Noun: мост мостик бридж перемычка
Verb: строить мост шунтировать перекрывать соединять мостом


railroad / railway bridge - железнодорожный мост

cantilever bridge - консольный мост

arch bridge - арочный мост

suspension bridge - подвесной мост

to build / construct / erect a bridge - соорудить мост

to throw a bridge across a river - перекинуть мост через реку

to cross a bridge when one comes to it - решать проблему по мере её поступления

to bridge one's way - медленно, но верно двигаться вперёд

cantilever beam bridge - балочно-консольный мост

chain suspension bridge - цепной висячий мост

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The bridge is 140 feet long. - Длина этого моста — сто сорок футов.

He leaped off the bridge. - Он прыгнул с моста.

The bridge was built a decade ago. - Мост был построен десять лет назад.

Her car plunged off a bridge. - Её автомобиль упал в воду с моста.

The enemy exploded the bridge. - Противник взорвал мост.

The bridge is in need of reinforcement. - Мост нуждается в укреплении.

Our hearts have bridged the ocean with their love. - Даже океан не разорвал нашу любовь.

A bridge spans the river. - Реку перекрывает мост. / Через реку стоит мост.

The bridge is the longest in the world. - Этот мост является самым длинным в мире.

Her glasses left marks on the bridge of her nose. - Очки оставили следы у неё на переносице.

The islands are joined by a bridge. - Острова соединены мостом.

In bridge you must follow suit. - В бридже нужно ходить в масть.

Take the second exit after the bridge. - Тебе нужен второй выезд после моста.

Right by the bridge, the road bottlenecks. - Перед мостом дорога сужается.

We sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge. - Мы проплыли под мостом Золотые Ворота.

The bridge was too low for the ship to sail under. - Мост был слишком низким, чтобы корабль мог под ним проплыть.

the upper section of the bridge - верхняя часть данного моста

a horizontal member of a bridge - горизонтальный элемент конструкции моста

Is the bridge still under repair? - Мост всё ещё в ремонте?

The bridge was held for some time. - Некоторое время они удерживали мост.

A pile of sandbags held the bridge. - Груда мешков с песком поддерживала мост.

The bridge was an epic achievement. - Этот мост был грандиозным достижением.

She dared him to dive off the bridge. - Она подбивала его спрыгнуть /нырнуть/ с моста на спор.

The car crashed into a bridge abutment. - Автомобиль врезался в опору моста.

A long bridge links Venice and the mainland. - Длинный мост соединяет Венецию с материком

The firm contracted to construct the bridge. - Фирма заключила договор на постройку моста.

The bridge was erected as a temporary measure. - Мост был возведён в качестве временной меры.

I hear you had a very narrow escape on the bridge. - Я слышал, что ты едва спасся на мосту.

a rope bridge across the chasm - верёвочный мост через пропасть

We need a 4th hand for bridge. - Нам нужен четвёртый игрок для бриджа.

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Связанные термины:

air bridge: a link by air transport between two places, esp two places separated by a stretch of sea

bridge loan: a short-term loan that provides interim financing for the purchase of new property until the old property can be sold

bridge roll: a soft bread roll in a long thin shape

deck bridge: a bridge with an upper horizontal beam that carries the roadway

ice bridge: a body of ice that forms across the width of a river and is strong enough to bear traffic

land bridge: a connecting tract of land between two continents, enabling animals to pass from one continent to the other

road bridge: a bridge for road traffic

snow bridge: a mass of snow bridging a crevasse, sometimes affording a risky way across it

toll bridge: a bridge at which a toll is levied on people who want to cross it

turn bridge: a low bridge that can be rotated about a vertical axis, esp to permit the passage of ships

asses' bridge: → pons asinorum

Bailey bridge: a temporary bridge made of prefabricated steel panels that can be rapidly assembled

board bridge: a form of contract bridge, esp at clubs and in competitions, in which the hands are kept as dealt and played by different players. The partners with the highest average score are the winners

bridge party: a gathering for the purpose of playing bridge

bridge player: a person who plays the game of bridge

float bridge: a bridge, as from a pier to a boat, floating at one end and hinged at the other to permit loading and unloading at any level of water

flying bridge: an auxiliary bridge of a vessel, usually built above or far outboard of the main bridge

Humber Bridge: → the Humber Bridge

London Bridge: a bridge over the Thames between the City of London on the north side, and Southwark on the south side.

Millau Bridge: a road bridge, the highest in the world, crossing the River Tarn in the Massif Central in SW France; designed by Sir Norman Foster and opened in 2004

pivot bridge: a low bridge that can be rotated about a vertical axis, esp to permit the passage of ships

Rialto Bridge: a bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, linking Rialto Island with San Marco Island

rubber bridge: a form of bridge in which fresh hands are dealt for each round and the aim is to win a rubber

swing bridge: A swing bridge is a low bridge that can be opened either in the middle or on one side in order to let ships pass through.

truss bridge: a bridge that is constructed of trusses

auction bridge: a variety of bridge, now generally superseded by contract bridge, in which all the tricks made score towards the game

balance bridge: a bascule bridge

bascule bridge: a kind of drawbridge counterweighted so that it can be raised and lowered easily

bridge a gap: to remedy a deficiency

bridge-builder: a person who attempts to connect or reconcile opposing parties

bridge-building: efforts to establish communications and friendly contacts between people in order to make them friends or allies

bridge circuit: any of several networks, such as a Wheatstone bridge, consisting of two branches across which a measuring device is connected. The resistance, capacitance, etc, of one component can be determined from the known values of the others when the voltage in each branch is balanced

bridge passage: a structure that spans and provides a passage over a road, railway, river, or some other obstacle

clapper bridge: a primitive type of bridge in which planks or slabs of stone rest on piles of stones

contract bridge: the most common variety of bridge, in which the declarer receives points counting towards game and rubber only for tricks he or she bids as well as makes, any overtricks receiving bonus points

humpback bridge: a large whalebone whale, Megaptera novaeangliae, closely related and similar to the rorquals but with a humped back and long flippers : family Balaenopteridae

Natural Bridge: limestone formation in WC Va., over a tributary of the James River: 215 ft (66 m) high; span c. 90 ft (27.4 m)

pontoon bridge: a bridge (esp temporary ) that floats on water, supported by watertight floats or vessels

railway bridge: a bridge built to carry a railway over a road, river, etc

Rainbow Bridge: a natural stone bridge over a creek in SE Utah . Height : 94 m (309 ft). Span : 85 m (278 ft)

Stamford Bridge: a village in N England, east of York : site of a battle (1066) in which King Harold of England defeated his brother Tostig and King Harald Hardrada of Norway, three weeks before the Battle of Hastings

through bridge: a bridge in which the track is carried by the lower horizontal members

trestle bridge: a framework in the form of a horizontal member supported at each end by a pair of splayed legs, used to carry scaffold boards, a table top, etc

bridge rectifier: a full-wave rectifier consisting of a bridge with a similar rectifier in each of the four arms

cantilever bridge: a bridge having spans that are constructed as cantilevers and often a suspended span or spans, each end of which rests on one end of a cantilever span

duplicate bridge: a form of contract bridge, esp at clubs and in competitions, in which the hands are kept as dealt and played by different players. The partners with the highest average score are the winners

humpbacked bridge: A humpbacked bridge or humpback bridge is a short and very curved bridge with a shape similar to a semi-circle.

Millennium Bridge: a steel bridge for pedestrians over the River Thames linking the City of London at St Paul's Cathedral with the Tate Modern Gallery at Bankside : it has a span of 325 m (1056 ft)

suspension bridge: A suspension bridge is a type of bridge that is supported from above by cables.

transporter bridge: a bridge consisting of a movable platform suspended from cables, for transporting vehicles, etc across a body of water

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Однокоренные слова:

bridge over - наводить, строить переправу, образование пробки в стволе скважины

Связанные слова: