Noun: вещание трансляция радиовещание широковещание
Adjective: вещательный широковещательный


broadcasting radio station - широковещательная радиостанция

television broadcasting station - телевизионная радиостанция

time-signal broadcasting station - радиостанция службы времени

pirate broadcasting - незаконное вещание

public broadcasting - государственное радиовещание

stereo broadcasting - стереофоническое вещание, стереовещание

stereophonic broadcasting - стереофоническое вещание, стереовещание

broadcasting network - сеть с широковещательной рассылкой сообщений, широковещательная сеть

broadcasting activities - радиовещание и телевидение

directional broadcasting - радиовещание направленное

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We are broadcasting live from downtown. - Мы ведём прямой репортаж из центра города.

The prize is awarded for "an outstanding contribution to broadcasting". - Эта премия присуждается за "выдающийся вклад в радиовещание".

A television spectacular transmitted by the National Broadcasting Company. - Грандиозное телепредставление, которое транслировалось Национальной телерадиокомпанией.

Broadcasting was regarded at the time as the mortal enemy of live music-making. - Радио в одно время рассматривалось как непримиримый враг живого музыкального исполнения.

Связанные термины:

broadcast: A broadcast is a programme, performance, or speech on the radio or on television.

Broadcasting House: any of a number of buildings in the UK from which the BBC broadcasts or has broadcast

broadcasting career: A career is the job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life.

broadcasting station: a television or radio station

satellite broadcasting: the transmission of television or radio programmes from an artificial satellite at a power suitable for direct reception in the home

outside broadcasting van: a mobile studio from which broadcasts are made

direct broadcasting satellite: a satellite used to transmit television broadcasts intended for home reception

European Broadcasting Union: a union of 75 broadcasting organisations from 56 (mainly European) countries and which is responsible for the production of programmes such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the FIFA World Cup

outside broadcasting unit: a mobile studio from which broadcasts are made

public service broadcasting: publicly-funded broadcasting

British Broadcasting Corporation: the full name of the BBC, the official public broadcasting organization in the UK, which is funded by licence fees paid by everyone who uses a television receiver

Broadcasting Standards Authority: a New Zealand Crown Entity that develops and upholds standards of broadcasting for radio and television

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: the noncommercial Canadian radio and television broadcasting company that provides programming in both English and French

direct broadcasting by satellite: the production of satellite television broadcasts intended for home reception

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Однокоренные слова:

broadcast - передача, радиовещание, вещать, распространять, радиовещательный
broadcaster - диктор, передатчик

Связанные слова: