Noun: бриджи штаны брюки


body and breeches - полностью; абсолютно

breeches chute - у-образный жёлоб; U-образный жёлоб

breeches joint - Y-образная муфта; V-образная муфта

breeches piece - вилкообразная соединительная деталь

breeches pipe - вилкообразная соединительная часть; тройник с плавными отводами

breeches split - проволочная шина для нижних конечностей

riding-breeches - бриджи для верховой езды

service breeches - бриджи

wear the breeches - обладать мужским характером; держать мужа под башмаком; верховодить в доме

wry mouth and a pissed pair of breeches - повешенный

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The mounted riders look striking in their red coats and white breeches. - Всадники эффектно выглядели в своих красных плащах и белых бриджах.

Its most conspicuous feature was knee breeches, which showed off his well-turned legs and feet. - Больше всего на нём бросались в глаза бриджи до колен, которые подчёркивали его стройные ноги.

Связанные термины:

breech: The breech of a gun is the part of the barrel at the back into which you load the bullets .

breeches buoy: a ring-shaped life buoy with a support in the form of a pair of short breeches, in which a person is suspended for safe transfer from a ship

breeches part: a male role played by an actress

knee breeches: trousers worn by men in the past, which came down as far as their knees rather than their ankles

riding breeches: tough breeches with padding inside the knees, worn for riding horses

Dutchman's-breeches: a North American plant, Dicentra cucullaria, with finely divided basal leaves and pink flowers: family Fumariaceae

bear's-breech: a widely cultivated S European acanthus plant, Acanthus mollis, having whitish purple-veined flowers

too big for one's breeches: conceited ; unduly self-confident

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