Noun: дощечка доска


the old traditions in which they had been bred - старые традиции, в которых они были воспитаны

true-bred shepherd's dogs - чистокровные овчарки

a well-bred distance - любезная холодность

a well-bred horse - лошадь хороших кровей

pure-bred line - чистопородная линия

cross-bred - гибридный

bred in bone - врождённый

bred-in-the-bone - с глубокими корнями; основательный; прочный

born and bred - до мозга костей

home bred cattle - отечественный скот

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These dogs were originally bred in Scotland to round up sheep. - Этих собак первоначально разводили в Шотландии для выгона овец. (чтобы они помогали пасти овец)

Society's obsession with sex has bred a generation of unhappy children. - Всеобщая одержимость сексом породила поколение несчастных детей.

The plants are bred to resist disease and drought. - Эти растения выедены для того, чтобы противостоять болезням и засухе.

Связанные термины:

breed: A breed of a pet animal or farm animal is a particular type of it. For example, terriers are a breed of dog .

colorbreed: to breed (animals or plants) to be a particular colour

outbreed: to produce offspring through sexual relations outside a particular family or tribe

ill-bred: If you say that someone is ill-bred, you mean that they have bad manners.

pure-bred: A pure-bred animal is one whose parents and ancestors all belong to the same breed.

well-bred: A well-bred person is very polite and has good manners.

captive-bred: bred in captivity

country-bred: brought up in the country

standard-bred: a US and Canadian breed of trotting and pacing horse, used esp for harness-racing

bred-in-the-bone: firmly instilled or established as if by heredity

cross-breed: If one species of animal or plant cross-breeds with another, they reproduce, and new or different animals or plants are produced. You can also say that someone cross-breeds something such as an animal or plant.

half-breed: a person whose parents are of different races, esp the offspring of a White person and a Native American

line breeding: selective inbreeding that produces individuals possessing one or more of the favourable characteristics of their common ancestor

true-born: being such by birth

to be born and bred: Someone who was born and bred in a place was born there and grew up there.

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Однокоренные слова:

inbred - врожденный, прирожденный, природный
unbred - плохо воспитанный
underbred - дурно воспитанный, нечистокровный, непородистое животное

Связанные слова: