking intelligence

brain candy: something that is entertaining or enjoyable but lacks depth or significance

brain cell: a nerve cell that is situated in the brain

brain coral: a stony coral of the genus Meandrina, in which the polyps lie in troughlike thecae resembling the convoluted surface of a human brain

brain-dead: If someone is declared brain-dead, they have suffered brain death .

brain death: Brain death occurs when someone's brain stops functioning, even though their heart may be kept beating using a machine .

brain drain: When people talk about a brain drain, they are referring to the movement of a large number of scientists or academics away from their own country to other countries where the conditions and salaries are better.

brain fever: inflammation of the brain or its covering membranes

brain gain: the immigration into a country of scientists, technologists, academics, etc, attracted by better pay, equipment, or conditions

brain scan: an examination of the brain, using radiological scanning techniques, used in medical diagnosis and scientific research

brain trust: a group of experts unofficially acting as administrative advisers

brain wave: any of the fluctuations of electrical potential in the brain as represented on an electroencephalogram . They vary in frequency from 1 to 30 hertz

left brain: the left hemisphere of the human brain, which is believed to control linear and analytical thinking, decision-making, and language

right brain: the right cerebral hemisphere of the human brain, which includes areas associated with abstraction, artistic ability, and emotional response

split brain: a brain in which the tracts connecting the two halves of the cerebral cortex have been surgically split or are missing from birth

brain damage: If someone suffers brain damage, their brain is damaged by an illness or injury so that they cannot function normally .

brain-damaged: Someone who is brain-damaged has suffered brain damage.

brain disease: A disease is an illness which affects people, animals, or plants, for example one which is caused by bacteria or infection .

brain health: A person's health is the condition of their body and the extent to which it is free from illness or is able to resist illness.

brain scanner: a machine used to perform brain scans

brain surgeon: a surgeon who specializes in brain surgery

brain-teaser: A brain teaser is a question, problem, or puzzle that is difficult to answer or solve, but is not serious or important .

brain tumour: a tumour that is situated in the brain

brain activity: Activity is a situation in which a lot of things are happening or being done.

on the brain: constantly in mind

brain haemorrhage: bleeding into the brain

electronic brain: an electronic computer

brain-fever bird: an Indian cuckoo, Cuculus varius, that utters a repetitive call

brain fingerprinting: a technique in which sensors worn on the head are used to measure the involuntary brain activity of someone in response to certain images or pieces of evidence pertaining to a crime

acervulus: a small, asexual spore-producing structure produced by certain parasitic fungi on a host plant

brainstem: the stalklike part of the brain consisting of the medulla oblongata, the midbrain, and the pons Varolii

blood-brain barrier: the barrier created by the walls of the capillaries of the brain that prevents certain substances, as most proteins and drugs, from passing from the blood into the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid

have on the brain: If someone has something on the brain, they keep thinking about it.

pick someone's brain: to obtain information or ideas from someone

water on the brain: accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid within the ventricles of the brain because its normal outlet has been blocked by congenital malformation or disease. In infancy it usually results in great enlargement of the head

yellow brain fungus: a member of any of three orders ( Auriculariales, Tremellales, and Dacrymycetales ) of basidiomycetous fungi that grow on trees and have a jelly-like consistency when wet . They include the conspicuous yellow brain fungus ( Tremella mesenterica ), the black witch's butter ( Exidia plana ), and the pinky-red jew's- ear ( Auricularia auricula-judae )

brainchild: Someone's brainchild is an idea or invention that they have thought up or created.

cerebral death: irreversible cessation of respiration due to irreparable brain damage, even though the heart may continue beating with the aid of a mechanical ventilator : widely considered as the criterion of death

softening of the brain: an abnormal softening of the tissues of the cerebrum characterized by various degrees of mental impairment

get your brain into gear: to start thinking clearly about something, so that you can achieve what needs to be done

have a brain like a sieve: to have a bad memory and often forget things

brains trust: a group of knowledgeable people who discuss topics in public or on radio or television

rack one's brain to rack your brains: If you rack your brains, you try very hard to think of something.

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Однокоренные слова:

brainless - безмозглый, глупый, безголовый
brainy - умный, мозговитый, башковитый, способный, остроумный
brains - мозги, ум, разум, интеллект, рассудок, киносценарист
brainish - твердолобый

Связанные слова: