Noun: бригада команда отряд
Adjective: бригадный
Verb: формировать бригаду


fire brigade - пожарная команда

active duty brigade - бригада регулярных сил

brigade of special medical aid - бригада медицинской специализированной помощи

brigade officer - офицер штаба бригады

brigade operation room - диспетчерская пожарной команды

brigade ordnance warrant officer - уорент-офицер артиллерийско-технической службы бригады

brigade ordnance - артиллерийское вооружение бригады

brigade receiving room - комната приёма посетителей бригады

brigade reporting center - бригадный пункт сбора донесений

brigade routine order - приказ бригады по строевой части

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The fire brigade sprang into action. - Пожарная команда мгновенно приступила к действиям.

A clean-up brigade put the parish hall back in good order. - Бригада уборщиков привела приходской зал в полный порядок.

Mike was a member of the local volunteer fire brigade. - Майкл был членом местной добровольческой пожарной дружины.

The rest were organized into three brigades, and sent off in different directions. - Остальные были разбиты на три отряда и посланы в разных направлениях.

My regiment was brigaded with the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Regiments. - Мой полк был объединён в бригаду вместе с шестым, седьмым и восьмым полками.

Some bright spark thought the building was on fire and called the fire brigade. - Какой-то умник решил, что здание горит, и вызвал пожарных.

Snowmobile brigades delivered food and medicine. - Команды на снегоходах доставили продовольствие и медикаменты.

The morality brigade insists that the book be censored. - Эта команда моралистов настаивает на том, что книгу нужно подвергнуть цензуре.

Without more ado Barker borrowed a knife from his brigade Major and honed it on a carborundum stone as coolly as a butcher. - Без дальнейших церемоний, Баркер одолжил нож у своего бригадного майора, и заточил его на карборундовом камне с хладнокровием мясника.

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Связанные термины:

fur brigade: (formerly) a convoy of canoes, horses, or dog sleighs that transported furs and other goods between trading posts and towns or factories

Boys' Brigade: (in Britain) an organization for boys, founded in 1883, with the aim of promoting discipline and self-respect

fire brigade: The fire brigade is an organization which has the job of putting out fires; used especially to refer to the people who actually fight the fires.

bucket brigade: a line of persons passing buckets of water along in trying to put out a fire

Girls' Brigade: (in Britain) an organization for girls, founded in 1893, with the aim of promoting self-discipline and self-respect

International Brigade: a military force that fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War, consisting of volunteers ( predominantly socialists and communists ) from many countries

prawn-sandwich brigade: sports fans who are perceived to lack passion and commitment, and who it is supposed attend matches in order to eat food and buy merchandise rather than cheer on their team

St John Ambulance Brigade: an organization that provides first aid and first-aid training

Saint John Ambulance: an organization that provides first aid and first-aid training

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Однокоренные слова:

brigadier - бригадир, бригадный генерал

Связанные слова: